Saudi Arabia: Deek & Dijaj

As those who know me read this post they will likely think, “oh my gosh, she’s turning either into a real bedu or a farmer….”

First of all to kick off and begin, I find myself getting frustrated the way eggs are packaged and sold here in the Kingdom. Instead of a sturdy container with a lid, they are sold in an open flimsy container which offers little protection to the eggs. And in most cases, the eggs are barely cleaned as well with lots of “chicken stuff” in open view. I have yet to bring home one of these packages and not have at least 25 per cent of the eggs broken. They are placed in the package that one cannot tell nor inspect the package to determine in advance if any of the eggs are broken. Additionally expiration dates of eggs are not readily displayed and by the condition and sight of some eggs when I have cracked them open, I can determine that the entire package is beyond the point of “freshness.”

Now I happen to have an unused courtyard off of my kitchen. This courtyard has 10 foot high wall and is totally enclosed as well as quite private. It is about 20 feet by 30 feet across so it’s a decent size. However who in their right minds is going to entertain in a kitchen courtyard? So this courtyard remains empty. As I was emptying yet another carton of over-aged eggs into the trash can I happened to look outside the kitchen door to the courtyard and it was as if a lightbulb went off….I should turn the courtyard area into a chicken coop and raise a few of my own chickens.

I remember my Grandparents farm and their chickens. They had a small chicken coup which had rooms for their chicks to run around as well as to roost. I’m pretty sure one can be easily fabricated here in Saudi Arabia. Now sadly my grandparents are no longer around for me to just pick up the phone and get their advise. Therefore I am turning to the wise readers of this blog with my questions.

First of all, must I have a rooster (or “deek” using the Arabic word) in order for the hens to lay eggs? And if so, is there a way to “decockadoodledo” the deek so we do not have to hear its noise in the wee hours when we are still wanting to sleep?

Your comments will be appreciated and I will keep you all apprised of whether this venture idea is a go or no-go.


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