How much do YOU know about Saudi Arabia?

How much do YOU know about Saudi Arabia?

Okay; let’s have some fun and test your knowledge about the Kingdom.  I’ve put some questions together about the Kingdom and purposely made them multiple choice.  Don’t worry, the answers follow below the questions.  I hope that you will enjoy this “quiz.”  When my spouse and I were living in the Washington, DC area we used it as an ice-breaker one night when we held an “Arabian Nights” party at our house.  We decided to invite our mutual friends, our neighbors as well as various diplomatic friends.  We got our guests to group in teams and work together on the questions and we had small gifts representative of Saudi Arabia for each team for their efforts as well.  In addition we also introduced our guests who were not already familiar to traditional Saudi food, music and dance.  We also encouraged all guests to come dressed in what they believed was representative of traditional Saudi dress.

We found that the party was not only a great ice-breaker for all of our guests to get acquainted but to enhance everyones knowledge of Saudi Arabia with a positive appreciation.

Okay, here goes…get ready and most of all, have fun!


  1. (1) What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

                  a.  Jeddah                     b.  Riyadh                     c.  Al Memlika

  1. (2) When was the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as we know it today established?

a.  23 September 1916             b.  23 September 1930             c.  23 September 1932


  1. (3) How many Kings have ruled Saudi Arabia (to include its present King)?

a.  4                                         b.  6                                         c. 7

  1.  (4) Who was the first King to rule Saudi Arabia?

a.  Abdullah                              b. Abdulaziz                             c. Saud


  1.  (5) The Grand Mosque (Haram) is located in which holy city?

a.  Mecca                                 b.  Medinah                              c.  Riyadh

  1. (6) In addition to being Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah is also Commander of which organization?

a.  Saudi Army                         b.  Ministry of Interior               c.  National Guard

  1. (7) Who is the present Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia?

a.  Prince Bandar                      b.  Prince Naif                          c.  Prince Sultan

  1. (8) Which government ministry in Riyadh is housed in what is commonly referred to as the “Space Ship Building?”

a.  Ministry of Water & Power  b. Ministry of Interior                c.Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  1. (9) Eid al Fitr is celebrated when?

a.  At the end of Ramadan        b.  At the beginning of Ramadan            c.  During Hajj

  1. (10) The currency of Saudi Arabia is?

a.  The dollar                            b. The durham                          c.  The riyal

11.  The traditional long white dress worn by Saudi males is called a?

                  a.  jalabiyah                              b.  thobe                       c.  shirtcoat

12.  The traditional black robe worn by women in Saudi Arabia when outside of their homes is called?

                        a.  dust-catcher                         b. abaya                       c.  chador

13.  The color of the Saudi flag is?

                        a.  green                                   b.  white                       c.  green and white

14.  Saudi Arabia’s national emblem is a palm tree with two crossed swords centrally located.  What does this emblem signify?

                  a.  growth, prosperity and strong warriors         b.  desert mirages and power                c. growth, prosperity, power and valour.

15.  The official calendar used in Saudi Arabia is the?

                  a.  Hijra                        b.  Gregorian                c.  Arabic

16.  How many countries share a  land border with Saudi Arabia?

                  a.  6                             b. 7                              c.  9

17.  The  Rub’ Al Khali is also known as what?

                  a.  Empty Quarter         b.  Red Sea                  c.  Date Farm

18.  Saudi Arabia is divided into how many provinces?

                  a.  13                           b.  15                           c. 12

19.  The first University was founded in Riyadh in 1957.  What is its name?

                        a.  Prince Sultan University        b.  Aramco University               c.  King Saud University

20.  If you have been served tuhmer and kawa you are enjoying the traditional Saudi hospitality of?

                  a.  chicken and rice       b.  dates and coffee                  c.  bread and milk



1.      b

2.      c

3.      b

4.      Abdulaziz

5.      a

6.      c

7.      c

8.      b

9.      a

10.  c

11.  b

12.  b

13.  c

14.  c

15.  a

16.  7 (Yemen, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan.  Bahrain was not counted as it is separated by a causeway and not linked by land.)

17.  a

18.  13 (Al Bahah, Northern Border, Al Jauf, Medina, Al Qasim, Ha’il, Asir, Eastern Province, Al Riyadh, Tabuk, Najran, Mecca Province, Jizan)

19.  c

20.  b



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