Does it ever Rain in Saudi Arabia?


A lot of people are under the misimpression that  Saudi Arabia is all desert with no rain.  I’ve tried to dispel that perception with my monthly posts which feature different regions, areas, cities and towns in Saudi Arabia.

A few months ago a sudden rainstorm happened in Hail.  The video which I am sharing with this post illustrates not only how hard it can rain in Saudi Arabia but also how quickly a sudden rainstorm can lead to a flash flood.

A Saudi couple were trapped in their vehicle when it got caught up in the flash flood.  If not for the heroic efforts of two Saudi men who were on the scene at the time, the couple would have perished.  With no care for their own lives or safety the two men jumped into the rapidly flowing water and saved the couple from a certain death.

As word of the rescue traveled through the Kingdom these two men have been recognized and honored.  King Abdullah presented them with medals for their courage, Crown Prince Sultan gave them each a monetary award.  Last but not least, Prince Mohammed bin Naif (son of the Interior Minister) offered them each jobs with the Civil Defense.

Now that you know the background, here is the video which sparked these series of events:

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  1. is it river overflowing? the side road is in tact, whereas, the mud road is sliding. also, what is written in arabic?

    it is heartening to see that the car was snatched by the water and two people were rescued by good samaritans

    thanks of informative post :)

  2. It is amazing story. I think also the car slipped down dramatically because the guy opened the car’s door.

    I am not sure what will happen to the lady in the car if the religious police was patrolling the area. I think they will not allow the guy to approach the lady in the car because they did the same story when they intentionally obstructed the efforts to evacuate the fleeing girls from girls school in Makka after a fire sparking . This resulted in the increased number of casualties, 16 girls died in the school after the religious police blocked the entry of Civil Defense officers into the school.

  3. This video also begs the question – why was the car in the river in the first place? Trying to jump the queue, from the looks of things.

    There is a road on the left filled with cars that all appear to be perfectly safe. On the right there is a raging torrent. Most people would sit in the queue, but I suspect this person just had to try to edge past people on the little bit of road between the cars and the flooded wadi, something that put him and his family in great danger.

    It’s great that the two men rescued the occupants of the car – I wonder if the driver got in any trouble for driving like an idiot?

  4. Such acts of bravery should be rewarded since they helped out of sincerity. I was expecting only medals and some form of monetary reward but to be offered a job is surprising.

    While rain isn’t common in the Middle East, I’m not surprised if floods can happen because my dad did relate his experience of rain and flash flood in Mina (or was it Muzdalifah?) during the Hajj season. One word: chaos.

    I also agree with Medina’s comment. Already it gets onto my nerves to be reminded of what happened to the girls in Makkah being denied the chance to save their lives, I wonder if they would have done the same should they be nearby.

    Quick action saves lives and one shouldn’t hesitate to save another persons lives, even if he/she aren’t related.

  5. Having lived in Arizona for years I can tell you that sometimes people just act plain stupid around water. In the desert it doesnt rain that much, so when it does the ground reaches the maxim water absorbtion quickly. At that point all remaining water stays above ground and swells any river or creek beds.

    You can have a flash flood like this coming from a storm miles and miles away, so you see or have no rain, but the flood comes from a storm far away. Many people die this way every year.

    Also, people under estimate the force with which this water flows, so even a few feet of water can take off with even the biggest trucks.

  6. Medina I heard that story of the burning school and the religious police and I didn’t believe it,so it did happen.I’m shaking.

  7. Kudos to them and to all who rewarded them.

    Definitely life should come before hijab and segregation, especially in life threatening emergency situations. No doubt there are Quranic verses and hadith to support this,or just common sense about the preservation of the life of a muslimah being more important than the gender of her rescuer.

    Any actions to the contrary would prove the deficiencies of the Islamic knowledge of the one who thinks dieing in a fire is preferable to fleeing hijabless, or drowning is preferable while waiting for a female lifeguard, rescuer.

  8. “dieing in a fire is preferable to fleeing hijabless…”

    Dont forget…Muslim women are ALWAYS warned again and again about just how hot the fires of HELL are when complaining about the hijab or how hot it is to wear one…so theres that little incentive.

    btw is that a spelling mistake I see…hmmm?😉

  9. PS edit to comment to Coolred: “Emphasize that you are…” gr. no sp.

  10. im from saudi arabia and its raining right now … i mean alot of rain .. WELL it’s not only raining in eurape and whatever .. its raining here to .RIGHT Saudi Arabia is all desert but that dosent mean we dont have rain .. DON’T EvER THINK OF THAT .. we have rain desert snow storms and ..ect .. and yeah thanks of informative post (:

  11. Loly,

    I have heard that there has been unusual rain lately in KSA. I’m still in the USA so appreciate your update.

  12. Okay, this is really late. Very powerful video.

    I wonder if the reason behind them getting the jobs was that if they acted so selflessly and spontaneously, they would be good to have around in any crisis, especially one that might involve a country’s security.

    Btw, what is the song being played? It just sounded so mournful and sad and hauntingly beautiful, made me wonder how much the lyrics matched the events.

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