Saudi Arabia and its Caviar Industry

I enjoy investigating and researching the various industries in Saudi Arabia.  Last month in January postings it was a pleasure to write about Saudi Arabia’s growing prawn industry which in turn led me to queries on whether Saudi Arabia had its own caviar industry.  Normally when thinking about caviar the first country which comes to my mind is Iran.  However, Saudi Arabia did not disappoint me.  Saudi Arabia has its own Caviar Court, based out of Damman.

Caviar is referred to by its connoisseurs’ as black gold and can be presented in the most appealing and appetizing of displays.  For those not aware, genuine caviar is made out of the fish, sturgeon roe.  Sturgeon evolved from the ancient chondrostean fish about 200 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the surface of the earth.  Therefore it is not surprising to learn that the evolution and production of caviar has a rich history behind its creation.

Initially individuals depended on nature as the only source of caviar.  However as Caviar Court advises on their web site, they have become one of the pioneers to now provide the finest of caviar through innovations of modern technology.  According to Caviar Court, “The water in the systems undergoes serial stages of treatment that include mechanical filtration, violet infra rays, biological reaction filtration, aeration and disinfection. This approach guarantees complete isolation from harmful environmental factors such as pollution and infection. Al Faris Caviar Aquaculture boasts a “state of the art” caviar and fish processing plant.”

In addition to its finest caviar, Caviar Court also offers among its products sturgeon fillet, hot smoked sturgeon, cold smoked sturgeon, fish sausages and hotdogs.

Never underestimate Saudi Arabia and its growth industries.  As I have learned, there are many endeavors and opportunities to acquire the finest of “Made in Saudi” products.

3 Responses

  1. Really?

    I’ve never even *heard* of Saudi Caviar, let alone seen it. Do you know where’s its available to buy?

  2. I would suggest contacting Caviar Court and asking where they distribute to in KSA:


    *P.O. Box 12672 Dammam 31483 KSA Tel.: +966 (3) 8374444 Fax: +966 (3) 8377770 **Website:*** * E-mail: * ** * * **

  3. I think of Russia when I think of caviar!
    I had no idea of was produced in KSA!!!

    I don’t like it though….

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