Saudi Arabia: Bringing my 2 cats home!!

This post is a personal appeal for help.  When my husband and I left Saudi Arabia in March 2009 for his medical treatment, it was never with the thought that we would not return.  As a result, when we left, we took two suitcases and left everything else we had back in Riyadh – including my two precious cats.

Now, thanks to a dear and wonderful friend in Riyadh, Nader, all arrangements are in place to have my cats returned to me the week of 02 August.  This will be one of the happiest moments for me since the loss of the love of my life, Abdullah.

My two cats which Nader is returning to me were both feral street cats rescued in 1998 from when I lived in Pakistan.  They are now almost 13 years old, in great health and have been around the world three times.  They became a wonderful and loving addition to the family.  I can’t wait to be able to hold them again and find comfort in them.  It will be like I finally have a piece of myself, Abdullah and the old “normal” life back.

Since I’ve been fighting my own cancer, I’ve been in a state of flux without a home of my own.  I’m still in active treatment but at the same time, trying to put a life together again…without Abdullah.  But at least, a life which will now include my cats.

However, Nader and I need your help.  I, especially, need your help.  The total costs to return my cats to me is US$1600.  If you wish to help contribute to these costs, then I ask you to email Nader directly:  He is in Riyadh and the one who will be paying all the fees associated with getting my cats to me.

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  1. I am so happy for you. This just brings tears to my eyes. May your kitties be restored to you soon and in continued perfect health:)

  2. Carol…

    Can Nader put a Paypal link on your site or set up a website for that? It would make it seamless and easy to donate.

  3. Hope they come back safe and sound. Good progress!

  4. Have you tried appealing to Mama Moudy or the other family members who now have all your ‘marital assets’?

  5. I second the motion for a Pay Pal link.

  6. Nader and I discussed paypal but he does not have a capability for it. However if you can donate, please email him and he’ll give instructions.

    Yes, it is very exciting to know they will be here soon and you can be sure there will be a special blog post on their return!!

  7. Paypal does not work in KSA, so its not really helpful. I wish it did work then it would be so much easier.

  8. Exactly…so that is why anyone who does wish to help out must contact Nader directly at

  9. Yaaaay! Soon you will get to hold your darlings. Insha’Allah they will arrive to you safely. T

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  11. I am impatient and so eager to hold them again. Just the thought puts a big smile on my face!

  12. can’t your in laws help?

  13. I am surprised why your own family in USA can’t help you a little. I understand you have a son. Can he not do something?

    In Saudi, a lady will find help from her mahrams financially. She wil not be left hanging no where – unless of course her mahrams are not the responsible types.

  14. Glad to hear that your kitties will be with you soon. You deserve to have something to smile about. You have had such a tough time. My best wishes to you in your continued fight to regain your health and again my deepest sympathies on the loss of your husband.

  15. Those in the family who are able to help are doing so in their way.

    Thanks for the concern and encouragement, Irish.

  16. hope you are reunited with your cats soon carol, will do our best to help.

    SarahMD – do remember that mahrems also have their families and even responsible mahrems may not be able to help financially. In any case those that can will help in any part of the world and having a mahrem doesn’t guarantee any help financially or otherwise. trust me i’m bang in the middle of this mahrem battle and i know. it’s the worst thing you could subject a woman too. again my opinion, doesn’t matter one bit.

    don’t worry carol you’ll soon be reunited with your pet, hope you are doing fine and keeping up your fighting spirit

  17. Our pets are like our children. It is good to have them near. I am very happy for you!

  18. I pray your cats are with you soon; They must be missing you as much as you are missing them.

    Radha, having a mahrem is not the worst thing that can happen. Yes I agree that mahrems have their own financial obligations and that is why their share in inheritance is more. They have responsibilities.

  19. Thank you, Radha, Blooming and Sarah MD.

    I’ve had some new news regarding my health which I won’t go into now but I will say this is a great time for being reunited with my cats. They are guaranteed to keep a smile on my face.

  20. Ok that doens’t sound like you health is good?!!!?!? Say it aint so.

  21. ah, cats are great comforters.. when you sit with them on your laps, warm fur ones, that starts to purr, the world seems to be a bit better place.
    they will look in your eyes with great love and they will do everything to make you smile..
    my experience is, that they are far better than sleeping pill.. nothing can lull you so fast to sleep that warm body of a cat that loves you…
    hope they will ease a bit your sorrow..

  22. @blooming,

    I’ll know more next week when I see my doctor to learn of test results which are in process all this week (the tests, that is)

  23. @Plamienka,

    You described their comfort and love to a “T.”

    Thanks, Bedu

  24. Im a life long cat lover. always a cat for cancer.. in my country is very popular beta-glucane, a mushroom extract..
    has quite good results..

  25. Thank you for the info, Plamienka.

  26. @Sarah MD

    “In Saudi, a lady will find help from her mahrams financially. She wil not be left hanging no where – unless of course her mahrams are not the responsible types.”

    You do realize that this covers a signficant chunk of the population? That’s like saying “you will not go hungry. Unless no one brings you any food.”

    Based on Saudi women I observed in my family, growing up under the mahrem system had the effect of frontal lobotomy. If that’s not the worst thing in the world, it’s pretty damn close.

  27. How fun to see your kitties again! It would be neat to welcome them at the airport with special treats. :)

  28. I will certainly be writing about this whole story and hope that I’ll have some pics at THE moment too!

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  30. i am going to saudi arabia to work along with my wife and i have 3 cats, is it easy to take my cats to saudi what should i do? they all in perfect health have there vet certificates and health record etc. please e mail me at


  31. i am currently working here in jizan,saudi arabia..i have a cat that i really love and treated like my child..the thing is,how can i bring this cat if i will go exit and return back to philippines on 2015?? is it possible i can bring with me my cat to philippines??

    pls help me fellows..i really cant imagine if i will just leave my mooche here alone in this hot place..

    can some body tell me what is the requirements so that i can bring him to philippines??

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