Saudi Arabia: Letters to King Abdullah

Never underestimate the power of blogs and the breadth of readership and exposure.  Now with that statement, what would YOU choose to write in a letter to King Abdullah?  What message would you wish to convey to him and why?  Would it be a political message or perhaps a more personal message? I encourage American Bedu followers to write their own letters to King Abdullah.

Given the events of my life, my message at this time would be very personal.  It would go something like this…

Salam Alaikum Ramatullah wa Barakat,

Your Majesty, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,

I want to sincerely thank you for granting the marriage approval of me and my late husband, Abdullah Othman Al-Ajroush.  I will always treasure the years which we had together as a couple in Saudi Arabia.  Our time together was way too short but Allah had other plans for Abdullah.  However, the time we spent in Saudi Arabia allowed me to discover and experience so many of the hidden treasures and beauty of the Kingdom.  I am now back in the United States but will always have a deep affinity in me for Saudi Arabia and its people. Insha’allah, one day I will be able to return to the Kingdom for a visit and recapture some of the most beautiful memories of places I had been with my late husband.

With your visit to the United States, my wish is that more Americans will want to learn about Saudi Arabia.  Too few are aware that Saudi Arabia is the Kingdom of Humanity and has reached out far and wide to provide humanitarian support and assistance throughout the globe.

With Highest Respect,

Carol Fleming (Al-Ajroush)

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  1. Lovely letter! I hope you are able to go back and visit KSA one day soon. :)

  2. For me it to would to honour the letter and the spirit of Islam. Reform things in the country that go against Islam, ie making my wife and I get our marriage recognised when it already is by God.

    Root out corrupt, end wasta and reshwa, although these are in line with the first mention here.

  3. Dear Mr. Abdullah,
    I have nothing to ask from you, eventhough you possess thousands of billions of dollars. This is because I don’t have a desire to visit your country ever in my life. I consider it unlivable for a person of my temperament who likes to ask questions, who lives her life on her terms and who values freedom more than wealth.

    I would like to however, give you some suggestions about your country, if you ever read Carol’s blog.

    Eventhough your country is reputed to have been an oppressive regime for decades, I do believe you are a kind and humane person and you truly believe in modern progress of your country. Hence, I hope you’ll take my words in good spirit.

    First, I don’t think it’s a very good idea to maintain the placatory attitude towards the hardliner Islamists in your country while you go for small-scale reforms – this kind of reform can not benefit the whole country in the long run. At best, it looks like a half-hearted reform, benefiting only a small section of your country. Hence, I feel you should dissociate completely from the hardliner Islamists rather than placating them and go for full-fledged reform at much faster pace.

    I feel you should not fear losing your power if you do this. Sometimes a reformer has to forego his own personal interests in favour of reforms.

    Second, it is a wrong idea to make orthodox Islamism as the base of Saudi education. If you honestly want to go for reforms, you need to modernise the minds of your students. Your students are the future of your country. It is essential that they get modern education, dissociated from orthodox Islamism right from beginning to university level. Without this, your reforms will always be superficial. If the students develop a modern outlook, it will be much easier for the Saudi society to accept reforms.

    Third, you must with an honest intention, stop sending orthodox Islamist resources and “teachers” to other countries. This is the prime cause behind the gradual spread of hardline Islamism across the world. Perhaps you never inended it this way, but this is the result of the Saudi spread of hardline Islam around the world. Your country had promised three times to the US that you’ll revise your textbooks, but these promises have been proved to be empty ones, as Saudi text books are still preaching hatred against people of other religions. Researches have been done in this field and these texts are available freely.

    You must by all means change the textbooks immediately and stop exporting the hateful textbooks in other countries. The argument of slow progress is not an argument for a determined person like you.

    A modern education system must be based on ideas of equality of all human beings irrespective of religion, race, gender, nationality, or any other criterion. It must teach the students to treat with dignity all human beings and to strive for the less fortunate ones in the world – no matter what their religion, gender or race.

    Your reformist policies should not be geared at only the well-off people of the cities and the people from Western countries living in your country.

    You must pay attention to the poor people in villages and desert areas, their deplorable standard of living, their poverty and their lack of modern infrastructure. This is more essential than the needs of the already well-off people in the cities. Hiding these people away from the glare of the global media is not a solution. You must also disclose the statistics of poverty and unemployment to the UN, which Saudi Arabia has not done so far.

    You must also look at the exploitation, racist abuse and mistreatment that the workers from the Third World go through in your country. These workers provide valuable labour to your country and make life comfortable for the well-off. They must get their due from a reformist like you.

    There is rampant corruption in your country. You must think how you are going to solve this problem. Bribes and connections with the royal and elite should not be the way to advance oneself.

    The laws of your country must be based on ideals of social equality of all human beings and not on religion. As long as your country is being run on the principles of hardline Islamism, any reform is going to be superficial.

    You need to make your laws secular and based on the notion of equality of all humans, regardless of gender, religion, race, ethnicity or any other criterion.

    There is no point in building a KAUST primarily meant for foreigners from the West. You need to revamp all your universities on the pattern of KAUST and open them for ALL Saudis.

    I am not sure you will like my suggestions. But this is what you need to do – whether you can do it or not is another question.

  4. PS – And please tell the English-speaking world that in Arabic your title is Khadim-al-Harmain which means “Servant of the Two Holy Shrines.” Custodian of the 2 Holy Shrine is a wrong translation and has wrong political connotations associated with it.

    A public Royal Decree issued to the global media will be needed to correct this impression.

  5. @Daisy,

    Nice screed! LOL! I can only sit here and shake my head.

    BTW, I didnt know you speak Arabic! You must, that is why you are offering “correct” translations right? Anyway, the word “Khadim”, like “Khadama” can be properly translated into English with a variety of words.

    “Custodian” would most certainly be correct, as would your suggestion of “servent”. The Arabic word itself is the male version of “Khadama” which is a maid, servent, female custodian, ect.

    The “custodian” title does have a point in case as it is the King’s duty to ceremonially clean the Kabbah once a year.

    I think you are out of line trying to put forward that there is a lot of difference between the words “custodian” and “servent” especially in this context. Like with almost everything you talk about here, you are way off base, you have little knowledge of what you are talking about, yet you are SO insistant that not only do you somehow have some basis of knowledge on the subject, but that people should listen to you even with your “in your face” style.

    Even with my well known dislike of the Saudi government, and Saudi culture in general, even I think you go WAY over board and border on pathelogical in your opinions and the fact that you are SO certain that your version is the correct version.

    It would almost seem that you are on your own personal “jihad” here.

    The fact that you are suggesting that the King of Saudi Arabia put out a royal decree to correct a translation that you dont agree with even though you do not even speak the language I think proves the point rather well.

  6. I remember in India there used to be series on TV few years ago called Vikram Baitaal.

    Its about the man and the monster. The man carries the monster on his shoulder and monster tells him story every day. Your picture reminds me of Baitaal.

  7. Wow! That is some letter Daisy wrote…to a King… You should, you must, you have to… The attitude is such, that she is the only one knows what the real problems are and she is the only one leading with a torch to a right path. Pulling too much of a shared blanket on your side, don’t you, Daisy?

  8. Lada,
    I have learnt all this about KSA from these Saudi blogs, which led me to do more research on the country.

    I’m not a subject of the Saudi Kingdom, nor do I live there. So there is no obligation on me to “bow” to Abdullah. According to the principles of equality of all humans that I follow, he is not above other humans.

    I would address my own Prime Minister and President in much the same way.

    Abu Sinan,
    I have been told about the translation of Khadim by an Arabic scholar who has received Islamic religious education.

    It can be translated as servant, attendant, domestic or outside worker but not as Custodian.

    By the way, Haram means both a sanctuary (that’s how the term Harmain) and the women’s apartments, which used to be closed access (perhaps they still are in the Arab world). It essentially means an enclosed and sanctified structure – in that sense, women in a house are to be respected and not to be accessible by everyone.

    Thus, Mahram can mean a guardian of the women as well as the custodian of a sanctuary – literally speaking. But Khadim does not have that meaning.

    I am not sure you still dislike Saudi Arabia – you used to in the past, but now your attitude appears to be shifting towards Saudi Arabia.

    In any case, I had told you I am not going to discuss anything with you unless you distance yourself from the uncivilised ideology you subscribe to. So, you can keep on saying what you like. I’m not going to engage in a discussion with you.

  9. @Daisy,

    I most certainly STILL dislike the government of Saudi and many aspects of the government, it is just your attitude, your approach and the fact that you think you have the right to lecture others and tell them how they should and shouldnt feel that is REALLY bothering me recently on this blog.

    You know, like the fact that you want to be able to tell me, an American, how I should or shouldnt feel about my president and think that you can comment on my patriotism based on whether or not if I agree with you.

    I was pretty sure you’d find a way, as a non Arabic speaker, to contradict myself who speaks more than a few words of Arabic. Hum…… have a scholar on your side? Okay…….let me up the anti and say that the Mahdi himself appeared to me this very night and told me that “Custodian” is a valid translation for the word “Khadim”.

    Oh wait, you are Hindu. I guess I should let you know Vishnu just came to me after the Mahdi and told me it is okay too, but I dont think Vishnu speaks Arabic and I dont know how I understood him because he was speaking in Hindu and Sanskrit.

    Anyway, my references beat yours.

    Besides, you still have yet to explain your contention that the difference between Custodian and Servant, in this context, means anything to anyone but yourself.

    Do we need a new term? “Saudi Derangement Syndrome”? When I say that, lol, it really should let you know that you have crossed the line from reasonable dissent into something with a whole different pathology.

  10. @ Daisy
    You think, that you are equal to others… But do others think that they are equal to you? Just wonder…
    As for”bowing” to anyone – did not your parents taught you to be respectful? There are protocols and formalities which one should follow in order to be accepted in the society. I do not think you would address to you immediate boss this way, because your job would be in stake.
    BTW, general population dos not like an “inconvenient” people. They did not like them throughout the history of human civilization.
    Something to think about…

  11. @Daisy,

    PS, you talk about “uncivilised ideology”? LOL! You mean like branding tens of millions of people as “untouchable” because of their accident of birth?

    Unless you are willing to disavow yourself of this basic idea of Hinduism, then I suggest you stop engaging in discussions with yourself.

    The Hindu practice of violence against people of lower class and “untouchables” is so bad and wide spread they were even forced to pass a law to ban it and despite that “higher” caste Hindus still employ outrageous violence against their fellow countrymen for nothing more than accident of birth.

    Unless you are willing to condemn the caste system and the Hindu holy texts that promote it you are certainly a member of an “uncivilised ideology”.

  12. First of all I feel honored to be given the opportunity to write to the King through this channel I thank you, Carol for the same. My letter would go something like this.

    Assalam Alaykum Ramatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

    Your Majesty, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

    To Proceed,,,,

    I live in the land where our beloved Prophet (saas) was born and through whom the religion was finalized. I am proud to be part of this land where I feel I belong. Having lived in other countries, I have never sensed as being at home as much as in Riyadh. The Islamic ways here are what I have been looking for. I left some places because I did not find people doing justice to the beautiful customs of Islam. While Allah is Just to all, not everyone is just to Him.

    I have always admired your kind help to the ones less privileged especially in areas of separating joined twins. Having no children of my own and not being able to have any, I always thought that your kind gesture to help people, through the permission of Allah, gave such a gift to those parents and be happy with healthy children. It always brings tears to my eyes when I see mothers holding their babies and the tenderness of such moment is overwhelming. It is a true blessing.

    Although some consider Saudi Arabia as a place where people, especially women, are restricted, I do understand this is an effort to keep everyone safe and to some, this is difficult to comprehend. Your efforts to eradicate, or in any case control, corruption, crimes and unfairness is commendable; and the many changes that has been done to ensure the safety of the pilgrims and cater for their needs are amazing.

    I stand by Islam and by the laws of the land and your continued efforts to reform and provide for your people in the way that is within the boundaries of Islam. I , as many others, hope to see the fruits of your efforts in the near future, Insha’Allah.

    Once upon a time, as a young dreamer, I imagined I would one day sail to a remote island and establish a just nation and wipe out any kind of injustice. I now see that this is what you are trying to do too. I am living my dream through you. The road is rough but we need to tread it.

    I wish the best for Saudi Arabia and its government and people and pray for its continued prosperity, success and widen the capacity to help those in need. Allah swt bless you and the people of Saudi Arabia.


    PS. I would love to see women driving soon:)

  13. Lada,
    Yes, this is the way I address all seniors or juniors – no difference. I would really acquire much the same tone to my own head of State. I don’t see why this is disrespectful.

  14. I believe Daisy when she says she is equally disrespectful to all. She has certainly shown it on blogs. She has disrespected American citizens in general-me specifically for disagreeing with her- my children and husband on another blog-and many others. I think we need to believe this is really her way.

  15. Abu Sinan,
    You know nothing about what I believe in and what I don’t believe in. So don’t make assumptions till you know about my beliefs.

  16. @Daisy,

    I think your points in the first post were very sensible. It addresses many important issues of Saudi Arabia.

    The issue of the name as servant vs custodian is really not important. As a matter of a fact it serves as a good feeder for jokes in the Arabic world. That is probably why the translated it to custodian in English. If you try very hard, you can translate Khadim into the English word Custodian. However, if you look how the title is used in Arabic, it is a long stretch to come up with that translation.

    Here is the google translate link for the word Khadim. Custodian does not appear in this version of translation. The prominent translation will be Servant.|en|%D8%AE%D8%A7%D8%AF%D9%85

  17. I think all these attacks on me are meant to detract away from the issues I touched upon in my letter.

    That’s a common strategy pf people who don’t want to address serious issues.

  18. Moq,
    Thanks for that!

    You are right that as just a translation it is not really important, but it gives some political advantage to Saudi Arabia. I’ll give you a link later.

  19. Sorry, the link does not work if you click it.However,if you copy it and paste it into the URL line in the browser it will work.

  20. Servant means to serve and that is what also khadim means – to serve or to attend to. So attending to the haramain is nothing wrong since that is what he is doing by looking after it.

    Sometimes in translation the effect is not the same as n the original language. So using the word attendant does not seem something suiting to head of state in Englissh, although in Arabic it is is all okay. The meaning to Custodian is not the word-to-word translation; it is a word most suitable to describe his duties in caring for the harmain and same time a title suiting a king.

  21. Nas,
    What you say is very right.

    In fact, this is not a specific trait of Saudi Arabia. There have been many kings in India who called themselves servants of some deity or shrine – related to Hinduism before Islam came into existence. This is a shared tradition between West Asia and South Asia.

    Precisely because there is no sense of shame attached to this usage in these regions, Saudi Arabia should explain it to the Western world and use a correct term like attendant in English. But they have allowed the world to remain under misconception that this term means custodian – which is what I referred to in the PS to my letter.

  22. Custodian means guardian, caretaker, watchman, one who is in charge of something. So according to these meanings, the King is the Custodian and the title is befitting his position.

    Keeping a title such as servant or attendant is not suitable from “English” point of view. However in Arabic the word used would be suitable. As I have said before Arabic is a vast language and one word means many things. English is not like that, in the sense that, it requires exact words to mean something. So in this sense one cannot use foreign words easily in translation and have to use something most suitable.

  23. @Daisy,

    I will still engage you even though you believe in an outdated very discriminatory ideology.

    Funny how you now agree that the translation of the word doesnt really mean anything when your original statement clearly put forth the idea that because they didnt use the word that you thought was correct, as a non Arabic speaker, that there were some dasturdly deeds afoot.

    I think conspiracy theories are a common trait amoungst anyone suffering from the various Derangement Syndromes out there.

    Sorry to say that the actions of the Saudi government are open for all and sundry to see are bad enough. No need to hide any of it! It isnt like they are ever brought to task anyways.

    As to your beliefs specifically, I find your actions to be in line with the Hindu belief in low and high castes. You clearly view yourself to be superior to everyone, especially those who disagree with your beliefs. You make it clear yourself so there is no supposition about it.

    I might agree with much of what you say in regards to the Saudi government, even in regards to Islamic extremists, but your way of going about it is rude and completely disrepespectful. You often step way out of line and somehow dont even realise you are doing it.

    I dislike the Saudi government but would never sit here and tell Saudis who dont agree with me that they are a shame to their country and not patriotic. When I say you step out of line, as someone known to do that myself, than you are REALLY out of line.

    I realise English is not your first language and you dont even speak Arabic so let me break it down to the lowest common denominator for you.

    The term “Servant” in English would denote that the king was directly following the commandments and orders of someone. Can you name this person?

    I know here you might be tempted to say that the king, in his role regarding Mecca and Medina, is following the commandments and orders of God as he sees it as a Muslim. That line of thinking, however, would run VERY contrary to what you are trying to get across here and actually contrary to Islam because there are no specific set of rules or guidlines in Hadith or The Qur’an about the running and governance of Mecca, Medina, or The Kabbah.

    So it is clear that the king of Saudi Arabia, in his role of “Khadim” is acting not in a role of a servant where he is following the actions and directions of a being, rather he is acting in the role of a caretaker. He is serving no one directly, rather he is taking care of something using some very broad generalities in Hadith and The Qur’an, the rest of it the Saudi kings make up as they go along.

    Servants, as a rule, do not make things up as they go along. More to the point, as a person opposed to the Saudi government, the term “servant” actually, contrary to the point you are failing to make, would give the king of Saudi Arabia a better place in the eyes of Muslims.

    I know you dont speak Arabic, but being an “Abd’Allah” or a “slave (servant) of Allah” is one of the greatest compliments a devout Muslim can be paid.

    So your point with the translation, that at least now you admit doesnt really matter, actually goes contrary to the anti-Saudi ideology you are banging on about here all of the time. If we agree with your idea, as a non Arabic speaker, that the title really means “Servant” than that actually promotes the Saudi vrersion of Islam. After all, if he is nothing more than a “Servant” doesnt that mean that his brand, the Saudi brand, of Islam is the correct version? Heck, being a “servant” of God in a formal sense would impart a legitmacy upon Saudi Islam that you seem to be fighting!

    Think about it and you’ll see that your term might do a disservice to those seeking changes in the Islamic world. Personally, I dont think it really matters one way or the other, but if you do then it is clear that the “Servant” translation is one that is NOT helpful. As a non Arabic speaking, non Muslim, you might not have seen it that way. But there it is anyway.

  24. @Abu Sinan
    “ following the commandments and orders of God as he sees it as a Muslim.”

    What you say is accurate. This is what I am trying to say. It is for the reason that the word “servant”, if used, can be easily misunderstood by non-muslim, that it is not translated as such and it would not seem appropirate in another language. To a muslim, the meaning is immediately understood (as you have explained). It is actually a service to God and the King is indeed responsible for the holy sites.

    In the end, it does not matter.

  25. Abu Sinan,

    Moq is an Arabic speaker and he says Khadim means servant, not custodian, except by a far stretch of imagination.

    Perhaps you don’t know that Khadim is a common word in India and it always means a servant or attendant. A derivative of this word is Khidmat which means service. It is very much a part of an Indian’s vocabulary.

    You really know nothing about me, so don’t presume that you can read me.

    If you find my actions unsavory, then there is no need for you to talk to me. I have said it several times that I don’t want to engage in a discussion with you. There is no need for you to draw me into a discussion.

  26. Seems Daisy has no other work then spending 24 hrs on this blog and commenting whatz going on in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

    My sincere advise to her is to go and mind her own business.

  27. Oh, well… After all King of Saudi Arabia is the King of Saudi Arabia, Barak Obama is the President of the USA and she is …..just Daisy.
    Talking about equality of all humans, hah!

  28. @Daisy,

    I dont care what “Khadim” means in India. As Nas has explained so well the word has NO single meaning in English. As she pointed out in the post before yours, the word “Servant” would NOT well explain what his role is or why.

    As a person who speaks more than one language you SHOULD be very aware that certain words are not really translatable by a single word. In this case, especially when the word is used in this manner, to change the title to “Servant of the Two Holy Mosques” does NOT accurately explain what the title means or the roles and duties it entails.

    Of course you didnt address why the term “servant” would go completely against your ideas and goals. I guess admitting you are wrong, even if your mistake does harm to your own issues, is too much for you.

    Yeah, but it’s okay. I guess I am “lower caste” and as such my opinions MUST be inferior to yours.

    As a person who always has an issue with Islam, except the kind YOU find okay, but subscribes to a religion and an ideology that has it’s closest companion in South African apartheid, I am more than happy to call you on your ignorance!

    See, you have given yourself the right to decide who is an isnt a proper American AND a proper Muslim. Sorry, but dont expect either Muslims or Americans to allow you to get away with it.


    You are spot on in your explaination. Of course it doesnt matter in reality, except that Daisy was trying to contend that there is some intentional conspiracy by the King and the government of Saudi to hoodwink people.

    Now Daisy has come back and admitted it doesnt matter, yet she is STILL arguing the issue. A clear sign of Saudi Derangement Syndrome.

  29. MMA,
    You have no business telling me what I should do and what I shouldn’t. You can mind your own business.

    I have a right to express my opinion here. If you don’t like it, that’s your headache, not mine.

  30. I just worry about you, Daisy… With this attitude you are the one to have an uneasy life. Do not get upset, seems like you are so angry at everyone around.. As for my health, thank you, I am fine, no headache… Just having fun. .
    Peace out!!! “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.”

  31. @Daisy,

    MMA has about as much business saying what they did as you do judging other people’s patriotism to countries you are NOT a citizen or other people’s views on religions that YOU do not belong to.

    It must be a “high caste” thing that allows you to hold double standards. I guess those of us lower caste folks have different rules that you dont have to follow.

    Speaking of minding your own business…..exactly WHAT business do you have with Saudi Arabia and Islam? Do you have day to day interaction with Saudi Arabians or their officials? Are you a Muslim?

    Except in some remote fashion, how does Islam/Muslims or Saudi Arabia have anything to do with you?

    Seems to me maybe it is YOU that has the issue of not minding their own business.

    As for me I dont think ideas or concepts are anyone sole right or “business” unless it is personal/private business, but when you tell someone to mind their own business you put the ability of others out there to question just what exact how the affairs of Saudi Arabia and Islam/Muslims is YOUR business.

    As a foe of Islamic extremism and the current Saudi regime I find that you do a disservice to BOTH of these causes with your attitude and ignorance. Thanks but NO THANKS from us Muslims fighting extremism and those of us who have real and personal issues with the Saudi government.

    Keep your concept causes and ideas away from the people really facing these issues.

  32. Chill time.

    This post is not for debating with Daisy. Anyone who wishes to do that, take it to the debate page.

    Let’s see what some others would choose to write instead.

    Mother Bedu

  33. @American Bedu,

    I dont think anyone actually wants to interact with Daisy at all. That is exactly why NO ONE will go to the Debate Page to continue it.

    What does happen is people get tired of the stuff she is pushing and the way she is pushing it and want to call her on it when she does it. I can speak only for myself, but the lat thing I’d want to do is to go anywhere to talk with her as I feel it is a waste of time.

    However, there seems to be more than a few people who feel the need to let others know out there the truth about what Daisy says and her agenda. For people with a REAL PERSONAL stake in these issues we cannot let her “stuff” go without comment.

    Thanks, I am done here now.

  34. Thanks, Carol.

  35. @Abu Sinan,

    That last comment you wrote was not necessary.


    I know from experience that if a thread is filled up with unrelated comments, then those who you may really want to read the responses which have been directly related to the topic may instead just give up and move on.

  36. If i were in saudi i would have written a letter to the king, but as i have no connection with KSA except being married to a saudi i guess if i’d have to write i’d request for more resources for women especially those that have lost their spouses. my BIL passed away a while ago and his 2 wives & numerous kids are having a hard time. we can only support so much from here, it’s hard to suuport 3 families year after year, i wish my SIL’s could get some jo training an dbe able to hold jobs and support the kids . and to do away with the mahrem system, They have to go to their brothers for everythng and those brothers are busy with their lives, it’s such a mess till one of their sons get old enough, right now the oldest amongst both the wives is 13..
    I know My BIL was not the wisest or most responsibile, but i hate to see the kids suffer. I wish more outlets would open up for wives & kids and someone educates people to save for a rainy day.
    My BIL passed on but it’s sad to see his 13 people in misery he left behind. Yes family should support and care for themm but isn’t it better to empower his wives and make sure they can care for their children financially. They are bright women and can learn almost anythng if given an oppurchunity .
    I hope the king sees the plight of these women and makes someprovision.

  37. @Radha,

    I can agree with you 100%. It isnt just a problem with the average citizen, my MIL, whose husband had worked for the Saudi government for some 4 decades didnt get any help either.

    The only help she got from them was when it came time to bury her.

  38. It’s so incredible hard there when they don’t have transportation, no money to hire cars and drivers and cannot go by themselves, how the heck are they to survive. nothng can be done without a male, makes my blood boil.

    we’ve been told that a family should support them, but that’s easier said than done these days, inspite of both of us working, it’s tough to support our family and 2 more with so many kids. we can’t let those kids go without but at the same time i hate to deny my kids a good life. it’s a conflict and i get pretty upset at my decesed BIL for leaving his family in such dire straits, what on earth possesed himt o marry not once but twice and leave so many many kids around, wouldn’t it have been better to stop with 1 or 2 kids. but that’s water under the bridge now, and i can safely say there is absolutely NO support from any organization in saudi for then. we are IT. not that we lack money , but we’ve planned for our family and his parents, and unfortunately $$ doesn’t grow on trees. so i’m back to working full time , even though i don’t have to just so those kids can get some semblance of normal life. at the same time MIT doesn’t come cheap – even with a scholarship:-) and my youngest is aiming at med school, ye gods.. that’s 7yrs of misery and plenty of $$$$. just thinking of those kids and how they are going to grow up gives me a headache. the king really really really needs to do something.

    My advice to men adn women there – plan for your future, plan for your kids and if you don’t think you can support them don’t have them:-) there’s no big man out there handing out cash.

  39. @Radha,

    It is amazing isnt it? When my FIL passed away my MIL enquired to a member of the Embassy whom she had known for years and whom her husband had worked with for years. Instead of help she was simply told: “go home”.

    I went to the Embassy. They thought maybe having an American guy come in and remind them of their responsibilities would sham them into helping. The whole Saudi pride thing.

    My MIL and her family here WAY over estimated the pride of a Saudi man, never mind the guy I talked to know my FIL for years and knew my MIL. What is even more sad is I wasnt even going in to ask for anything extra.

    All I wanted was their guarantee that her pension, cut in half when her husband died, come every month as it should. Not only did they cut it in half, they also failed to send it for an entire year once.

    If this happens to the widow of a Saudi diplomat it means the average Saudi can expect even worse treatment, if it is possible.

    The one kudos I must give is to the Diplomat my wife and I have been dealing with concerning our issues. We had seen him the week before and mentioned my MIL and when she died he was one of two members of the Embassy who actually attended the Janaza and the funeral.

    I always wonder, dont these people wonder what is going to happen to their families when they die? My FIL always thought his wife would be well provided for. The fact that she was horribly treated should give them pause for thought about their own families.

  40. For what it is worth as a non Muslim, although i understand the reason that they use the term “custodian” for the King, it sounds to my ear more Islamicly correct or more respectful to use the term servant. In English anyway the word “custodian” conjures up images of a guy in the school after hours with a broom and a mop who cares for the place. OBVIOUSLY it isn’t meant like that in KSA.

    The King is the leader of KSA and I would think therefore should be the best example of how a Saudi Muslim should behave. If Islam’s highest honor is to submit to God then I would think servant would be the MORE correct terminology. By taking care of the Mosques, the King IS being a good servant to God. Used in this context, the word servant feels and sounds to me very respectful because how can there be a higher honor than being a servant to your God? Even in Christianity we try to be a good servant to God. It is understood that God’s will is higher than our won. (or should be!) And if a King can be a servant in the service of God he sets the example and tone for all his people.

    Just my two cents worth.:-)

  41. wow, I wonder why Daisy would spend so much time attacking a country ,my religion, and then say she doesn’t care.
    I think too many people pay attention to that skeeky wheel

  42. @Radha, Abu Sinan,

    very good points and I will have an article on this subject in early July. Stay tuned.

  43. Oby,
    That’s a good one – custodian as a person in school with broom and mop in the hand for cleaning. You have brilliantly revered the equation!😀

    Thanks for the linguistic semantics of servant in Christianity.

    You are right that in all this unnecessary discussion, the points I raised in the letter were overshadowed. I guess I should have included the plight of widows, divorced women and their children as well.

  44. Oby,
    Sorry, read reversed instead of revered above.

  45. Dear Carol …

    I am afraid with all those confrontations, not discussions, on this page, I totally missed the point of the post!!

  46. I cannot believe some of you here are SO rigid in your English skills. In English the word “custodian” goes FAR beyond a janitor. I almost want to think you guys are joking. The word “custodian” in the sense of a janitor isnt the most common usage of the word, nor the words that come from it.

    Where do you think the word “custody” comes from? Where do you think “Custodial” comes from? As is “Custodial parent” “Custodial account” “Custodial rights”?

    As a matter of fact, Mirriam-Webster’s online dictory ONLY lists this usage for the word “custodian”.

    : one that guards and protects or maintains; especially : one entrusted with guarding and keeping property or records or with custody or guardianship of prisoners or inmates

    — cus·to·di·an·ship \-ˌship\ noun

    All of this, and Daisy STILL cannot tell us why there is such a big difference between Custodian and Servant in the honourary title of the king of Saudi Arabia.

    It is six of one, half a dozen of the other and makes no difference. There is no hidden meaning in the translation, it is not done to try and change our minds about the Saudi monarchy, it is not part of some giant plot.

    The legal definition, the best and closest fiting category for it’s usage in this situation is thus:

    Legal Dictionary

    Main Entry: cus·to·di·an
    Function: noun
    : an individual entrusted with guarding and keeping property or having custody of a person: as a : the warden of a prison b : a person given custody of a child by court order c : a person named to manage a child’s property under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act d : a person or entity appointed by a bankruptcy court to take charge of the debtor’s property for purposes of administration — cus·to·di·an·ship noun
    Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law,

    Sorry, but I am hoping that English is the second language of everyone involved here thinking that custodian is nothing more than a janitory.

    Jeeeeesssshhhhhhhhh. The first definition is EXACTLY what is meant in the honourary title of the king. Nothing more, nothing less.

  47. Abu Sinan…

    Of course we know those meanings. It isn’t only the one I pointed out. I was just giving MY opinion of what to me seems like the closer to the meaning of Islam. Islam means submission, yes? As you said it is the thing people strive for above all things in Islam (if I understood you correctly). So to me, the idea of a servant for God seems even MORE of a noble title than Custodian.

    In the end, you are right…it doesn’t really matter one way or the other. The idea is conveyed. I just personally like the idea of servant ie: submitting to the will of God as I think it sounds quite humble without being derogatory and grasps the spirit of Islam.

    That is what I meant. Nothing more, nothing less.

  48. I am genuinely confused. Which is the good term and which the bad and why?

    Custodian does not mean janitor. The custodial parent is the parent that takes care of and has custody of children.

  49. The Kings role IS that he has custody of the mosques. So I’m not sure what is inaccurate there? He even does the annual cleaning. He hosts the pilgrams- he makes the rules. Why is servant a better word?

  50. @Sandy,

    Servant isnt the better word. A servant takes directions from a master, who would be the king’s master? Where would his directions be found? Certainly NOT in The Qur’an or Hadith, except in the most vague and round about way. Never mind the extra credibility such a thing would lend to the Saudi brand of Islam, something we certainly DONT need.

    Besides, think about it “Servant of the Two Holy Mosques”? It doesnt even sound or look right. How/why would he be a servant to inanimate objects?

    Can someone be a servant to a house? Can someone be a servant to a rock? The more one looks at it the LESS servant looks like a viable translation. Can anyone think of a situation in English where someone is called a servant of an inanimate object and the situation carries a positive connotation?

    Of course we can list a thousand things in English where one is a custodian of something inanimate, custodian of people, animals, trusts, almost anything.

    No, servant is wrong in this situation. His job, as outlined in the honourific title, to to keep and maintain these two locations.

    The original debate over the use of this word was because the person was trying to tie it into some sort of conspiracy by the house of Saud to change the way English speakers in the West view the king and the monarchy by changing the “real” translation of the word from servant to custodian. That notion is just rubbish. I have also heard him called the Protector of the Two Holy Shrines, once again falling into the custodian area.

  51. You Majesty,
    Assalam Alaykoum,

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to study abroad. I promise, I will not disappoint you.

    Thanks bedu

  52. Thank you Saad for sharing your thoughts and what you’d like to say.

    To all else:

    Please take the debates on titles and any other issues not related to the post to the debate page.

  53. Dear King/Custodian/Servant of Saudi

    I would like to remind you of the famous Arab story of the ruler of a town that was so afraid of his position and the responsibility it demanded from him that he would often go out at night disguised just to hear what the people said about him. He would listen in on conversations and or at open windows just to know what his people REALLY thought about him knowing full well that in his presence they would never speak the truth if they had a true grievance.

    He wanted to be sure that every citizen of his town was treated fairly and justly, that nobody slept at night with anger or tears because of something the King had or had not done for them. He didn’t rely on messengers as he knew nobody wanted to give him bad news…so he went among the people himself and listened with his own ears.

    While passing a window one night he heard crying inside. He stopped and listened and heard a woman weeping that she didnt have enough to feed her children. Her husband had recently died and she was left without anything.

    The King was horrified that to hear this woman weeping so terribly and hurried back to his palace. He gathered his employees and asked them why he had to hear a woman weeping alone in her house…why wasnt he informed of her situation?

    The employees gave excuses but it basically boiled down to one…you are the King…why should you bother yourself about one single widowed woman?

    The King said…because she is someones mother…and heaven lies at the feet of mothers.

    Dear King Abdullah

    Have you ever wondered how many mothers (daughters, sisteres) weep in their homes when no one is around…because of some injustice that has happened to them while you are King?

    You are more than the Custodian/Servant of two buildings…you hold the lives of millions in your hand…and will be asked on the Day of Judgement about those tears that fell while you were King.

    What will your answer be? I couldnt bother myself with the plight of mere women because I am King?

    Yours truly
    Lee Ann

  54. Coolred’s letter is very true and very moving.

    Besides, in Islam there is no King as a King is understood in the West.

    Rather, Islam follows the system of electing a ruler by common consensus who has to always seek the opinion of others and anyone can tell him on his face that he is doing something unjust. In this sense, an Islamic ruler is not the same as what the English-speaking world has known as kings.

    King is a wrong term for an Islamic ruler.

    The two holy mosques themselves were never in the sole custody of any ruler of Arabia in history. The ruler was only an attendant, never a custodian of the two holy shrines. This is how he should be understood.

    We should understand Islamic societies on their own terms and not through the definitions of the English-speaking world. It is wrong to transpose the definitions of a King and his roles as understood in English on a non-English society.

    Thus, in a letter to a King, a person can tell him that he should look at the wrongdoings going on in his rulership and that he is only an attendant not the custodian of the two holy shrines.

    The latter is a very Western concept and should not be transposed on the non-Western wold. Those who have a problem with this should read the debate on Orientalism.

    There is nothing discourteous about telling Abdullah about it. Earliest Caliphs were always told by others on their face when they went in the wrong way.

  55. @Daisy,

    There is too much made of this name thing here. I think it does not matter. Everyone seems to miss the important point, which is the man is an absolute monarch. Giving him any title of humility like servant, custodian, care taker, etc. does not change that fact. He is a King with all the privileges of that title. He rules his Kingdom with army’s, security apparatus, family members in charge of regions, etc. There is no democracy under this rule and any descent gets crushed. So these side arguments about titles are moot.

    Now is he a better King than some others before him? yes. He seems to have more decent attitude towards improving conditions. Did he come to this role as a deserving leader through his own competence?, No. Would he put the future of the country and its people ahead of his own interest and his clan’s interest? No. What determines a good ruler would be a yes on all 3 questions and more. Unfortunately, his loyalty is not with the people first and he does not have the competence to rule the country.

    So as what I will have in my letter. I think nothing short of giving up the undeserved power and letting the country be ruled by a constitutional democratic monarchy, similar to the European models, will hit the mark. The current system under his family’s leadership has produced injustice, corruption and complete incompetence in governing.

  56. I would say to King Abdullah: please show your kindness and forgiveness and give permission to Iranian pilgrims to go to inner site of Baghi cemetery.this is dream of many Iranian.thank you.

  57. Moq,
    I think my letter too suggested a democratic rule, though I didn’t use the term.

    But are you sure he is an absolute monarch? I have been given to understand that he can’t take all his decisions independently – he has to abide the rulings of his Shura Council. If he doesn’t, he may lose his power.

    The Shura Council serves as the “consensus body” which can elect the ruler according to the Islamic model I wrote about above.

    According to this model, as you may be aware, the ruler can be removed if the electing body deems him to be going against Islam. Perhaps that’s why Abdullah can’t go for full-fledged, fast paced reforms – he doesn’t want to lose power, as the Shura Council is full of hardliner Islamists. This is the nexus between Saudi royal family and the hardliner Islamists.

    This is one reason I suggested in my letter that he has to move away from the hardliner Islamists because they regulate him and the Saudi policies.

    This also means that all these demands in these letters addressed to Abdullah will have to be approved by the Shura Council – Abdullah on his own can’t do anything.

    I do feel he has a good chance of winning a democratic election if he only goes for a secular democratic model leaving aside this Islamic model which is now imbibing features from the autocratic Kingship of the pre-democratic Western world, making matters worse.

    This is one chance that KSA has towards a free rule, since his nominated successor is in bad shape because of cancer and the next in line is an orthodox Islamist. There is no way he is going to go for any reforms. if he maintains the reforms started by Abdullah, KSA will be fortunate.

  58. @Daisy,

    The shura council is a new invention in Saudi and is a failed experiment at giving the appearance of democracy.

    The council has no constitutional authority, because the country does not even have a constitution. The members are 50% appointed by the king and the others were elected in regional elections (the only ones ever held in Saudi). The council does not have any authority to enact laws and is at best and advisory group.

    So far this council has not done anything of significance. Most of its recommendations are ignored. The power in the country remains firmly in the hands of the ruling family, although some alliances are forged with the clerics to keep the people under control.

  59. On my way out so I have to be brief.
    The king is the official head and ruler. The Shura council does not formally how power- but kings here have to be careful because though on paper absolute rulers- they have alliances with with people who let them stay in power-especially the religious factions. The shura council could not remove a king- but kings have been removed in the past by the family. THey look out for their interests- and triggering a coup or a revolution is not in their interest.

    The shura council is good in that it does give Saudi’s an example of particiapation and voting etc. they wouldn’t otherwise have. Becoming democratic is a process and this is an important step- we also now have municiple electtion and there is a lot more I couod say about it but I’m in a hurry.

    I recently learned the county DOES actually have a constitution- a relative studying law was talking to me about i.

    And all things considered “custodian” is probably the best word for the Kings position vis a vis the holy shrines.. That or perhaps the “Steward” of the Holy Mkosques. He is more than the servantof them.

  60. It’s a pity this thread is being spoiled by this constant harping on one litle insignificant word in Daisy’s very good comment.
    It’s silly and a waste of space.

    Carol. nobody has the right to deny or allow two grown up people to get married; the Saudi king deserves no gratitude for ”allowing” you and Abdullah to marry, it was none of his business.
    Nobody outside a couple who decide to get married has any ”right” to butt in.

    Saudi Arabia is not the kingdom of ”humanity” as it denies humans the most rights (like freedom to choose your own spouse) (like freedom of religion) to it’s citizens and worse to it’ s expat workers, and it literally enslaved 50% of the population. (the ones with breasts)

    Radha, I am deeply impressed by your posts. I cannot believe how incredibly irresponsible these men are. How little care they have for the ones they leave behind…
    ”Allah will provide” yeah right, except it is the despised hindu wife of F who is the one providing.

  61. @Sandy,

    Every monarch has a power base that allows him or her to maintain power. In the old European Monarchies that was a set of nobles, knights, upper-class,etc. They were still absolute monarch with their word as the law. The same goes for Saudi with the clerics and the lower royals.

    Regarding elections at municipal levels, you know those were held in 2005 and produced some members in the current shura council.Subsequent elections were canceled for no reason. So there is no progress here. It is the typical Saudi government tactics. They do something to silence critics, then a few years later they cancel the changes and revert back.

  62. @Aafke – you have the right to disagree with my words. I wrote from the heart what I would say given the opportunity. If the King had not recognized our marriage, I would have lost out on treasured years with Abdullah. That is a fact for which I am appreciative.

    I’m not saying all is hunky dory in the Kingdom but rather too much emphasis is always placed on the negative rather than reminding folks there are some positive aspects too. The fact that the King does provide all funding for conjoined twins and families to come to Saudi Arabia for treatment as Saudi has some of the best expertise in the world in this field is huge and humane.

  63. Aafke, I am sick and tired of reading that we are prisoners, slaves etc… mind your own business,who are you to judge my life.I love my life like the majority of women here.

  64. @MoQ,

    It is also important to note that the vast majority of those elected to the various councils and positions of leadership across the board in Saudi Arabia are part and parcel of the establishment and have close ties to the royal family.

    Elections, especially in Saudi Arabia, dont guarantee any diversity or opposition. Often they act to solidfy the rulers instead. It is window dressing done specifically to stop dissent and opposition.

  65. Thanks, Aafke.

    Some good points have been made in the last comments –

    Saudi King is all powerful on paper, but has to placate hardliner clerics to avoid coups and revolutions (Sandy)

    Saudi King is all powerful and uses the influence-base of hardliner clerics to remain in power. Shura Council has not much influence (Moq)

    Those elected or appointed into various offices have close ties with the royal family and serve to consolidate the position of the King (Abu Sinan)

    On the other hand, the demography of KSA shows that the majority of the population is young. Given that the younger generation wants a change from the orthodox environment, is there still a case for a democratic change in this complex situation?

  66. Thanks Aafke, atleast you are impressed:-) . again i’m not asking the govt of KSA to help, as long as they remove the barriers to women participating 9 however superficial it may be) and empowering them is all that is required.
    I’m talking about some sort of counselling program, maybe low cost hosusing assistanc and job work program/univ course help etc., somethng to help them get on their feet.

    They can’t even get benefits due to them without one of thri brothers going around. and maybe it’s just this family but their brothers are quite unconcerned to their plight, or maybe they just have too much of their own worries.

    anyway something has to give, how long can this go on.

  67. Radha,
    I feel if those two women can’t do a job, perhaps they can do some kind of business. They can’t sit in the shops but can engage someone to manage the shops till their sons grow up. In the beginning your husband and you have to spend some money for investment but once the business gets going, they may even pay back to you in instalments.

    I don’t know what kind of businesses they can do there, but this idea just came to my mind.

  68. @ Daisy & Afake,

    I have always been told to attack the message and not the messenger, but in this case, I think both of you are pathetic and in desperate need of help.

    As what would I say to the King, first of all I would say may God give you long life and prosperity. Thank you for all the charitable works you’re doing all over the world. Thank you for sending almost 100,000 students and their families abroad on a full government scholarships (Now let us see another country match that). So don’t worry about all the distracters and the haters of our country (like the two persons above), what really matter, are your subjects and we are with you all the way.

    Long Live the “Custodial” of the two Holy Mosques.

    Your Loyal Subject

  69. Bravo, Anonymous. (As an American, I am very proud of living in a country that has come so far so quickly.) It’s easy for others to say what still needs to be done, but they have not lived in Saudi Arabia so they are blind to the vast changes in the attitudes of many people. Unfortunately, they can’t see beyond the curtain of black that the women wear.

    I think that the King has done a grand job during his reign. There is so much still to be done, but at least he is actually leading the way out of the dark even at the age of 80+.

    Speaking of which, when are we ‘mature’ ladies going to be able to drive? : ) I thought that the King was going to be letting us drive during the daytime.

    Your Majesty?

  70. I know there is a lot of defenders here of the King and the Saudi system. There is always excuses like they are making progress, etc. The fact is Saudi citizens are living under worse conditions now that the did 20 years ago. This is supported by many factors including poverty rates, human rights, living conditions etc.

    Take the rose colored glasses and actually look around to understand this. The latest quality of life index puts Saudi just 1 place above Iraq a country that is just over a war and not many places above Pakistan a very poor nation. This is not acceptable for a country that has the worlds largest oil reserves and had the same government running it for over 80 years.

    Here is the survey

    It is pathetic to continue to give the system excuses after 80 years of rule.

  71. I agree, Rose. KSA has made a lot of “fast baby steps” and especially since the reign of King Abdullah. I think that it is difficult for outsiders to see beyond the “sea of black” syndrome and appreciate the progress that now exists.

  72. MoQ…I agree.

    One of the most popular sayings among Arab/Muslims is that “change takes time”…apparently 1450 plust years hasnt been enough time to even implement much of what the Quran says regarding women, non muslims, slaves (I mean employees and domestic help) and a multitude of other problems.

    You have all the money you need at your disposal…you have the ability to bring in bright minds to teach your own people how to think and bring your nation up to speed (so to speak) with the rest of the world…and i dont mean concerning the latest mobile phone or other electronic gadget. You have this ability yet choose not to opt for it.

    Extremists rule your country…until that is corrected…the rest is just window dressing.

  73. I guess my question would be how Saudi compares in its 80 years as a nation to what the USA was when only 80 years old…or perhaps another Arab state.

    Thanks for the perspective.

  74. @AB,

    I think comparisons with the US, when it was 80 years old, is not applicable since that was roughly 150 years ago. We were just at the start of the industrial revolution. We are now at the communication age. The US was also a New World country with very short history at the time. While Saudi is at a region of the world with thousands of years of history (i.e. Saudi is not a new country, the Saudi rule is new).

    A more valid comparison would be against other oil producing Gulf countries like Kuwait, UAE, and Qatar. All of these countries did not gain their independence until the 60’s. Their governments have been in place for roughly half of the time as Saudi. Even though they only have been in existence for such a short time, they used their wealth to surpass Saudi in almost every area:

    – Infrastructure: You won’t find cities in these countries drown because of 4″ of rain fall (the 2 largest Saudi Cities experienced this recently). Most municipalities in Saudi cannot even deliver water to homes, except in teh cases of floods.
    – Law: These countries have fully codified systems of laws. Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries in the world and possibly the only one that does not have codification of Law.
    – Healthcare: Citizens of these countries receive some of the best healthcare in the world. Saudi citizens only receive such care if they are wealthy or are well connected.
    – Education: Saudi has one of the worst public education systems at every level.
    – Poverty: Rates in Saudi are increasing at an alarming rate
    – Civil rights: all of these countries guarantee higher freedoms and rights to their citizens, while Saudi has one of the worst records in the world.
    – I can go on…

    The Saudi government has made a disaster of every area. You can look at every metric a country should be measured on and you will find that they have extremely under performed in that area, considering the vast resources the country has. It is not just the corruption of the system It is the complete incompetence in governing that makes Saudi unique in this regard.

    Continually singing the praises of the rulers does not change these facts. It has a similar effect to drugs, that only serve to distract from understanding the issues of the country.

  75. Moq,
    Very well said.

    I do wish the Saudi blogs would focus more on these everyday life problems of poverty, lack of infrastructure, poor education system, human rights violations etc as compared to other Islamic countries in the Gulf, rather than going on and on about what Islam means and how people should follow Islam.

    There is a need to address these important issues rather than cover them up and detract people’s attention away from them by talking about Islam and praising the rulers.

  76. Dear king,
    Please draw up a constitution.
    Please reverse the power of the clerics, please make laws.
    Please make government officials responsible for their incompetence.
    please make women free again.

    Saudi is not making ”baby steps” forwards, it is making giant steps backwards. people who knew saudi in the seventies know it is going backwards.
    The major cities have no competent government. There is no riliable water supply.There is no good healthcare for the ordinary citizen. Only priviledged get good healthcare if they can pay for it.

    Women’s right have been going backwards big time.

    There is no area in which saudia excells compared to other countries. Every part of government is fucked up. You get into government by connections. And then use your job to steal from the people.
    The only thing saudi does well is oil.
    Because it is managed by Americans.

    I agree with moq about comparison to other countries.

  77. I once read in a book by a British Diplomat from Kuwait that when he visited Riyadh in the 1920’s the King told him that fewer than a dozen ‘outsiders’ had ever visited there. I can well believe that with the distances involved and the harsh climate this may be true.

    What an amazing mental development society had to go through in one generation from that standard to suddenly having millions of foreign guest workers.

    This is not true of Jeddah, Kuwait, UAE where their coastal locations meant that inhabitants traded with foreigners and they had more knowledge of the world beyond their borders.

    So a comparisson between them does not do justice to these circumstances of life in Riyadh – which may be in living memory for some.

  78. Very interesting dialogue here.
    My own is to ask the King and Custodian to release Sheik Ahmad Gumi.
    No more no less.

  79. Lord and lady Blunt were very unique in that they did travel by themselves, (and a guide) all the way to Hail, in their search for the best Arabian horses, and even learned Arabic. You can read about their travels in Lady Blunts diaries which have been published.

  80. @Dasy,

    I think u never went to Saudi but hear based on Islamophobic media news and propaganda. But,u are an Indian u should know wats going on in India.

    What u say abt introducing Hindu relgious things in kid’s schools in Indian state of Madhya pradesh ruled Hindu extremist BJP govt.

    1) Making sun worshipping compulsory in schools
    2) Bhojan Mantra (HIndu chants before meal) for kids
    3)Introducing HIndu’s religious books in school syllabus?
    4) Kids forcing to wash feets of teachers as part of HIndu culture

    Dont be angry with me for asking these as these things( that u urself dont like) are happening in ur same country.I am showing from national media:

    1) BHOPAL: Students of government schools in Madhya Pradesh “celebrated” Teachers’ Day, washing the feet of their teachers as part of Guru Paada Pooja made mandatory by the BJP government.

    From banning nursery rhymes in schools two years ago, making Surya Namaskar, Pranayam, and the Bhojan Mantra compulsory in public schools, and christening teachers Rashtra Rishis, the BJP government seems to have left no stone unturned in saffronising public education, activist organisations across the State said.,+making+Surya+Namaskar,+Pranayam,+and+the+Bhojan&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=in

    2) Why teach only Gita in schools: minorities of MP state

    Muslims oppose MP Govt’s directive to recite ‘Bhojan Mantra’:

    4)Saffronisation (Extremist HIndu ideology) by Education minister in school-
    Madhya Pradesh paints schoolbooks saffron RSS and BJP:

    Nice video showing Hinduisation in schools:

  81. @Daisy,

    U also should write to HIndu extremist BJP govt to give freedom of relgion to all citizens and ask police to do justice with innocents and not to kill/torture/rape Muslims/christian minority in India. Its surprisig that religious extremism in going on in monarchy – Saudi but its shocking that such things are happening in world’s largest democratic country – India.

    1) Muslims forced to convert to Adivasi Hindu in Gujarat

    2) Conversion to Hinduism a condition for Christians to return home in Kandhamal :

  82. @MD Azad,

    please take the comments which are specific to issues in India to the debate page so not to distract from the original post and topic.

    Thank you, American Bedu

  83. Dear King Abdullah

    I hope that you are in good health. It is unfortunate that there has been all this misunderstanding all these past years. I suppose the reason being the distance from situations.
    I would like to ask for assistance in my new employment as my present situation is deplorable but I do not know exactly what I would like to ask of you in regard to this problem. Thank you for reading my email.

  84. Dear King Abdullah

    I hope that you are in good health and enjoying life with your family and friends.
    I am emailing again to ask for your assistance in my deplorable life situation. I need assistance and such as good luck and which would help with my employment situation. I am alone with my situations and cannot begin with an explaination as a starting point to ask for assistance. It is more of a benefit for my relatives and everyone I know if I support myself and as I do a better job and as I do not have on-going issues with others.
    The one nice thing about being a king is that the food service is the greatest and this is what I can look forward to with better employment. This is an expensive hobby if one is not a king. Thank you for reading my email to your office.
    Respectfully yours, Mary Alraish

  85. Dear King Abdullah,

    How are you? The weather here in Kansas is horrible and somewhat like being in hell. It is very humid and horrible.
    I finally watched the Serbian home movies from the last war in Yugoslavia and wanted to ask a question. Why were so many people allowed to be killed in this area of the world? It seems that no-one did anything at all until entire populations were moved to other countries and the host country were forced to care for these people.
    During the begining of this war I was asked if I knew anything about this war and I did not. I answered that the Yugoslavians would only bother each other and had no interest in anyone outside this group and as this is what I always found to be true of my own group. I was then given the answer that the Yugoslavians were making too much noise shooting each other. I wish that your brother King Fahd had made some attempt to save this area of the world. I do believe that the King of Jordan can repair what is left from this war and piece it back together. The King of Jordan has a very nice personality and people that live in gangs respect him and this is a good begining to make people live as humans and as otherwise this thought would not occur to memebers of roaming gangs that live in all parts of the world.

  86. To
    His Majesty the King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz
    Custodian of two holy Mosques
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Your Majesty,
    I have been trying to seek justice from your side to justify my life ever since from 2005, after I became physically disable due to my illness in Saudi Arabia will working in company known as HERFY FOOD SERVICES CO; LTD. in Riyadh 3rd May, 2005. But still I’m not getting any assistance or attention through your side your Majesty as all I want is to secure my future in need of my family to support further. I only want to earn my own livelihood if I was provided by financial loans from either your government side or from my company in legitimate way by signing legal documentations of agreements. As I inform you I will certainly pay back those entire amounts as agreements. In this condition even my own former company is not willing to bring me back then I think no other company risk doing so. As I heard from some source that you always abide by rightful justice to anyone seek from you, your Majesty. And that is the reasons I’m trying to come forward to your door to beg for my life to justify for my cause. I’m not a person who is seeking help and assistance without any reasons as I told you I’m physically disable due to my illness which you could medically send someone to check my conditions and if I lied for this reasons then I ‘m willing to face any punishment according to your Sharia law. I will give my full and permanent address if your associates needed for verifications your Majesty. But please do reconsider my cause in favor of granting me by fulfilling my request as I have brought forward to you.
    Yours faithfully

    Prabal Rai

    Tel: 00977-1-6636281 / 00977-9808354837

  87. His Majesty the King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    i would like to write to you with regard to my difficulties i’m going through. please send me a mail address/postal that i could send you in detail. reply to

  88. I think your Majesty is that the right for living is for your countrymen only or you will grant to us too? As I face these situations when I worked in your country and in time of need the company where i have worked is being silence and abandoning me for my rights. Your Majest you said you have reform expats labor policy and implements action plan to safe guards their rights and welfare to international humanitarian body and to GCC members countries but still it is only to pleased international body and to create media silence otherwise why we are still neglected throughout these 5 year durations as I filled my petitions to your Royal courts in Riyadh and your Royal court authority give hope of promised but still I had not known for my case verdict where about about everything is in limbo. Thanks to your country great generousity and courtesy you have shown for my cause I think you and your countrymen does believe in Allah all mighty who said be merciful and Allah will be merciful to you but I say it is that everything is in reverse. Why peoples around the worlds hate your country because they are doing most sinful and shameless act when it comes to humanitarian acts to justify their cause specially for expats.
    Yours truly

    Prabal Rai

  89. Tuesday

    Dear King Abdullah,

    I hope that you continue in good health and hope that life is fun with your children and grandchildren.
    The weather in Kansas is horrible and as usual and one can suffer from the heat or freeze in the winter. There are very few nice days in this area.
    I am emailing to ask a favor and which is that somehow you could show an interest in this Italian family that lives in the same area where I presently life. They have commented that I know too many persons such as yourself in the MIddle East and as a result they follow me each day. They had decided to give me one of their sons and this is also a make believe story but they pretend this is also true. This son has a habit of dressing in costumes in public and which I find disturbing to view. My family was too poor for make believe stories and there is no point of interest with this family. It is probally true that this Italian saga is a left over from the jokes left behind and from your late brother King Fahd. I have no idea why your brother would have an interest in make believe events and when he had everything else in his own life and that was real.
    Your brother also left behind and as another joke a Saudi who has a candle room that he set up to honor me and in this room this Saudi worships me and always from a distance. This same Saudi has shown me different members of his family and I have no idea what purpose this serves and except to irratate his own imagination.
    Anyway, these are my complaints and I do ask for your assistance. Thank you very much for reading my email.

    Respectfully yours, Mary Alraish.

  90. Your Majesty,
    I have been asking you for your attentions to my cause since from 5 years and in results I get still nothing. All I’m trying to do is right for living as I have every right to claim my medical compensations to my former company Herfy food services as I have paid every single day to GOSI insurance company during my 13 years of services for medical purposes and they are responsibles for my medical expenses according to your labor welfare schemes. I liked to claim my benefit to Herfy Food Services company Ltd. to pay for it. In which as the Head of the State and ruler your Majesty you should justify my cause. Your authorities could check my profiles in Herfy personal department as following detailed filed in it.

    Name : Prabal Rai
    Nationality – Nepali
    Posotion – Restaurant supervisor
    Employee Number – 774
    Joining date – 18/11/1992
    Last day of job – 3rd May, 2005
    I think my record profile is still in the personal departments and either they should provide my medical compensations or re-employed back to me in office desk job as Office Asstant in Training department as I have request to them. Justice is dor all and everyone is to respect right for living. Please your Majesty I have told you for all my claim I will personally appear with all the documents and resume that required to prove my presence in that company presented by Herfy Managements itself.
    Sincerly yours,

    Prabal Rai

  91. Your Majesty,
    I thank you for your kindness and justice you have given to my cause by showing real sign of true nature of Saudia inhumane treatment. I thanks to your countrymen for showing such a unpleasant courtesy after I have serve them 13 years, I feel real blessed and justify through your side your Majesty. Is that true that Muslims are honest, sincere, kind, merciful as describe in Islam and they always shown this to Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan by killing all those innocent lives. No wonder why should I aspect any justice from the Land of Sinful creatures who doesnot respect the rights of others. As I see where all the peoples of the whole worlds try to protects, justify, give right of the humans in this very worlds while your country violates every rights of human and still practice modern day slavery otherwise why others who come to serve your country felt with this crisis in time of need and they are all abanfoned or ignored by your countrymen after no use. Does this mean the your country is land of holy Islam where prophet Muhammud show how to be mercyful or how to be cruel what should I say your Majesty? Your people will face judgement day oneday too, as world will evolve and always show the changes as for today you have that resource that whole worlds need most but what about tomorrow if it is finished does your peoples arrogance and inhumane act will be tolerated as of now. They will face same fate like Saddam Hussein too, I could bet on it.
    Sincerly yours
    P Rai

  92. Dear King Abdullah,

    I wanted to email a comment to you and in regard to the late King Faisal. My comment is that a death in your family resulting from sibling hated causes more problems for many people for years after the event.
    I also do not understand why a murder of a king was possible inside the safety of his own home. I would believe that a king could hear a pin drop if necessary. Years ago I had a dream and perhaps from King Faisal and he was laying on a bed as a brain and a heart and on this bed was a phone. In this dream he said that all that there would be left is his brain and his heart and this dream did come true.

  93. I think your Majesty this is the legacy of Saudi Arabians Royals to show commoners what a pity as whole worlds knows your grandson inhumane act and punishment he serve
    Saudi prince in lurid murder case sentenced

    Buzz up! .. AP – In this handout image issued by the Metropolitan Police, Bandar Abdulaziz,a servant who was killed by … .By GREGORY KATZ, Associated Press Writer Gregory Katz, Associated Press Writer – Wed Oct 20, 12:03 pm ET
    LONDON – Life in prison, with parole possible after 20 years. That was the sentence handed down Wednesday to a Saudi prince convicted of a killing so lurid it has shocked even London, with its long history of tawdry sex crimes dating back to Jack the Ripper.

    The victim, Bandar Abdulaziz, had so many internal injuries, including bleeding on the brain and a fractured larynx, that pathologists could not pinpoint the precise cause of death after his body was found in the posh Landmark Hotel.

    The killer was a Saudi prince who tried in vain to hide his homosexuality from the court and had been filmed on a closed-circuit camera mercilessly beating the victim — his paid manservant — in the hotel elevator.

    The frenzied killing, and the erotic nude photos of the victim found on the prince’s mobile phone, have embarrassed the Saudi royal family, which has refused to comment on the matter. The case is not receiving press attention inside Saudi Arabia.

    Justice David Bean told the killer, Prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al Saud, that no man, even a royal, was above the law. He said it would be wrong for him to allow the prince’s royal status to influence the severity of the sentence.

    The judge said Saud had cruelly taken advantage of Abdulaziz before killing him in a rage.

    “You killed Abdulaziz in the course of a sustained and ferocious assault,” Bean said. “You were in a position of domination over him, as demonstrated both by the lift (elevator) incident and by the sexually explicit photographs you took of him, at some point prior to Feb. 15, which were found on your mobile phone. Abdulaziz was a vulnerable victim, entirely subjugated to your will. You were in a position of authority and trust over him which you exploited ruthlessly.”

    The sensational case featured CCTV images of the shaven-headed prince throwing punches at his aide in a hotel elevator — the basis of the prosecution claim that the suave playboy prince battered his servant in a rage following years of abuse.

    The attack left the aide’s ear swollen to three times the normal size and “beyond medical treatment.”

    Bean said the most chilling aspect of the case was Abdulaziz’s acceptance of the vicious beating.

    “He was so completely subservient to you that after being treated as a human punchbag he followed you meekly out of the lift,” the judge said, adding that Saud did not try to help Abdulaziz after inflicting fatal injuries and instead tried to concoct a cover story.

    “If you had any remorse you would have sought medical help immediately. But you were only concerned for yourself,” Bean said.

    The killing took place in their shared room at the Landmark Hotel in London on Feb. 15.

    Prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw described an extravagant lifestyle with a dashing prince who lived the luxury life — dining in fine restaurants and receiving erotic massages from a masseur who compared him to Hollywood actor Omar Sharif. Laidlaw described the prince as sadistic and abusive.

    “Beneath the surface this was a deeply abusive relationship which the defendant exploited for sadistic reasons, for his own personal gratification,” he said.

    Jenny Hopkins, head of the Homicide Unit for the Crown Prosecution Service in London, said after the sentencing that Saud had tried to portray the victim as his equal and his friend but that witnesses testified that Abdulaziz was a servant engaged in a sexual relationship with the prince.

    Saud did not flinch as the judge described the injuries he had inflicted on the “subservient” Abdulaziz.

    His father, Prince Abdulaziz, looked on gravely from the public gallery.

    Saud originally told police that he and Abdulaziz had been drinking champagne into the early hours of the morning, and that when he awoke at 3 p.m. he could not rouse Abdulaziz.

    Prosecutors said Abdulaziz was killed between 1:40 a.m. and 2:40 a.m. and that the prince spent the next 12 hours on the phone trying to figure out what options he had.

    The jury had deliberated just 95 minutes before returning its verdict. The prince was convicted of both murder, which took place in the hotel room, and a second count of inflicting grievous bodily harm stemming from the earlier attack in the elevator.

    Jurors rejected a claim by his defense lawyer, John Kelsey-Fry, that the prince was guilty only of manslaughter.

    The prince’s grandfather is the half brother of the current Saudi king.

    Peter Tatchell, a gay rights activist who works with Make Justice Work, a penal reform group, said he was pleased the prince was not allowed to evade justice by claiming diplomatic immunity.

    He said that if Saud is ever released from prison he would likely seek asylum in Britain rather than return to Saudi Arabia, where homosexuals receive harsh treatment.

    “He’s also likely to be at risk of severe retribution for bringing disgrace to the Saudi royal family,” Tatchell said.

    Since the prince’s arrest, Saudi officials have said nothing about the case, and Saudi newspapers and television have not even mentioned it, a sign of how embarrassing the trial has been for the royal family.

    Media in the kingdom strictly avoid any discussion of the private lives of members of the royal family — particularly if they would be cast in a negative light.

  94. I have my ambition to spend the rest of my life in saudiarabia through special permission by the Custodian of the two holy mosque.I tried my best to contact the King but it does not look as easy as it seem to be easy.
    The sentenced of the prince is lawfully a good example set by the british court and as human catastrofy he should be given a severe punishment as our islam does not distinct between prince and a common man

  95. Dear King Abdulllah,
    I know in Saudi Arabia there will never been justice to common peoples likes us mostly from Asia. I have asked my right for living or right that I have entitled to you as I heard you are fair in dealing anything comes to your hand. But now that I learn there is no law which justify our right regarding our case and grievance in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as I have filled my petition to your Royal court in Riyadh two three times and only I received is word of promises which never fulfilled all these 6 years durations. And I would like to inform those who willing to go and work in Saudi Arabia is that they will use your potential, efforts and creativity unless you are useful to them. But if you fail to give them in future when you have get victim of any illness or serious problem they will dump you like you never exists to them by ignoring all the claim you make unless your government is powerful enough to back you up like some western nations. What a pity that places where most holy shrines of Islam located more hypocrites they becomes that I could bet on.

  96. In the name of allah most benefical and merciful………

    Mohammad is the messenger of allah …

    fatima Zehra is daugther of him… so why her grave has been demolised ………

    can you make me understand …………..

  97. Dear King Abdulla,
    As I think you have probably thought whatever I try to seek through you is not means of true in sense of my past employment in your country but for that reasons I will like here to give my permanent address and my contact numbers that your officials could directly contact through it and I will give my proof of present in working that country for 12 year and if all my accusations and claims are false I would like to face any trial according to International law but if I were true on my claim then you should justify my cause which is 6 year in a row.
    Prabal Rai
    Address: 132/4 Balkot V.D.C. Bhaktapur, Nepal

    Tel: 00977-1-6636291(Home)
    00977-9808354837 (Mobile)

  98. to: King Abdullah
    I have read that you have passed on. I hope this is not true. Mr. Arafat told me during his life time that my relationship with the Saudi royal family was just a joke and he went on to explain with a story shown on the Carrol Burnnet show and which was very funny. My life will be too quiet. My dad was upset when my mother’ father passed on as he then had no-one to argue with.
    I hope old age found you in relative good health. Sometimes one pays a high price in their old age for their life style in their youth. God bless you and your family.
    Sincerely, Mary Alraish.

  99. Dear King Abdullah,
    I have read that you have passed on. I hope this is not true. This is the fate of every human and is always a loss. My life will be too quiet if this is true. Mr. Arafat told me once that my relationship with the Saud family was only a joke and he went on to show me a story from the Carrol Burnnet show and the skit was very funny.
    I hope old age was kind to you and with happiness with your friends and family and children.
    Sincerely, Mary Alraish

  100. Do this ever read by king Abdullah?

  101. No this is just a blog. The king is NOT reading this. It’s only imaginary: ”what would you write if….”

  102. Dear Sirs,
    I would like to extend my sorry to the “Dark Prince” and who is a younger son of King Abdullah. I apologize that I do not know his name. I am sorry that you have to suffer this loss of your father. I assume that this information is correct.
    I also wanted to add that since my relationship with your family has been a joke due to the efforts of your uncle the late King Fahd and I have no idea why this is even possible that never help anyone in my family and expecially anyone that my sister brougth home from the Middle East as their only interest is family funerals. They will tell you that the interest is political and this bull crap.
    It is too quiet without your father. I wish you a happy life. Sincerely, Mary Alraish.

  103. MARY ALRAISH, on April 2, 2011 at 10:19 pm said: Dear King Abdullah, I have read that you have passed on. I hope this is not true

    OMG! Is the saudi king dead? I haven’t seen or heard this news, either in the mainstream or off-
    stream media. Where did you read this news about the king passing on? Are you saying that the saudi govt is hiding such news of significance?

  104. I thought from this blog King will listen my plight as I was suffering due to Saudi Labor ministry officials not giving final verdict to my case I filled to them three times through Saudi Royal courts. What a pity it just end up like joke for me What the hell poor me. I thank you all Saudi for being so merciful throughout these times for not listening my plight. Does Islam mean only for Jihad not to justify others griefs?
    Prabal Rai

  105. Dear American Bedu

    I read your blog constantly:) I like many before me will insha allah marry a saudi man. I am sorry about the death of your husband may Allah be merciful to him. I just want to say how sorrry I am that people lost focus in actual post and that the haters and non haters took over your wall. I also find it fascinating that everyone can only focus on this issue when there are graver issues in the world that should be addressed. The millions of people that starve to death every year which could easily be fixed every people weren’t so selfish. The murders of thousands by again selfish people who only seek power and control. I just want to say that Allah knows All and Sees all so you all may talk but it will not change a thing. May Allah punish those who do harm to others. By the way I do believe that the Islam that a muslim man whether he be arab or not can marry a women who pleases him. However I do see why the saudi have these rules in place even though like u they affect me also. But insha allah one day it will be easier for people like me and you.
    :) have a wonderful day and take care

  106. Subject: Immigration for Humanitarian Case Born in Jeddah Saudi & Granting Saudi Nationality with Royal Permit
    Your Majesty, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,
    Kind Abdulallah Ibn Abdullaziz
    Assalam Alaykum Ramatullahi wa Barakatuhu,
    First of all I feel honored to be given the opportunity to write to the King through this channel I thank you.
    Your majesty I write to you as I strongly believe that Saudi Arabia is the kingdom of humanity provides humanitarian support and assistance throughout the globe
    I have always admired your kind help to the ones less privileged people everywhere regardless of origin, nationality, religion, race, gender or age

    I’m Egyptian nationality, 47 years old, working for one of the largest food company in the world and in Egypt as sales director for north east African region, I’m married with two boys, one of them is mentally disorder “down syndrome disease”, born in Jeddah in 1993, as you know your majesty when the infirmity hits a kid it also hit the whole family. In the developing countries the facilities to contain such cases is almost missing, over and above with distressful manners & mindset of the people, this behavior increases the risk and possibility of capture him for sexual abuse/ harassment or commit fraud him away from our district to use him in the begging, which is daily accidents we read in the newspapers with normal kids not against mentally disorders, so you can image the case with people with special needs.
    Your majesty I understand that my request straight to you is extraordinary & bold, however this courageous came as result of my trust that Saudi kingdom has enough room for humanitarian cases

    Your Majesty I’m not asking for monetary support or Job as I’m skilled worker as mentioned above therefore I do expect your kind guardianship & let us be part of the Saudi nation, I assure you that I will not be drone but on the contrary I will be very good contributor to the American nation with my good experience I had from working more than 20 years in multinational companies.

    God bless all of you.

    Best Regards

    Magdy Ismail

    Address 9, El Daly Street of el Arish Street El Harm – Giza Egypt

    Floor 4 flat Number 10

    Mobile Phone +201082222020, Home +2027445353

  107. All from my experience in Saudi I found out what I heard in everywhere as “Be merciful to others and Allah will be merciful to you” is a total lies of their inhumane nature of this country. They are all liars and slave for the Western allies and afraid of them. As because previously same case filled by the Western national is justified and given verdict in his favor and paid million dollars in compensations. Where as for Asian nationals like us I have try to seek my justice for 6 year but they stay deaf and mute spectators by giving only word of promise which never come true . I even pledge to his Majesty Royal court for three times and forwarded to labor ministry all goes in vain. This is the nations with great lies and nothing is done by the Islamic sharia rules. Allah is never been true to them because they are liars.

  108. Dear King Abdullah… We are the employees of Petromin Express under the Petromin Corporation.Later, you announced at Arab News news paper that “all” of the employees of Petromin Corporation must Recieved a Two Months Salary Bonus.Our Company said that we are not included.Is there a exceptional to your announcement? We a action to our situation…Thank you King Abdullah..God Bless Always..

  109. Hello dear king and king’s agents.. michael c hecht here again! you guys in good health? do you guys ever use the royal terminal in the eastern province? can I stay there awhile? does it have satellite ? I helped start it up, years ago….! if you cannot send help, can you send guns ? maybe tnt sticks? and the like? I think it is certain bechtel personnel that do not like me as I made them clean all the rest rooms at kfia before it opened but I am not sure, but they looked like THEY WANTED ME DEAD… I wrote and sent in a USA patent on a new type of collider, a fusion hit collider called the “Hecht Fractional Batch fusion plant,” a water cooled system only description that was provisionally approved by the USA patent office, current status unknown, I AM NOT CLOSE TO MY FAMILY ANYMORE AND THEY DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME !! MEANING A BROTHER ETC…so… except to say, that in Nov of 2009 was when I was supposed get a final approval notice and that is when I got hit by a RPG like device near Sacramento, California and every six months or so, I GET HIT AGAIN ! although now it is generally chemicals in coffee meant to kill me…. well you get the general idea.. I won’t kill anyone if I am sure they are the enemy,, my mailing address is michael hecht, 3183 wilshire blvd £ 196-K51, los angeles, ca 90010 can you help ?
    sent guns and tents ! I will do the rest ! I am a jokester, but I am serious about the attacks I just don’t know WHAT to do ! may allah bless bye


  111. To Whom it may concern
    On my behalf of Dr. Mahmood from Pakistan, Rawalpindi age 56. I want to appeal to the King of Saudi Arabia. He is a very loyal doctor to our city. He is Paraylzed from a tragic accident. He was shot in the lower half of his body. He also has black cancer and bed soars. He’s almost to his end and we just need help and we have hope that Red Cross will help. Its in Gods hands but Im sure that someones there who will help us. He has an interesting life. We will be thankfull for life if he can recover. My request is if could get any help to recover this poor man. Many thanks
    Contact us at:

    Muhammad Zaman

  112. You must offer responses to the data being inquired like mail address,
    complete name along with your desired policy type.
    While driving, the owner is also responsible for the security of the fellow passengers.
    Driving a motor vehicle without having any insurance in place is definitely a driving offence which is certainly one that
    you should try your very best not to be guilty of but yet is rather simple
    to be in default of.

  113. To whom it may concern i am a widow living in saudia arabia jeddah my husband died on 27 august 2012 and i am living here in jeddah from 22 years i want to appeal to king of saudia arabia i have 4 childrens one son three daughters they born and brought up here in jeddah we dont have any future in pakistan we dont have our own house we dont have any source of income my realitives are also not good their behaviour toward me and my children is very bad this is my request that i want to live here in saudia arabia i am a very poor and helpless women so i want king abduallah to help us beacuse he always help poor and the needy please give us permission to live here in jeddah may god bless you with lots of happiness i have many more problems to tell you but i cant tell you here so please give us any email address so we can send an email to king abduallah or any postal address so we can forward an letter to king my contact number is 0561681525 please contact us as soon as possible

  114. to,
    Majesty the king
    custodian of two holy Mosques
    kingdom of Saudiarabia
    I would like to you with regards to my difficulties i am through. Please send me a mail adress /postal that i could send you in detail.
    My email

  115. Your Majesty, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,

    I have watched from my home in America as you have led the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2005. I am very impressed by the kindness you have bestowed upon your people and the world at large. You have encouraged a great deal of progress and positive change in a short amount of time. I have never been King, but I imagine, it is an extremely demanding job. You make creating difficult balances look easy.
    I was inspired to write to you because of the kindness and compassion I observed in your heart. As I type this letter, I can feel how broken my heart is. I must tell you I fell in love with a Saudi man who was studying in the United States. I was so interested in learning more about your culture and the Islamic faith. I applied myself and tried to understand as much as I could. After September 11th there were a lot of unfair and incorrect stereotypes regarding Muslims and the Saudi Arabian people. I wanted to cultivate a relationship that would bring our cultures together and foster unity despite differences. I am sad to say I could not.
    My love’s mother told her son we could never get married, she would not even consider it. I begged him to let me meet her, to let me go to Saudi Arabia to convince her but it was not possible. All of my love’s friends became my friends. Yet, I was never allowed to meet their sisters and they never mentioned me to their family despite my efforts to be a good friend while they were in the United States. I felt as if I was not a real person to Saudi Arabia. As an American, a woman, and a Christian I felt so unwanted by your country. Great King, I love this man so much. It made me want to change the world. It made me realize how unfortunate it is that humanity has divided and separated itself in so many ways.
    I hope that you will continue and expand the work you started with King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue. It is extremely important that we understand each other as humans. We are children of Abraham. My family and my country embraced this wonderful Saudi man. Yet, the rejection I experienced left a deep wound on my heart, on my soul. I hope it will not always be this way.

    Most respectfully yours,

    My father wants to meet you. He is trying alot to contact you but unfortunately he can’t contact. kindly for Almighty ALLAH contact me on my email address. im anxiously waiting for your response. ALLAH bless you always

  117. Asalamu Alaikum, King Adullah,
    i hear you are ailing, may Allah grant you peace from any illness, and may you find happiness next to your loved ones, including your servants that love you.

    Alhumdulillah, I reverted Feb. 2004, I truly wish the best to you and your family, and i do understand the consequences related to many of the much disliked sharia laws, and of the oppressive behavior towards some of your people.

    But as a muslim woman who grew up in the west I feel sad to hear about women fighting for what I believe are stupid wants of equality.
    We women are equal to men ,but we are different then men, that difference should be noted as a great alliance to a woman’s husband, that equality is to help as wives give free opinions,have rights as humans, we have feelings, we get hurt, just as a man would hurt to see his wife love another man, even if it were allowed.

    The rights that should be fought for is to be free of domestic violence, our beloved prophet Muhammed pbuh, said those among best are the ones that treat their wives with kindness, women gain weight when sad lacking affection from her husband, kind words, and much noted intimate time with her husband as stated in Quran, a woman is like a flower without water she will start to wilt.

  118. Your Majesty
    I contact your majesty after the whole world became so tight for me I was the general manager of big travel agent in Egypt but now I reached for the limit which I couldn’t feed my children
    your majesty I need badly your help by finding any job for me I am sorry your majesty for disturbing but your majesty is the last hope

  119. Your majesty my phone number is 00201200227000

  120. To

    His majesty King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud
    The Prime minister
    The custodian of two holy mosque
    Kingdom of saudi Arabia
    Your Majesty,
    I would like to inform you for my personal plight regarding my
    injustice through the Saudi company since from 2006 and even I have
    file my complain to Saudi labor ministry three times and Nepal embassy
    in several times to follow up my plight and try to help me get justice
    from their side but in return what I only get is promises and of hopes
    from their side, which never have been fulfill until now. Even I file
    to Saudi Royal courts to address my plight to his Majesty in behalf,
    as one of the Saudi Royal courts officials call me back and he said my
    case is forwarded to Saudi labor ministry and wait for the verdict.
    And now as for 8 years time none of the Saudi Labor ministry
    authorities nor our Nepal embassy officials try to contact me even one
    time. I have worked previously for Herfy Food company Pvt. ltd. in
    Saudi Arabia as restaurant supervisor for 12 years and unfortunately I
    got victims of serious illness like right side cerebral hemorrhagic
    stroke due to hypertension. And then I was hospitalized on 3rd May,
    2005 in Obeied specialized hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for two
    weeks. After that company wish to send me in medical discharge
    promising further assistance from company side and re-employment if I
    was willing to work back in verbal promises. Later I found none of
    their promises is in true sense, as I try to write high official of my
    former company several times and remind them of their promises by
    email, faxes and by postal mail. Every times they failed to entertain
    or try to notice my call, as they totally ignored my side like I was
    never been part of their company before.
    And all I want is to help from your side to let the Saudi government
    re-open my case and try to compensate me with my rights and welfare
    according to International labor law by respecting my rights to
    provide it. Even they are not able to do so, then I like to tell that
    Saudi government should let me employ in Saudi embassy in Kathmandu in
    humanitarian assistance to help me settle my life that owe to their
    country servicing all those 12 years of times before.

    Prabal Rai

    Tel: 00977-9808354837 (Mobile)
    00977-6636281 (Nepal)

  121. Hello king abdulla my name mustafa same one coming to my dream no leave me a lone told me to tell you to make around I tell him what those it mean but I waking up its 3 night you been coming to my dream. For 3 days I no sleep good.

  122. Assalam Alaikum……
    kindly help me finding the email of the honourable and so respected King of Saudi Arabia.

  123. Asalam o alikum sir I am working in samama company in this company managers treat them like animal to all workers they take overtimes but not give us overtime money I am working here in 900sr only in Labours when they take interview in Pakistan they said me that after 3mounts your salary becomes 1200sr now I spend 1year and 3mounts here
    where is the justice in ur country I have never find any any justice in ur country.this is the muslim country and u r king also muslim why ur justice only for ur peoples is that said to b hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H. no this not justice that help urs citizens except other people those who left there families and come here for work
    I think these people are fool to come here and I am one too between them this country was the beginning of justice but now not anything is like justice there if u have anything suggeste this is my no.0594617145

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