Saudi Arabia: Interviews and Upcoming Topics

I want to thank EVERYONE for all the great responses in my earlier requests for interviews!  I also need to ask those of you who have yet to receive interview questions from me to forgive me.  I am working on individualized questions for each individual based on location, nationality and situation.  If I am allowed to say so, I believe I have some very interesting interviews forthcoming from Saudis both within and outside the Kingdom and other expatriates too with their unique stories to share as well.

So this leads me to a question.  I typically feature two interviews per month.  However, I have found according to my blog statistics, that interviews are also among the most popular of topics.  Do you, as readers of my blog, wish to receive more interviews per month?

Additionally since it is near the end of the month, what kind of topics would you like to see me write about for the month of August?  I already have some written as I tend to do so but I take your requests seriously.  After all, if you did not follow my blog, there really would not be a reason for me to keep writing.

I thank each and everyone of you for your contributions and following.

Carol (American Bedu)

Project – Bring Carol’s Cats Home – Update

Day-3: We have reached our goal. See article.

Day-2: We have reached the 2/3rd mark in 2 days. Does anyone see a pattern here:)

Some interesting news of support:

– Blogger Aafke of Cloudragon posted on the fund drive with a unique offer. She will send a special painting 6″ x 8″ , with the subject of your choice, for anyone who donates $50 or more to the project (retroactive). The details can be found by clicking on her post here.

– The website this dish is veg featured Carol’s story and the fund drive on the site.

Day-1: Thanks for all the contributors so far, we have reached the 1/3 mark in collecting the funds necessary to complete the fund drive in less than 24 hours.

We appreciate your continued support.

Donations closed as we have reached our goal

Saudi Arabia – The Baby Muslimah

Sometimes you may simply see a photo and just want to share it.  This one touched my heart and showed me a much loved and a happy baby muslimah.  What does the photo say to you?


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