Boy Meets Girl — Saudi Style

Boy Meets Girl

It went like this…  They were both in a coffee shop several tables apart from one another.  It was a “loosely segregated area.  He was with a friend.  She was also with a friend.  He changed his blue tooth id so it said “Looking at You.”  Sure enough, she shortly withdrew her mobile, pressed a few buttons and within minutes he received an SMS with her name and her mobile number.  They discreetly glanced at one another with brief smiles on their faces.  Shortly thereafter she and her friend departed the area. 


This is a true story and it happened just the other day in Riyadh.  And yes, it was the girl who initiated the exchange with the boy.  I learned that this is a very typical mechanism used by Saudi guys and girls to “meet” one another.  They will exchange their mobile numbers and the communication starts from there with SMS messages eventually leading to phone calls and email exchanges. 

  It just serves to illustrate that while segregation may be the tradition in the Kingdom, where there is the will for young men and women to meet, they will find their way.

17 Responses

  1. Carol, nothing can stop a human’s will.

  2. So very true, Hanie!!

  3. Hehehe, I’m starting to feel old😛

  4. Carol
    Absolutely brilliant! Thank goodness no matter how we want to suppress our humanity it always shines through.
    Good for real girl power too!

  5. these are the things we remember and laugh about when we get older and these things looks so silly then, but these are the very things which makes our hearts skip a beat. My heart does skip even now- i have a great hubby but that skip (crushes, heartaches) is totally out of the world.
    I am beginning to feel old too.

  6. I turn 37 this year. I never thought I’d make it past 24, so I feel old as well.

  7. I’m glad this musing brought back warm and fuzzy memories for everyone!

    And hey….ya’ll are not old at all!

  8. While flirting on mobile phones, SMS, and email can be fun, it can also lead to much misunderstanding, and that goes for all people, not just young Saudis.

    Witness the popularity of on-line dating, where partners see each other’s photos, then phone and write each other extensively before actually getting together. Once the face-to-face meeting does occur, all kinds of personality dynamics enter the relationship, and the would-be lovers often discover that they’ve been relating to a psychological persona that doesn’t hold up in person.

    I guess the point I’m trying to make is that potential partners will serve their needs best by meeting in person, in the appoved way of their society’s social structure.

  9. Technology – now that’s something that the religious police did not think of.

  10. Give them some time….after all there is supposed to be a group of Muttawa undergoing training in order to better monitor internet activity…

  11. O well, this is like an arms race.:\

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