Saudi Women Documentary

I have chosen to make this posting because I believe as readers of my blog you may be interested in what Dalia is trying to do in regards to promoting an accurate and realistic image of life of women in Saudi Arabia.  As indicated in the text below, she has already submitted her proposal to the documentary workshop sponsored by Al Arabiyah. 

  Dalia has a background and degree in cinematology (which she acquired outside of the Kingdom since the opportunity to do so inside does not yet exist).  She is a capable Saudi woman and also has a Saudi partner in the US who is assisting in these efforts.   What she requires now is exposure and if the event her efforts are not selected through the Al Arabiyah program, she seeks sponsors to assist her with funds and support to make this endeavor a reality.

  If you have suggestions for her, please email her directly.     I am also trying to do what I can to make this a reality for her.  This is a story with a powerful message that needs to be told. 

    Saudi women documentary 

 Media, whether on TV or radio, in newspapers or magazines, seldom reveals the diverse society of Saudi Arabia and never the less Saudi women. Images of women covered in black following bearded men flood our TV sets, cultivating outrageous perceptions on who Saudi women are and what they do. Awareness of the diversity among Saudi women is essential. Hence the importance of a series of documentary movies, covering aspects of life style, beliefs, ideologies, views, and customs.    Female candidates willing to participate in the documentaries are required. This is a chance for you to make a difference and to benefit society as a whole. 

  Topics will range from: 

·  Life style difference in Eastern, Western, Central and Northern districts of Saudi

. ·  Liberal women \ conservative women     

   Sunni \ She’ah

 ·  Working mother supporting family \ stay at home mother

 ·  Employed women \ unemployed women

 ·  Old \ youth 

·  Rich \ poor

 ·  Married life \ single life \ divorced life

 ·  Married to a Saudi \ married to a non Saudi 

 ·  Monogamy \ polygamy 

·  Tribal women \ half Saudi women \ women of none Saudi descent.

 ·  Living abroad \ living in Saudi 

·  Educated \ illiterate 

· Women in academia \ women in business \  women in the media \ women in art

 ·  Love (dating \ internet \ phone) 

 The more candidates we get the better. So please pass this around. And if you think you have the charisma and charm to be featured in a documentary then please send the following information, through email: 

–          Name 

–          Address

 –          Contact information

                Bio (not more then 500 words) or \ and resume      

           We hope that our participation in Alarabya Documentary Workshop for 2008  will help launch this project.  This project is the inspiration of a group of young Saudi women. Information about them (bio or \ and resume) can be obtained by sending your requests through email. 

 Regards, Dalia


8 Responses

  1. Carol, I have been an occasional visitor of your blog before. Here’s a good chance to write “thank you” for each…😉

  2. You are very welcome Aysha and thank you for your comment.

  3. salaam
    i sent you and email pls check it,

  4. I belong to MAJA (Muslim American Journalists Association) and IWA (Islamic Writers Alliance). I posted a link to your post on our lists.

  5. Safiyyah,

    That’s wonderful! Thank you!

  6. Assalaamu alaykum!

    I do hope Dalia is able to achieve her goal. I would love to see the documentary when it is finished.

  7. What I do not believe may be mentioned in the text is that the intent is to film the documentary in Arabic with English subtitles as many of the women interviewed would not know English.

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