In Saudi Arabia? Time to Learn More Arabic!



My earlier post on learning Saudi Arabic was both popular as well as stimulated some controversial discussion.  However it showcased to me that many readers do indeed have an interest in learning more about the Arabic language.  I am going to share some more arabic words and ph

rases but first I’d like to inform readers about a book that is very useful for those who are in Saudi Arabia and specifically working in the medical sector.  The book is “Arabic for Hospital Staff.”  It is written by Dr. M.F. Siddiqui who (at least at the time of publication) is the Chief of Surgery, Former Medical Director of Mohd. Dossary Hospital located in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia.  This book was published in 1989 and has Ministry of Information number 1711 dated 24.5.1409 (hirji).  It also states that any correspondence in regards to this publication should be directed to:

Dr. M.F. Siddiqui FRCS (Eng.), FICS

PO Box 335

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Tel: (03) 8945524


The book is broken down in chapters which cover Anatomical Diagrams; Dialogues for Nursing Staff; Dialogues for Doctors; Dialogues for Technicians and Auxiliary Staff; Common Non Medical Words and Phrases; and Medical Vocabulary.  Words and phrases are provided in English, Arabic and the phonetic transcription.


Now after introducing you to this unique book, let me share some additional words to add to ones arabic vocabulary: 

arabic_letters___design_by_artiebiboBody Parts:

Head:     Ra’as

Neck:  Onuq

Face: Wajh

Hair: Sha’er

Eye:  Ain

Ear:  Ozun

Nose: Anif

Lips:  Ash-sheftain

Mouth:  Fumm

Tongue:  Lisan

Abdomen:  Batin

Arms: Zera’

Leg/2 Legs/Legs:  Rejl/Rejlain/Rejool

Fingers/Finger:  Asabe’/Usba’

Toes:  Asabe al-qadam


Now for a few phrases/words that are useful to know:

Are you frightened:  Hal inta kha’ef?

I am fine:  Ana Bekhair

Pain:  Alam

Nausea:  Ghathayan

Will not hurt:  Lan to’zy

Medicine:  Dawa

Pill (tablet):  Habbah

Injection:  Huqneh


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