Saudi Men and Beards

The same way some women may choose to veil and wear gloves, Saudi men will choose whether or not to have a beard.  My general understanding is similar to the woman who chooses to dress more conservatively indicating modesty and piousness, the Saudi men who grows a beard does so as well to indicate his devotion to his faith and that he is also a pious and religious individual.  The longer and more unkempt the beard, the more traditional and pious is the man.


I also went to the internet to see what information I would find on the subject of Muslim men and beards.  To my surprise, I found there is indeed a lot of information and most of it does encourage or in some cases command the Muslim man to grow a beard.


Some sites which go into detail on this topic include:  (What Islam Says about the Beard)  (Beards and Islam)  this link is interesting for it has photographs of widely known Muslim leaders who chose NOT to have a beard.  (Is Growing Beards Mandatory in Islam)  (Beards – Do We Have to Grow Them)


The majority of these sites say a beard is required but then some say that while there is nothing specific within the Quran that mandates a man to grow a beard, the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) requested men to grow beards and Muslims are instructed to follow the teachings and sayings of the Prophet.


So now it is confirmed men should have beards.  Then why do we instead see a lot of Saudi (and other) Muslim men without them?  If I am allowed to play “armchair psychologist” I believe it is not saying the man is not religious or does not have strong faith.  In many cases it is a matter of personal choice and preference; many man like to be clean shaven.  Many women also prefer to have a clean shaven husbands too.


And of course, hand-in-hand with a man who prefers to be clean shaven, it is usually a good presumption to believe the clean shaven man is more “open, liberal and modern.”


Something I have seen very common here in the Kingdom is the men who have a very small goatee.  I guess this would qualify as a beard but at the same time is quite small.  In fact, King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan both sport goatees rather than beards.  And if you look at other well known prominent Royals such as Prince Saud al Faisal (Foreign Minister), Prince Turki al Faisal (former Saudi Ambassador to Washington), Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (Kingdom Holdings), Prince Salman (Governor of Riyadh), they do not sport beards. 


Now on the other hand I have noticed that Saudi men, older and younger, are very serious about having their mustaches!

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  1. Obeying the Prophet is commanded in the Quran but not following the Sunna is not considered a major sin, which is probably why actually beard has become more of a symbol than some truely felt religious commitment
    Same goes to covering hair with any colour but black or shaving body hair
    Covering aura [private parts ] for women has a different meaning : it’s an explicit command of the Quran, even though there are disputes on modalities [veil/niqab]

  2. the beard is just another external visionary aide in establishing ones true Muslimness…it actually means little in the big scheme of things since we know there are plenty of so called bearded holy men running around the streets of Mecca (and elsewhere) showing their depth of faith by beating the straying masses(according to them). Please show me an instance when our Prophet Mohammed…who they are meant to be emulating with their long beard, short thobe, and narrow views on life….ever did such a thing?

    I do not like beards in the Islamic world…mainly because they are always shaggy and unkempt for the most part…as if being neat and trimmed is a foreign concept among Muslim Men…I would like to believe that the prophets desire to be presentable and clean cut in front of his followers would have meant he gave care and attention to his beard…not just let it run riot as many prefer to think. A religion full of Grizzly Adams doesnt really say much does it?

  3. It is nice when it comes to say that facial hair can always mean something for its owners. I can say that Saudi bearded men are 100% have their beards for religious reasons where it is for many it’s something mandatory. As in the blog’s picture, there is a man, who has a shaved mustache and bearded face which, I think, it is from one of Islamic doctrines. It so notable that there is preference for goatee, and guys have many styles in doing this. When it comes to mustaches, it is quite spread that many Saudis start to shave their mustaches, especially in the last 3 years, and I’ve read many essays in Saudi newspapers about this subject. Now, in seriousness of Saudis about their mustaches, it is something not only in SA, but in many Arabic countries. It is interesting to say, that when a Saudi man says “shave my mustache e.g. if something happens” which means he is sure that is something not going to happen, and if it happens , it would mean that he is going to lose his valuable mustache! I meet this situation from now and then, and it really makes me laugh if I tell the person who says this “ok, shave it, what would happen”! Let’s face it, there are many women who love and are interested in their feminine characteristics and they try to show it for others, and, I think the same if some men are interested in their mustaches, or they think that mustache is something has to do with masculinity!

  4. Thanks for all the comments thus far and I look forward to reading more.

    A trend (if that is the correct term) which I see frequently in the Kingdom is that moderate men, rather than have a clean face or sport a goatee will go for the “almost shaved” look. This is where they have a very light trace of facial hair in the beard area.

    And stay tuned…because of course since I raised the topic of men and beards, naturally women and shaving will be coming up soon!

  5. Goatees are very attractive. Neatly trimmed goatees.

    Unkept beards are scary. Seriously scary.

    Did I mention scary?

  6. I agree with Viking Daughter: goatees are hot!
    I have a personal dislike for beards, especially with foodremnants lodged into them.
    And what’s with the ”unkemt” fixation? I always read the prophet was very clean, neat, welldressed, scented. Surely an elegant well turned out man to meet. And he didn’t like it at all if people around him looked scruffy or dirty.
    Why is it considered ”pious” to look disgusting?

    Oh! Must be the male equivalent ”modest dress” so as not to attract the opposite sex! They add a bit to make it: ”Repulse the opposite sex”
    Well done!

    And what is this nonsense that it doesn’t really matter for men if they don’t follow the sunna? But for women it’s a deadly sin?
    What utter crap! It is my firm belief that when one, as a woman, can’t deal with the oppressive feeling of hijab, God isn’t going to make a big deal out of it; there are slightly more important rules to follow, like not killing other people, or lying, or causing evil and suffering.
    I don’t believe in hijab and niqab anyway, it says covered from the chest to the knees. that would mean a nice summerdress is allright.
    What do we know? perhaps they used to wear the Egyptian fashions of barebreasted-see-trough-dresses?

    Anyway, beards: YUK!

    Coolred: Grizzly adams! Snort!

    Coffeeboy: So ”shave off my moustache” is a better promise that ”Incha’allah”? Important information!

    And the drummer of ZZ-Top doesn’t sport one because his wife said she’d divorce him if he also grew one.
    I understand her.
    Thanks for the music!:)

  7. Aafke,

    I think the unkempt beard thing is one of those unthinking interpretation. The prophet says something to the effect of “let go of your beards”. A reasonable interpretation of that is “let them grow”. Someone that has some neurons that do not fire properly may interpret that as do not trim them, do not comb them, do not clean them, etc. Resulting in the ugliness you see.

    In any event, Islam did not require men to grow beards. It is just preferred and the reason at the time of the prophet is to distinguish Muslims from others around them. So someone may argue reasonably that even the preference is situational.

    By the way, I lost one of those bets a few years ago and had to shave my Mustache

    Actually, it just got to gray and it just lost my support so it went LOL

  8. “And what is this nonsense that it doesn’t really matter for men if they don’t follow the sunna? But for women it’s a deadly sin? ”

    I didn’t say that
    I said that you can’t compare the two cause one is Sunna and the other is Allah’s command
    And I didn’t say that it doesn’t really matter, just that there’s a difference between what is obligatory, recommended, disliked etc.
    Different issues, different punishments and different rewards, always keeping in mind that Allah ordered in the Quran to follow Prophet’s instructions
    I think that the plucking of the eyebrows for women represents the most suitable example to make a comparison with letting grow beards for men

  9. The beard this, as some have said here, more often than not is a VISABLE sign of piousness that often has ZERO to do with any real religious sentiment on the part of the person wearing it.

    It is unfortunate that Arab/Saudi society is so worried about perception rather than reality. So it doesnt really matter if the guy is really religious as long as everything THINKS he is religious.

    The long unkempt beards would actually violate the Sunnah. The problem is people take things literally and do not see the spirit and the idea in which the Prophet said things.

    The Sunnah beard is described in hadith as one that does not extend past the fist when the beard is grasped by one’s own fist.

    Those that grow really long beards, allow then to get dirty and unkempt miss the idea that the Prophet was a zealot about cleanliness. He never would have advocated something which made one unclean, which long beards clearly do.

    I used to wear a beard. Mine grows out rather red. My wife doesnt/didnt like it, so a goatee it is now.

  10. so which Saudis do you think give the best representation (appearance-wise) for the Kingdom? Beared or unbearded? And why?

    Your curious American Bedu wants to know!

  11. Unbearded of course. Viking Daughter said it right: Scary : |

  12. unbearded , small moustache, or small goatee.
    All better!
    -> beards: SCARY!!!!!!!
    But based purely on personal preference.

  13. Abu Sinan made an important comment, btw,
    *I used to wear a beard. Mine grows out rather red. My wife doesnt/didnt like it, so a goatee it is now.*
    Let’s not underestimate the taste of the spouse!

    Saudi in US, I knew you woudn’t be growing a beard! Not even a soupstrainer!:mrgreen:

    Balqis: I think I overdid it a bit, re-reading my comment it sounded much more agressive than what I meant. Thanks for the reasonable reply. However, I read the muslim women were asked to pull their cloaks over their heads to show their difference from non-muslim women and slaves, so they woulnd’t be bothered when they went about on the streets alone at night. I still don’t think that means hijab and, defenitely not; niqab, are compulsory.
    Or that you will go to hell if you find it too constricting.
    What I found really interesting is, that it was apparently perfectely normal for women to go about, alone, at night!

  14. Ummm Carol,

    I don’t know if anyone else followed the links you gave but I happened to click on the third one just to see what it was about. I have never heard about a beard being a requirement. There is so much out there about hijab (always hijab as if a cloth on the head shows the heart of a woman) and it’s requirement but not a beard that I knew. Anyway I read through the arguments of the “gentleman” on the third link and decided to click around a bit see who this guy is. You may want to check out what he has to say about America and the Great Satan and Muslim woman vs Christian woman. What he has to say is VERY OFFENSIVE to woman in general. See

    Just to touch a bit on his horrible diatribe he talks about how because Christian woman expose the legs they must be non-virgins, because they wear bikinis they must live with their boyfriends without marriage, and the like. I cannot see you being someone who agrees with what this person says. I warn anyone that reading his words may fill you with anger and disgust. I know it did me.

    As to beards, I am glad you brought that up. I always wondered why middle-easterns had such wild beards. I personally can’t stand them. I do sort of like a nice goatee but thats about it. Oh and the scruffy 5 o clock shadow is hot in pictures sucks in real life. I do not like kissing sandpaper! No thanks😛

  15. Carol,

    You asked “so which Saudis do you think give the best representation (appearance-wise) for the Kingdom? Beared or unbearded? And why?”

    Sorry, but I think the question misses the point. I dont think a beard, or lack of it, means a thing really. The obsession of appearance, or ‘representation” is one of the major problems I have with Saudi Arabia and Saudi people.

    It is the idea that appearance matters over substance. That lie is the root that is at the problem of so many things in Saudi.

    Personally, because of my experience with Saudis and the Saudi government, I am on edge any time I meet a Saudi. Beard, no beard, hijab, no hijab, it takes a long time for a Saudi to get past my years of bad experiences with Saudis and their government.

    No amount of appearances or “representation” is going to change that. Only some fair amount of positive experiences with Saudis and the Saudi government will change that………and I am not holding my breath.

    I think I have already provided my view on what Islam requires, and that is a beard. If you are following the Sunnah a beard as long as your fist and well kept, is what is required.


  16. Onigiri – thanks for the additional information. No; I looked for links which responded to the issue of the beard and admittedly left it at that.

    Abu Sinan – don’t worry; we all clearly understand your views and why you have such views. However it is always interesting to take a poll to further learn about others perspectives.

    I hate to sound prejudiced or bigoted but I do admit to a dislike of beards and mainly for hygenic reasons. That being said of course I have seen men who like very becoming in beards but overall a beard is not to my taste.

  17. It just isnt Saudi that has the appearance over reality issues, it is Egypt too:

    I guess I just value substance over appearance.

  18. I DESPISE beards!!! Not only do I find them unattractive but also from a hygenic standpoint, awfully disgusting!!!

    I remember being in Saudi and watching one of my ex’s family members, who happnes to have a long and HUGE beard, eating! It was not a pretty sight at all. In fact, it was so bad that I lost my appetite!!

    And when it comes to beards and religious piety, both are as far away from each other as the earth and the sky!!! One definitely has nothing to do with the other. So, for those who grow beards down to their knees and think they are now religious; think again???? Actions speak much louder than appearance, not just words! Although, “appearance” is an important factor, from an Islamic perspective as well. (And I am not talking about being beautiful or handsome either but about modesty and cleanliness etc!!)

    PS……when it comes to my husband, when I met him he was clean shaven and I told him to try the goatee and he has had one ever since (except for the time he grew the darn beard and I stopped talking to him for a week till he took it off……….LOLO) It is personal preference I think because perhaps there are women who LOVE the long, nasty beards…….who knows?? LOL

  19. Onigiri: no, I didn’t read the links, beards not being on my list of interesting subjects. Except to avoid when possible. But I did read yours: and I was feeling just great; I think I was doing very well on the list of ”perfect muslim woman” except that I am not muslim, and make fun of everybody whenever I can.
    But reading on I realise that I am destined for hellfire, whatever.

    Yes, kissing my father with a five o’clock shadow wasn’t fun. I have never kissed a man with a beard but the idea alone freaks me out!

    AbuSinan: The best representative for Saudi Arabia is a man who has true integrity, honesty and is incorruptable, and gets you marriage recognised, while having as little facial hair as possible.

  20. Manal: Good for you! keep those facial hairs in check! Evil AS to woo you without a beard and then surrepticiously start growing one!

    There are no women who like long nasty beards displaying the gastronomical history of their owners.

  21. “Or that you will go to hell if you find it too constricting. ”

    Well is not a matter of going to hell, not only at least
    These apparently meaningless detailed orders that cover each aspect of our personal-social life, are those which allow us to reach God and His unity

  22. But you don’t think that being truly good, and making a difference for the betterment of the world, and helping others, saving other people, spreading good, these things are so much more important?
    Besides I don’t get anything more that than everybody should be dressed modestly. All these details seem to me to be added by the personal preferences of different scholars. Who are only human.

    And it isn’t you, but I have read comments from others, on other blogs, that did say you’re sure to go to hell if you do not wear niqab and gloves etc. ”You have to suffer for God”
    Seems to me exactely like mad christian sects where you beat yourselve or wear metal garters with spikes, because you have to suffer, because God likes that.
    What I liked about Islam on my initial reading is that Islam seemd so reasonable and intelligent to me. This seems pretty insane to me.

  23. If my husband grew a wild beard like that — it would be the last time he got kisses from me.

  24. Lol Aafke, most things muslims twist Islam into seems pretty insane. EG: I’m sure God doesnt hate everyone that doesnt grow a beard, I’m sure God doesnt hate everyone that doesnt urinate sitting down (men), I’m sure God doesnt hate everyone that listens to music, I’m sure God doesn’t hate everyone that co-habits with someone of the opposite sex that is not related. :)

  25. Wait a minute Ryan…does it actually say somewhere or suggests that men should urinate sitting down?

  26. Thats what my muslim friends told me!
    They also said they must wash their penis afterwards and if they are in the desert, they must use a stone to soak up any leftover urine!

    I just now quickly searched google and saw this:

  27. Thanks for the interesting link which helps explain. I know while in Pakistan it was very common to see men who were out publicly and urinating while squatting and I always thought they did so like that to be more discreet.

  28. Carol,

    You didnt know that Muslim men were supposed to urinate sitting down? I’d have thought being married to a Saudi you might have noticed that.

    Ever wonder why there are seldom any upright urinals in the Gulf and other areas of the Middle East?

    I have been places, both here in the USA and abroad where they even have signs requesting that men NOT stand to urinate.

    In one Saudi institute I attended here for Arabic there was a sign, in English and Arabic, requesting that even though there were upright urinals, that they NOT be used because the practice was unIslamic.

  29. Sorry Abu Sinan…this is new info for me and since I’ve not gone into the men’s washrooms I wasn’t aware if they differed from the ladies washrooms or not in that regards.

  30. As Salaamu Alaikum Carol:

    Growing the beard is wajib (mandatory) for all men capable of growing one.

    The best on this topic is by Imam Jibaly. There are a few versions downloaded on the net, but here is one link:

    However, as some have said here, an unkempt scuffy beard is definitely a no-no.

    Allah (swt) says that to disobey the Messenger (saw) is to disobey Him. What the Prophet (saw) said to do, we should do; what he said not to do, we shouldn’t do.

  31. I find the whole idea of men having to sit to wee hilarious. lol. How very feminine😛

  32. Ryan
    Actually, if a man is sharing a bathroom with a woman, it is much more considerate for a man to urinate whilst sitting to avoid any unnecessary splashes on the toilet seat or on the toilet rim (if he remembers to lift the seat).

    And if one needs to urinate while in the open (say in the desert where there are no toilets), it is much more sanitary to squat and aim rather than stand and aim. At least that is my female perspective on the matter.

    And there is nothing feminine about men sitting on toilet seats. lol

  33. Ryan, I do agree. How else can write the name of the person you hate the most in the sand. OK I admit I am listening to loud Green Day tracks and getting aggressive:)

    Seriously, I think this is one of these issues of blind literal interpretations. A urinal is much more sanitary than squatting and doing circus acts to keep everything out of the way (do not wanna get graphical here) . It is difficult enough for people that are fit, imaging what it is like for an elderly man with a beer gut.

    Many of these rules have to be put into prospective of what was around during the time of the prophet. People did not have knowledge of or practiced sanitation, so he taught them. They had different type of clothes, etc. He was a great teacher of mannerisms. However, if he had the conveniences we have today would he recommend squatting.

    The thing to remember about this is the core of the message for Muslims, be clean and discreet.

  34. I can say from experience that the squat type toilets can be very difficult and cumbersome to use. It still remains hard to envision a man using them routinely. In fact I’ve envied the man when traveling at the ease he has in being able to go “anywhere” and not having to squat among the muck of the public toilets.

  35. Saudi in US, yeah the message means more than silly detailed accounts of what you should do which may have been relevant 1400 years ago. Science and education has come a looooong way since then:)

    Though I know some people haven’t yet been lucky enough to be shone on with the light of education… from the smells I sense sitting next to the taxi drivers of the Emirates… :S Probably best that they stick to sitting followed by a good hosing.

  36. Beards. I hope the men read this on women’s opinions.

    Trimmed goatees. DEFINITELY.

    I judge people by their character, not their outward appearances.

  37. Saudi in the US,

    I know this is off topic, but I knew a few members of Green Day personally. I was in the punk scene when they were and I used to go to some parties and concerts that they attended.

    Good music.

  38. saudi in US: You listen to green day? You rock!
    Abu Sinan: you know some of’em? You rock too!

    Viking daughter; Of course I judge people only by their character.
    The absence of a bushy beard just makes that so much easier:mrgreen:

  39. Oh, and shire horse? I love the Shire horse/TB mix. Nice and big. Good for a guy as tall as I am…………18HH? Wonderful!

  40. Well, I had been sporting a trimmed shaped goatie for a while even before learning of coming here and people in N.A. always thought I looked wierd with it. But here, I feel like I belong. They all sport one like mine. :o)-> *beardy*

  41. FreakoNature – sounds like you would fit in just fine in KSA! (smile)

  42. i am totally NOT a part of this… just a few comments!!

    what kinda “open minded” people are u when you do not excuse the freedom of others?

    what kinda “open minded” people are u when you do not accept others however they are?

    where are the human rights gone when u force or emotional blackmail your husbands to shave off the beards?

    those “muftis” or “u’lamaahs” (SCHOLARS) of Islam who have memorized the Qur’an and Hadith and studied them in detail verse by verse make no sense to you. but when a bunch of random people with not even a SINGLE year or a single month of Islamic education, hardly know 10% of the Qur’an by heart ( let alone the meaning ), come out here and criticize those scholars who have spent MINIMUM of SEVEN years in Islamic education.
    there is a reason why they all have a beard.

    as for the beard itself, our beloved Prophet SAW had a beard and that is just ENOUGH proof for us to grow one

  43. @Yousuf – Welcome and thank you for sharing your comments and point of view.

  44. The beard is not about showing one’s piety…seriously liberal muslims have to stop peddling that. The rationale is that the prophet had one, and Muslims strive to emulate the Prophet, sometimes even in appearance! Non-mulims might not realize the amount of love that Muslims have for the Prophet, his very sayings are the guide to our life, and in him we have a great example. He is a role model, and his followers like to be like him. Also being clean shaven was considered effeminate (it was practiced in Ancient Persia) in that time and for many Muslims still is.

    Go to any muslim country and you’ll find that men have facial hair of some sort. Its the norm and indicative of the values. That being said, the theological issues come down to whether following the Sunnah includes abiding to certain customs of the time, such as having a beard, and clothes above the ankle etc. (The Prophet kept them as as sign of humbleness- the arrogant and rich would have trailing robes, he stopped such ostentation by having his clothes stop above the ankle and his companions followed in this).

    Also the squatting and going to the bathroom is the natural way to do so, a mans prostrate is not pressuring his intestine when he squats, but does so when he sits. Also, just because its hard for you doesn’t mean its hard for everyone. PEople who grow up squatting to use the bathroom find it very easy and sanitary. There is a certain manner in which to do it and if done correctly it is one of the cleanest ways to go, the only contact you had with the filth around you is your slippers on the ground! I find urinals disgusting because of the splash of urine, and i know for a fact that tiny droplets are landing on my clothes (which i won’t wash until much later), and not mdest cuz everyone has their private parts out in close proximity. I’d choose squat toilets over standard toilets anday- because I’m a germaphobe about toilet seats and its a good workout:).

    People who are not educated in ISlamic law have to stop judging those that are so arbitrarily (blind followers, look gross etc.) There is communication divide, non muslims don’t have any idea about ISlamic scholars and learn their Islam form lay musims who may be embarrassed, biased personally as I see on this forum, or not know enough to give correct answers. The Arabic barrier is strong, but I’d advise reading the scholars who write in English such as Sh. Salman al Oudah (no caps), or scholars in the U.S who write for non-mulim audience as well as American muslims such as Sh. Hamza Yusuf (a convert and leading Islamic scholar), or Sh. Shabbir Ally. Many of these scholars have the traditional Islamic education and a Masters or Phd in Islam as well from leading universities.

    If u have a problem with an uncle who has a full beard and u don’t understand why and think its gross, its probably him, not keeping the practice that is to blame! Hygiene is very very important in ISlam, the Hadith “cleanliness is half of faith” just shows that. It is not acceptable to follow the Prophet in appearance to disregard him in manners, but u guys must realize having a beard is a personal decision if its done for religious reasons and insulting those that do is not cool, and immature- would u say the same about Jewish men who keep the sideburn locks and beards and dress in black?

  45. As sallamu alaikum,
    The Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) is mandatory. The Qur’an cannot be followed alone, it must be accompanied with his Sunnah (saw). Also, some people through lack of knowledge or through following one’s own desires, commit bidah (innovation) in the religion and adopt ways and mannerisms that are foreign to the Sunnah and Qur’an.
    Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:
    “…Verily he among you who lives [long] will
    see great controversy, so you must keep
    to my Sunnah and to the Sunnah of the
    rightly-guided Khalifahs – cling to them
    stubbornly. Beware of newly invented
    matters, for every invented matter is an
    innovation and every innovation is a going
    astray, and every going astray is in Hell-
    fire.” [Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi]

    Allah says: “But if
    they answer you not O Muhammad, then
    know that they only follow their own lusts.
    And who is more astray then one who
    follows his own lust (desires) without the
    guidance from Allah” [Noble Quran 28:50]

    “Have you seen him who takes his own
    desires as his god, and Allah knowing (him
    as such) left him astray, sealed his hearing
    and his heart, and put a cover on his sight.
    Who then will guide him after Allah.” [Noble
    Quran 45:23]
    Bidah(newly invented matters) destroys the Sunnah of the Prophet.:
    Ibn Abbas said, “When Bid’ah is created then the
    Sunnah dies and this continues until that
    Bid’ah is living and the Sunnah is dead.”
    And also, the Prophet (peace be upon him)
    said: “Islam began as something strange,
    and it shall return as something strange as
    it began. So give glad tidings to the
    strangers.” It was asked, “Who are the
    strangers?” He replied, “Those that purify
    and correct what the people have corrupted
    of my Sunnah” [at-Tabarani]

    We must adhere to the Sunnah as well as Qur’an: Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
    “I have left behind me two things, if you
    cling to them you will never go astray. They
    are the Book of Allah and my Sunnah” [al-
    Allah says that when He and the Prophet
    (saw) have decided a matter, it is not for
    any believing man or woman to do anything
    but obey :(Surah al-Ahzab ayah 36).

    “And it is not ever for a faithful man or
    a faithful woman, when Allah and His
    Messenger have decided an affair that
    there is any choice for them in their
    affair, and who disobeys Allah and His
    Messenger, so he is indeed wandering
    far astray.”

    He says that what the Messenger gives,
    people should take, and what he prohibits,
    they should abstain from it: (Surah al-Hashr
    ayah 7). “And what the Messenger gives you,
    so take it, and what he prohibits you,
    so refrain from it. And be in awe of
    Allah. Surely Allah is Stern of Punishment. ”
    Therefore, it is imperative that we strictly adhere to both Qur’an & Sunnah. And the Sunnah clearly shows us that men must grow their beards& trim the moustache. Also one must keep him/herself cleanly and neatly kept. (No unkempt, disheaveled appearance)

    Hadith – Muwatta 51.7
    Yahya related to me from Malik from Zayd
    ibn Aslam that Ata ibn Yasar told him that
    the Messenger of Allah
    was in the mosque when a man came in with
    dishevelled hair and beard. The Messenger of
    Allah motioned with his hand that he should be sent out to groom his hair and beard. The man did so and then returned. The Messenger of Allah
    said, “Isn’t this better than that one of you should come with his head dishevelled, as if he were a shaytan? ”

    May Allah increase us in ‘ilm, taqwa, and sabr’ with each other. Protect us from bidah, arrogance, and following our own desires, Ameen.

  46. I also agree with Yousef and Ronnie G. valid points, ma shaa Allah.:)

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