Saudi Arabia: Abdullah and Signs from God?

Do YOU believe in signs?  Do YOU believe that God or Allah may send messages to us through signs?  Do YOU believe that a loved one who has passed could send a sign to let you feel loved or give hope?  I’m still thinking hard on my own feelings and views on the topic.  However on Friday, 21 May, as I participated in an American Cancer Society, Relay for Life event, I did feel close to Abdullah.  I certainly felt that his aura or presence was there.  Why, you may likely ask?

Abdullah always enjoyed music and as a couple during our all too short life together, we had our favorite songs.  Some I would sing to him, some he would sing to me and others we would sing together.  During the Relay for Life I attended there was a band which played for several hours.  Was it a coincidence or not that the band played the top three songs Abdullah and I enjoyed most as a couple?

The first song the band played was Eric Clapton’s, Wonderful Tonight.  I sang this song to Abdullah many times starting from when we first met in Pakistan up to just before he passed away, even changing the words at times to be more reflective of us as a couple.  I’d inject a few “Habetek habibi” (I love you my love) into the words and Abdullah’s piercing brown eyes would darken so much with emotion they looked to be jet black.

The second song was Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler.  This beautiful song we would sing to each other and insisting that the words were meant for the other.  My proud Saudi husband’s eyes would pool up with tears of emotion when he heard this song.

And the last one the band played and sang was the old favorite by Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World.”  When I heard it at the Relay for Life while walking around the track, all I had to do was close my eyes and I could envision Abdullah clearly as he would sing that song to me and always make me smile and feel all was great with life.  We did indeed have a wonderful world together.

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  1. I absolutely believe that! What a wonderful story, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence, he was there in spirit.

    My mom sends me hearts. We talked about it before she passed, and sure enough, I get the sign. They have come in different forms, from kids neckalaces my boys won in a claw machine, to a dried up clementine peel, or leaves. When in Saudi, I was upset about being there shortly after she died, and when we checked into our furnished apartment, the majlis cushion had a date in the shape of a heart smashed into it! Another time we were in Qassim, riding out to the dunes to take pictures. We stopped in a random area, and when I got out of the car there was a heart-shaped basket in the sand. I took it as a sign that it was ok, and it was where I was supposed to be at that time.
    Thanks for sharing your story, it is a great comfort to feel our loved ones around us still!

  2. Such a beautiful post Carol, brought tears to my eyes.
    I believe Abdullah was there with you, giving you strength and hope. One day inshallah you will be reunited and you can once again sing those songs together:) and inshallah that world will be even better for the both of you!
    I am sure Abdullah is very proud of how strong you are, and he wants you to keep fighting!

    May Allah be merciful on him and grant him paradise.

    You are in my prayers..take good care Bedu❤

  3. What a beautiful post. I’m so glad you shared these lovely thoughts!

  4. Yes Bedu, he was right there beside you, I surely believe so. Its the strength of his love for you- he’ll always be in your heart and soul.

  5. Abdullah has become an angel and is watching over you!

  6. Such a lovely reminder that whom we hold dear to us in life never leaves. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I do believe. We are all energy and the physical form may no longer be there, but I am sure his presence is. I receive signs all the time and they are like gifts. Some people choose to ignore them; I am glad that you are finding them.:)

  8. A really touching post.

    I think that being so close to Abdullah and he being constantly on your mind, may have given you that spiritual connection. At an emotional moment, it is likely to feel the presence of a close loved one.

    I am sure that while you were there, your thoughts were with Abdullah and those thoughts were as if a signal to him. It would be so comforting to think that his thoughts were on you at the same time. You both were one at that moment.

  9. @Carol,

    I think you can definately feel the presence of people who have passed away. I think dreams are a way that God communicates with people (the prophet Joseph for example) and in this way we can also communicate sometimes with those who have passed on.

    A couple of years ago i went to visit my grandmother a few months after my grandfather passed away. Overnight i had a dream that he was walking along the road shopping with me although we did not speak. I didn’t mention it to anyone as i didn’t want to upset my grandmother.

    The next day i went shopping with my grandmother and as i hadn’t brought her a present i went off alone to buy something. I had literally two or three minute in one or two shops to grab something.

    When my grandmother saw them she said ‘Your grandad must have been with you – I’ve been wanting these two particular things for months and asking everyone to look for them when we are out’. She was really pleased.

    I’m sure some my think it is a coincidence but i think not. I think there is life after death where we will be reunited with those we have loved in this world.

    God bless you Carol and help you through all your difficult times.

  10. Beautiful post, Carol! I am a big believer in signs! I’ve often found answers to my prayers in signs.

    Kristine, your story is so beautiful!

    I definitely believe that loved ones send us messages through dreams. Recently, my husband’s grandmother passed away. My older daughter was quite upset, because she hadn’t seen her for a long time. After a couple of nights, she had a dream that she visited her and they were laughing and talking. She couldn’t even remember what the conversation was about, but she woke up feeling at peace.

    Signs like this are a big reason why i know there is a Higher Power.

    Also, thanks for reminding me of those great songs, Carol. Going to go put them on the ipod now!:)

  11. Thank you everyone for the beautiful comments.

  12. carol , your stories are always beautiful and you always
    write them very beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  13. Carol, he is watching over you and with you.

  14. Absolutely, 100% believe in signs from God! As my son puts it, “there are no coincidences in life”. Everything happens for a reason!

    I am sure he was with you and he will always be with you in spirit! Thank you for sharing this story! May God give you strength and the patience always.:)

  15. Thank you, Mariam, Wendy and Manal.

  16. I definitely believe that ALLAH works in mysterious and beautiful ways. Insha’Allah you will both be reunited together in Paradise and live in perfect bliss forever, Ameen!

  17. I believe that Allah gives us these signs and messages. “Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope.” (2:286) When you feel like you can no longer go on, Allah may send something which gives you hope.

    May Allah grant you and your husband Paradise. And may He give you patience and strength.

  18. i do believe in signs:)
    how beautiful! i’m so happy that you did the relay.

  19. Allah is helping you I know. I pray you will always feel close to Abdullah and Allah. He is helping me through my grief of breaking up with my Middle Eastern husband. I am heartbroken and trying to get through each day, but I do not know what Allah has planned for me next. I cannot turn away from men, as I truly wish one day maybe, inshaallah, he will send me my special man.

  20. One thing I must say I feel about you and your beloved husband is that nothing takes away the love and feelings for each other. I wish I had words to comfort you and I am a person who feels other peoples pain and I can feel yours from America to New Zealand. My only strength in my life comes from Allah. When I feel I cannot stand anymore, he is there to guide me and maybe use someone to show me that there is comfort from adversity. I pray you will recover and build your life again. Its easy to say to someone I know, but up is the only direction.

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