Saudi Arabia: Monthly Recipe – Eggplant Pizza

For this month’s recipe I am going to share with American Bedu followers one of my own creations.  Eggplants are plentiful in Saudi Arabia.  Even better, they come in a variety of sizes too from very small to quite large.  I have always enjoyed eggplant from making my own baba g’noush, moussake, eggplant and grilled veggie kabobs to eggplant pizza!

I will describe what I use and how I make the eggplant pizzas but I must first forewarn you that I am one of those cooks who is very bad at measures.  I just tend to use what is on hand and what amount “feels” right to me.  Each time I prepare eggplant pizza it is never the same as it can be made with many different toppings, similar to any traditional pizza.  The primary distinction with eggplant pizza is that instead of baking the pizza with dough, eggplant is used instead.

Start with purchasing a large eggplant.  Wash the eggplant and then slice the eggplant lengthwise so that each slice is about one inch thick.  Place these slices on an ungreased cookie sheet.  Brush each slice with extra fine virgin olive oil and then broil in the oven for about 4 minutes.  Remove from oven and allow to cool for a few minutes before adding pizza toppings.

For toppings, I always start with a base pizza sauce.  If you do not wish to make your own homemade sauce, purchase your favorite can or jar of pizza sauce.  Brush the top of each eggplant slice with a generous amount of sauce.  Place your favorite pizza toppings over the sauce.  These toppings can include ground beef or ground turkey; shredded chicken; green pepper; onions; tomatoes; mushrooms; olives; pineapples and/or anything else that appeals to you.  After adding all the toppings, sprinkle generously with shredded mozzarella cheese.  I then usually add another light coating of pizza sauce followed by a final topping of cheese.

Broil the eggplant pizzas for about 6 minutes.  Serve immediately and enjoy!

8 Responses

  1. Brilliant! This is just the recipe for me!
    I will buy an eggplant on tyhe market today and make it tonight:)

  2. Thanks, Bedu, sounds delicious!! My friend has been experimenting with eggplants lately, but I doubt she’s thought of this yet:-) Can’t wait to try it out!

  3. This post has also taught me how to make any pizza easily!😆 🙄👿 😈 8) 😉

  4. I love eggplant- AND pizza. This sounds great. Alas, even though they eat almost anything else my kids do not like it. More for me I guess!

    You can also make individual pizzas quickly and easily by doing the same on top of a piece of Pita (Arabic) bread. About 5 min at 350- and you have a pizza.

  5. I made it, but I ended up making a stuffed eggplant
    Had a great dinner though.

  6. Eggplant is one of those veggies I detested as a child but fell in love with as I grew and my palate got more refined. That looks like a wonderful dish Carol. I think I’ll try it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Thanks for this! Eggplants are so plentiful in the garden right now — I love them. You have a knack for cooking if you came up with this yourself.

  8. Saudi Jawa, that is an excellent way of putting it; ”your palate becomes more refined”
    I have often wondered that one so suddenly can come to like something which one didn’t like when young.
    I can use that against kids too😈

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