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This post is dedicated to Jay Kactuz who initially asked when did I start blogging on a post from 2009 about Islam and blogs!  Instead of responding to his query from that post, I decided his query merited its own separate reply.

I never intended to blog or have a blog that was opened up to the world.  It really was happen chance.  My (late) husband and I were starting our preparations for the move to Saudi Arabia during the summer of 2006.  My son was the one who came up with the idea that it would be fun for me to journal and log my thoughts about the move and life in Saudi Arabia.

In September 2006 American Bedu was officially launched with the post “Hello World.”  Pretty original title, huh?  (LOL)  Actually “Hello World” was the introductory post of American Bedu blog to WordPress.  American Bedu’s first postings were on MySpace.  July 2006 I introduced myself to the blogosphere with “When It All Started…”

Somehow I just started writing daily blog posts about the move, saying goodbye to our first home together in the States and before I knew it, we were on our way to KSA.

American Bedu was meant to be for family and very close friends about my experiences and perceptions of life in Saudi Arabia.  But then my family and friends kept urging me to make my posts public and open to the world.  I was not very technical at the time (actually that remains the case today too) and it was my son who had set up my MySpace page.  However, with perseverance I was able to figure out how to change the settings to public.

MySpace had limitations for me.  So I started corresponding with my old friend John Burgess from Crossroads Arabia blog.  On his sound advice I switched my blogging platform over to WordPress.  In October 2007 I spent several days copying 314 posts from MySpace over to WordPress in order to keep all of my blogging posts together and intact.

It’s not that I intentionally started with the idea of writing daily posts.  It just started to happen and became part of my routine.  I started (and still have) a file where I always jot down ideas I wish to write about.  I found it was easy to write daily posts since each day in Saudi Arabia was so different.  It was not only about the experiences and observations but also the customs, culture and tradition which are vastly different from the Western world.

It’s been and continues to be a surprise to me how American Bedu’s following has grown.  With the growth I take further responsibility to keep posts coming which I hope are interesting and on the mark about life in the Kingdom.

Of course I now wish that I had organized and categorized my blog better.  With so many different posts on hundreds of topics I want readers to be able to find the kind of posts that are of most interest to them.  As Jay highlighted with his comment about using American Bedu in search terms, you never know what posts will come up!

Jay’s query has also put me in a state of nostalgia.  While all of the American Bedu posts are available in chronological order if one chooses to start reading at the very beginning of October 2007, I do find myself wishing that I had a hard copy of all the posts (and comments!).  Maybe one day…

In the meantime I plan to continue writing daily posts which I hope are enjoyable and interesting.  Please continue to give me your queries and suggestions that will allow me to make American Bedu a better blog.

Thank you!


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