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There’s a new blog and website that has been launched with a unique emphasis on Saudi.  This site is called Saudi Life.  One of the creators of Saudi Life took the time to answer some questions for American Bedu and followers about this new interesting site.

Since when has Saudi Life been established?

The website was conceptualized in the later half of 2009. was initially meant to be a full-fledged online news publication. It was up in Dec. 2009. But a lack of the humongous amount of resources required for such a project made it extremely difficult for Saudi Life to stay alive. So in February 2010 it was decided to turn it into a multi-authored blog that is also a community portal for Saudi expatriates.

What is the concept and objectives behind the establishment of Saudi Life?  How is Saudi Life different from other web sites or blogs which focus on Saudi Arabia?

The idea is to render something useful for the society. Saudi Life hopes to leave no stone unturned Insha Allah to become a source — a platform — that will be extremely beneficial, something that people cannot do without. The day it becomes counter-beneficial, that will be its end.

I believe Saudi Life will be different because it hopes to reflect the pulse of Saudi society. As one would notice, the writing style is distinctively Muslim. This, I hope, will give readers a better, and a closer to home, understanding of Saudi Arabia.

I understand that Saudi Life is maintained by a team.  Can you explain how that works?  How are responsibilities divided? How was the team selected?

Yes, it’s a team that I hope will continue to grow Insha Allah. Right now, we have one person to take care of the technical side, rest are writers and moderators. There are core members and advisors too. The most difficult part is to build a talented team that’s united for a common purpose. I hope Saudi Life gets its share of human resources.

What kind of services and information does Saudi Life offer?

For now, there’s not much to impress. Yet there’s one unique feature that will prove beneficial as more members sign up. That’s “Community”. Members of different expertise and professions in Saudi Arabia will be easily reachable Insha Allah. If, for instance, I need to consult a doctor on where I would find good treatment for a particular case, or I need advice from an IT geek on where I would find high-end software in KSA, I could look up in the community and email the appropriate person. There’s also provision for Classifieds and Forums.

In the future, there’s going to be more Insha Allah.

What is the mission statement of Saudi Life?  

We haven’t really written a mission statement. But Insha Allah it’s to seek the pleasure of God Almighty.

One more thing important about Saudi Life is that it will have minimum space for politics. It has no intention of joining any political cult that seeks to influence policy or otherwise. So it’ll have little tolerance for propagandists. It’s a website by real people for real people:)

Who do you think will benefit most from following Saudi Life?  Saudi nationals, expat nationals or those who follow from outside of the Kingdom?

Expatriates in Saudi Arabia, then may be those who are interested in coming to Saudi Arabia. Of course, this doesn’t mean it is exclusive for them. It is only an understanding of who the audience will be.

Is Saudi Life meant to take the place of other blogs or web sites about Saudi?  If so, how?  And if not, how does it supplement and provide information not presently available?

Saudi Life is not here to threaten any blog or website. In fact it may end up doing the opposite. It may bring to shore many, many more bloggers, and many more voices. Anyone can contribute an article by sending it to admin [at] saudilife [dot] net. There are people who want to write, but they may not have the technical expertise or the time to set up a blog. And even if they do, who will read them unless the blog is popular?

So Saudi Life will make it easier for them to reach their target audience by taking care of all those technical issues they have to worry about. Writers can do just what they love doing! If a blogger contributes an article, Saudi Life would append the article with two-line information about the blogger.

Information, as you know, has no limit. So there’s never saturation. Moreover, Saudi Life will also make access to information easier with better technology Insha Allah.

Where do you hope to see Saudi Life in five years?

I don’t know. I hope it will become Saudi Arabia’s No.1 web portal Insha Allah.

Are there any additional comments or statements you’d like to add?

Yes, I’m extremely pleased to announce on American Bedu that readers can look forward to American Bedu’s exclusive articles on (yes, she is willing to :)). I was very happy to read that from you Carol, thank you. So everybody subscribe to Saudi Life now! Also, do sign up and help build our own virtual community in Saudi Arabia.

Thanks for taking the time to share this information on Saudi Life with American Bedu and followers.

Thank you.

9 Responses

  1. Yes I know about this blog. It’s a good idea.

  2. Thank you so much:)

  3. Yes I read some of the posts on there. I like how the authors try to find the positive aspects of things. Well done.

  4. Sounds like a great idea. Just hoping when you have more than one author on a blog…one doesnt get pushed out and all her hard work gone cause of a little one up manship that always prevails…”doing it for the sake of Allah” or not…we still need to keep a sense of fairness when there are multiple bloggers to one blog.

  5. Carol- Welcome on board Saudi Life!

  6. Sorry Bedu, I hope I’m wrong about this but I think this site has lifted one of your articles. I could not remember how you titled the article nor the date you wrote it so wasn’t successful in finding it in your archives. I honestly do recall reading this article on your website. It even has the same picture.

    I commented on this link but was informed I was mistaken.

    What do you think?

    Allah knows best and I’m sorry if I’m wrong but plagiarism is a serious matter.

  7. You know on second thought…

    I want to apologize to Saudi Life if I am wrong. I do read a lot about Saudi so it is very possible I have confused the two sites. Perhaps I initially read this article on Saudi Life and confused it with Bedu’s site.

    I will be more careful in the future before claiming someone has plagiarized.

    Allah knows best.

  8. Anebu,

    Most of the sites which write about Saudi will probably overlap on the various topics that are known to be of interest. I appreciate your diligence. Saudi Life is doing very well with a great team of writers. I also write an article for Saudi Life when it was initially getting launched. I am confident the team from Saudi Life would never lift or plagiarize from other sites.

    Best Regards, Carol

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