Saudi Girls and the Prince-a$$ Syndrome

I have a feeling this post will probably not make me very popular but at the same time, my regular readers know that I call it as I see it without mincing or softening words.  There is a phenomenon here in the Kingdom which I will refer to as the Prince-a$$ syndrome.  In the States one may make references to “beating or one-upping the Joneses’” whereas here so many young women want to be viewed like Princesses.  What does this mean?  In many cases these are young women who have no idea about learning values and responsibility.  Their main goal in life is to look beautiful, be perfectly groomed and wearing the latest fashions as well as sporting the recent trend in mobiles, handbags and other accessories.  Now there is certainly nothing wrong in this if a parent is able to afford it.  However what I object to is where I see families who should be allocating resources towards more necessary and needed items instead ensuring that their daughters (and the family) are saving face by having the young women maintain the image of wealth and prosperity.  These same young women usually have little to no chores to perform and therefore not learning responsibility or values.  When not with their friends they spend their spare time primping, playing on the internet usually with MSN messenger or watching music videos or Lebanese or Egyptian soap operas.


I feel like the culture makes these young women mature too quickly; mature too quickly in the sense they are allowed to wear clothes which are advanced for their age.  These are typically clothes which highlight and accentuate cleavage and normally accompanied by tight fitted jeans.  Of course the young women will also put on full make up, nail polish and perfume.  The “natural carefree” look of simply jeans and a t-shirt or other casual top is not adapted here.  It is unlikely one of the Prince-a$$ girls would be seen in such a look.


Part of where I have a conflict with this aspect of the culture is that I feel the look which is portrayed is contradictory to Islam as well.  Throughout the Quran, Islam promotes modesty.  It does not say a woman should be unattractive; in fact she is encouraged to be attractive to her husband and family.  But I wonder if the Prince-a$$ girls pass muster here?


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