Adopt a Cat from Saudi Arabia

saudi cats Saudi Arabia simply abounds with hundreds if not thousands of stray cats when you think of the Kingdom as a whole.  And finally there is a very noble organization in Saudi , Saudi Paws, which is taking proactive action towards not only bringing attention to these cats but getting the word out that these cats are creatures deserving of loving homes.

First of all a group of volunteers, which includes dedicated veterinarians and cat lovers, have networked throughout the Kingdom to spread awareness of the need for the TNR (trap, neuter, return) of Saudi street cats.  This process makes a significant difference in decreasing the stray cat population in Saudi.  In essence stray cats are trapped which usually involves placing food inside a cat carrier.  The stray cat is usually always hungry and will enter the carrier to eat.  As it eats, the carrier door gets closed effectively trapping the cat inside the carrier.  At that point the cat can be taken to a vet where it is either neutered or spayed and receive other immunizations at that time too such as rabies, Feline AIDS and Feline Leukemia.  After the procedures are completed the cat is returned back to its “home turf” where it is then released.  saudi cat 2

While taking measures to decrease the Saudi stray cat population is important, perhaps even more essential is finding individuals who are willing to adopt a Saudi cat.  The Saudi cats are distinctive with their narrow delicate face and long thin tail.  I have personally experienced that if they are fed regularly they eventually start to relax their guard and like any creature come to enjoy being loved. Many of the cats saved by Saudi Paws volunteers are now in need of a loving home.  If you would be interested in adopting a cat from Saudi Arabia you can contact Saudi paws via their email:

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  1. i want to adopt some of them but my mother doesn’t agree and i can’t say no to my mom 😦

  2. I love animals, and I am surprised that there strays there in Saudi. Here in Turkey, it is the land of cats and nowhere to go. (Forget the shelters, they are horrible) I am happy to see there is an animal shelter and care for the rights for the furry lovie-dovies.

  3. @muse – if you cannot adopt there are ways you can volunteer and help out with Saudi Paws if you wish.

    @Jacee – if you do a search on my blog pertaining to Saudi cats you’ll see where I have written multiple posts about the thousands of stray street cats in the Kingdom. Yes…one will always see the stray cats but rarely any stray dogs. The only two times I’ve seen stray dogs have been in the desert.

  4. i saw that its a shelter for dogs too !
    do you know where they are? cause in in Riyadh and i seriously want to adopt:)

  5. @Anoud,

    I suggest that you email them directly.

    Regards, Bedu

  6. If you are in the Dhahran area and looking for a sweet young Saudi cat (Arabian Mau Mix) myself and Saudi Paws are trying to home the houseboy’s kittens. He didn’t get her spayed and now has beautiful Kittens he can’t care for. Paws is spaying his mother cat now and the kittens need homes. To see photos of them see my blog

  7. im am really interested in adopting a cat. i once found a friendly stray cat and i made it my pet but i kept it out of my house. but then i saw it got trapped in the same cage this website described. i thought they were ganna throw it away but im happy its in saudi paws.

  8. Hi Cloe and welcome! If you wish to adopt a cat, Saudi Paws is a good organization to contact.

  9. We live in Saudi and have adopted a BEAUTIFUL cat. The Arabian Mau, the “street cat” of the region, are natural purebreds because they only breed with other Maus and they are such adorable, friendly, and intelligent cats. I’ve never met a less standoffish cat:). You definitely want to get a young one, though. I wouldn’t recommend adopting an older street cat.

  10. I had a litter of 4 kittens orphaned (well the father was around) in my garden.) A rival female cat started hunting them- killing 2 before I trapped and “relocated” her. So I had two very frightened (also hungry) and unhandleable kittens. A couple months later- a male cat brought by another kitten and left her with mine. So then I had three! A year later and one is completely tame, her sibling loves to be pet but is skittish and might bite (not hard). Both love to sneak in the house. The third one spends most of the day watching us through the glass door and crying to us if we look at her. But if we open the door she usually hides a bit. Still very frightened and I wonder what may have happened before we got her.

    We have continuous issues with the other feral cats from the local colony. They come looking for food and the females try to chase out my kittens, more than the Toms- but I’ve had to trap and relocate one every 2-3 months. I can’t afford to spay and neuter all the cats of Jeddah, so that has been my solution.

    Oh my male cat is a big orange tiger cat. AND he gets an enormously poufy winter coat (because it gets so cold here?). Poor guy.

  11. I hear there are no street cats in vietnam. Maybe because they are part of a nutritious diet there. Where I live, in Aftrica, we eat the feces of each other instead.

  12. where can i find a toilet training system for cat.

    i’m in Dammam

  13. Hello there. I just happened by this site while searching for jobs. I am very interested in adopting maybe three cats and getting involved in your organization. Please email me. Thanks.

  14. Dear Friend,

    I need yr help.

    Some one dropped a kitten near my office in madinah, ksa. It seems around 10 days old. and may be it was pet coz it tries to catch humans.
    i gave milk but shez not taking. i am scared it might die if it didnt reach care.
    please some one from Madina help take this kitten to his home.

    i never had kittens so i hae no idea and i m a bachelor.

    contact me

  15. I want to adopt a cat ! In Riyadh but I don’t know where to go can someone help me ?

  16. i want to adopt a kitten i am living in 17 cross king khalid

  17. We just found a cat (possibly abandoned) with a collar on her out on the street. She followed us to the house. Very friendly. She is de-clawed so won’t be able to survive outside for very long. We can’t have her in the house as my wife is physically allergic to cats. Anyone interested, please email me at I am located in Riyadh, Sulemania District.

  18. hello
    im from saudi/dhahran
    i found a kitten at my door steps it seams the mom has left it there it seams like its 2 weeks old i don’t know what to do i cant take her in my husband is allergic and i don’t know anything about cat care where can i go or what can i do ????

    please if any one want this sweet kitten or can guide me to a shelter please contact me on


  19. i live in alkhobar
    and i would love to adopt a kittens
    if anyone can help me
    here is my email:

  20. if anyone wants some kittens or beautiful cats ( a nice tom cat and a gorgeous tortoiseshell female) plus 6 kids, or just some of the kids or just one? there are many at crown jeddah company, which is phase 3 industrial city, P.O box, 16626, Jeddah, 21474. tel : 2 636 1750 just ask to come and take a stray cat from the premises. they are strays on the site and i heard the company will be getting pest control to take them away, where?. it saddens me to see cats treated as pest!, they just need more neutering and a little control they are beautiful soul creature, plus they keep the rats and mice down!. i often prefer animals to human, they mean no harm and keep good company.

  21. Street cats usually can enter houses without permission and they are given food then they decide to leave after eating. Our religion command us to take of the cats because they are clean and peaceful. They are part of the houses. However, foolishly people tend to have fun of them. They kik them and hit them and toss them only foolish people do that I have seen very sad story of punishing cats. I hope people who do it STOP it actually it is TABOOED to harm animals in Saudi religion

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