Favorite Bakeries in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


One thing about Saudi Arabia, it abounds with restaurants  and bakeries as well.  Since I did an earlier post https://americanbedu.com/2008/11/22/favorite-places-to-eat-in-riyadh-saudi-arabia/ on places to eat in Riyadh, in fairness I needed to write this post sharing information about favorite bakeries.


Naturally women the world over and Saudi women are no exception take great pride in making and serving their own special sweets and desserts.  But there are times when one needs and/or wants to rely on the services of a good bakery instead, especially if one is not a Julia Child in the kitchen!


One will see numerous sweet shops and bakeries and overall most are good and acceptable.  I’ve no qualms stopping at any bakery and getting some tasty sweets.  However my favorites are as follows:


Alkhozama  Hotel – the sweet shop in the Al Khozama hotel is well known for the best selection of freshly baked breads and in regards to its sweets, for its cheesecakes.  The cheesecakes at the Alkhozama hotel easily rival those from the Stage Deli http://www.stagedeli.com/   in New York City.


King Pastry – The King Pastry Bakery located on Takhusseessee Street not far from King Faisal Specialist Hospital is an incredible bakery.  Here is where one can find traditional, unusual and absolutely scrumptious desserts.  The majority of desserts from the King Pastry Bakery are works of art and look to good to eat!


Diplomat – The Diplomat Bakery is a Riyadh institution.  It has been around for many years and has provided reliable service and provides a wide variety of delicious sweets.


SaadUddin – SaadUddin has a reputation for its excellent traditional sweets and chocolates.  It also has catering services as well.

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  1. yum yum, I’ll have to visit some of those places soooooooooooooooooooooon…

  2. The photo reminds me of the bakery we used to go to, but I forget where it was. Lovely sweets! There is one just like it in Chicago, where we now go from time to time for specialty items.

  3. More pictures, please. (Can’t you tell I’m drooling?)

  4. AA- Carol,

    So Khozama has nice cheesecakes, eh? Thanks for the tip! Where exactly in the hotel is their sweetshop?

    And do your recommendations come with money-back guarantees? 😉

  5. Glad ya’ll are enjoying this post.

    Naeem – oh yes – Khozama has the best cheesecakes I’ve found in KSA. Their sweet shop is located within the main entrance of the hotel. In regards to their cheesecakes, ask what kinds they have (their chef is always making new creations) and do a special order – well worth it!

  6. uughhhh, hungryyyyyy!!!!

  7. Bedu- you always tempt me with the “see-food” diet…and I am veerrry allergic I will have you know…:)

  8. and this reminds me that I need to do a post soon with my kanafa recipe! (smile)

  9. Since I don’t eat rice at all, bread is my staple diet and now I can pile up one whole bakery full of breads I’d love to eat.

    Thanks for featuring this as I was about to ask you about bakeries in Riyadh. Thanks once again😉

  10. My pleasure Firdaus and please let me know how you enjoy the Al Khozama bakery and breads.

  11. Concerning Kunafa, have you ever tried the Kunafa with caramel — I’ve never:). My cousin told me that this Ramadan it was the new trend , and everyone liked it. I’ll give it a try in a matter of days inshallah, and I’ll let you know:)

  12. I’m not real impressed with the bakeries in saudi in fact I find most wanting. I do like SaadUddins chocolates, they are quite smooth and nice. Oasis compound here in the EP can do some beautiful cakes though.. had some of their chocolate moose cake last night mmm.. but overall bakeries in saudi I don’t find up to snuff.. i love fresh breads and soft pastries.. not too much sugar syrup which for whatever reason is a necessity in most saudi baking.

  13. Khalid – kanafe with caramel syrup? Hmmmm…sounds scrumptious!

    Nzingha – I can say that at least at Al Khozama the bread is freshly baked with tantalizing aromas coming forth from the shop!

    The places I mentioned are not the “typical” surgary sweets.

    I keep saying there is a market opportunity for an American style bakery. I do miss that it is not as easy to get old fashioned pies and cobblers here for example..in fact the lack thereof inspired me to bake my own again…(which my husband enjoys!)

  14. I think the bakeries here in Jeddah are great too. I noticed in America before we left to live here, bakeries seemed to be dying out and the big grocery stores bakery departments were taking over – and it’s just not the same. The bakeries here in Saudi Arabia are the real deal.

  15. you’re right…there were not as many bakeries in the USA as when growing up…although I’m still happy to say that in my little village in Pennsylvania the “Pie Shack” still exists and the pies are all made by various women in the village.

  16. any good place for muffins with frost?

  17. That picture says a thousand words….don’t come in unless you intend to gain a pound or ten! : ) ahhhhh And it puts Krispy Kreme donuts to shame.

  18. Susie- I lived in many states and found some wonderful backeries.. Jersey for their cookies and cakes..and we have a friend that has a homemade candy shop chocolate covered pretzles..mmmmm Chicago are had so many different backeries, best baklava I’ve had was in Chicago.. and canolies.. mmm man.. soo good. Louisianna had this cake place.. that oh my God was fabulous.. place was packed all the time. not to mention there was a pancake house in the chicago area that was soo good. mmm nothing like it. In Germany however I had the best breakfast pastries.. so light, just enough sweet and fresh fruits that made all the difference.

    we need to start a recipe exchange on our blogs about our best baked goods. I love for the kids to come home to freshly baked things.

  19. I hear that Riyadh Mom is back from her holiday. She makes the best baked goods in Riyadh!!

  20. I think I am out of my league here. While this article is focused on baked sweets.. I just want to note the most “must pick up breakfest from bakery” in Al Ahsa city.

    Al Jamaan bakery have been around for a long long while in Al Ahsa, they are pretty popular for their bread.. espcially for their verity sandiwches like zatar and labnah and the like. As soon as this bakery opens at the early morning it’s swarmed with people, sometimes before the sunrise even. Armaco employees traveling to their workplace out of town usually pick up their breakfast from there. I personally try to enjoy it whenever I have the chance.

    as for sweets bakerys.. I personally like Bayt Al Cake in our locale region.. they have wild choclate cakes.

  21. I am so enjoying hearing about the great places in other places and now know where to go for breakfast when visiting Al Ahsa — thanks DW!

  22. YUMMY!!! Middle Eastern desserts! Enough said! ; )

  23. Does anybody here know of a good gourmet bakery that I can place an order for a custom cake with over the phone and pay over the phone. I live in the US and the cake is a birthday surprise for my brother living in Riyadh… tried calling the sweet shop in Al-Khozama hotel and the guy there was laughing and said No.. No.. pls help!!!

  24. wow…that’s a tough one Saba not being local. What I suggest is if you email me (admin@americanbedu.com) and I can put you in touch with an individual I know who is a fantastic baker and see if she’d be willing to do this.

    Alternatively there is a cheesecake factory in Riyadh so you might be able to place an order through one near you and they in turn have the shop in Riyadh make and deliver….same applies to Baskins and Robbins.

  25. Nice to read everyones thoughts on baked goods.
    I am in Riyadh and I do bake cakes, cookies, muffins, gingerbread houses (x-mas time) and other creations I like to come up with my self. Anyone want anything email me at shazlight@hotmail.com if I am not booked up as sometimes there are many orders I will do my best to help out. These days my hands are full, I got some valantine (heart shape) cakes to do.

  26. Welcome Shaz and thank you! It’s good to know there is someone in Riyadh who does home baking.

  27. oh i hope u can help me find a bakeshop in khobar for my son’s first yr birthday.we’re just new here and i searched the net but hard to find one who specialize on birthday cakes.found “a cup of cake” and it looks very nice but need other cheap but good options.hope u have some suggestions.and if u know a bakeshop who print cakes with pictures that would be great. thanks for your help….

  28. Do you have a telephone number for King Pastry Bakeries please? Thank you

  29. @Imelda,

    I’m sorry I am not in Riyadh at the moment and unable to provide you with a number. I have their card in my rollodex but not with me in the States. However if you call STC information they may be able to provide it.

    Regards, Carol

  30. there’s a shop called al sham sweets in riyadh, provides yummmmmy cakes ..
    they serve weddings too i think.

  31. Hi! We will celebrate our 5th year anniversary this coming August , My boyfriend is currently working in Riyadh and i am here in the philippines. Im going to surprise him, birthday cake i guess, but dunno where to order online?I would really appreciate your reply. Thanks!!

  32. […] Arabia is known for its traditional desserts which typically use plenty of honey, pistachios and an abundance of sweetness.  Kunafa is probably […]

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