Saudi Arabic for December 2009

Since hospitals and medical treatments are a focal point of my life now, I decided to conclude 2009 monthly Arabic with the types of doctors.  This will aid those who are in Saudi and do not have Arabic but requesting a specialist or vice versa for those Saudis outside of the Kingdom and need to know who to ask for:

General Practitioner (GP)    tabeeb aam

Specialist        akhisa’e

Consultant   istishary

Resident    muqeem

Surgeon   jarrah

Urologist   tabeeb al-amrad al-bawliyah

Orthopedic Surgeon   jarrah al-izam

ENT Surgeon  jarrah al-an’f, al-uzn, al-hunjrah

Eye Surgeon   jarrah al-oyuun

Gynecologist & Obstetrician   akhisa’e al-waledeh wu an-nisa’

Psychiatrist   tabeeb nafsani

Dentist   tabeeb as-naan

Radiologist   akhisa’e asha’ah

Pediatrician  tabeeb atfal


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