Comparison of American women to Saudi women

Faces of Women BJ-203

Saudi women cover their hair as a matter of tradition and culture.

American women cover their hair when they are having a bad hair day.

Saudi women sit in the back seat and tell their driver where to go.

American women sit in the front seat at the wheel and drive themselves where they want to go.

Saudi women chat in the backseat on their mobile while the car gets filled with gas.

American women check the oil and pump their own gas.

Saudi women accept the mate their family has selected for him.

American women go out and find their own mate.

Saudi women may not know their husband before marriage.

American women may live with their husband before marriage.

And a few more contributed by my dear friend “MA:”

American Women –    At age 55,   They’re still at their prime

Saudi Women –    At age 55,    They’re not worth a dime

American Women –    Do the laundry, ironing, cleaning, and cooking

Saudi Women –    Do the shopping, arranging, inviting and booking

American Women –    Make a beautiful breakfast and work all day long

Saudi Women –    Buy a beautiful dress, new shoes and a thong.

American Women –    Take the kids to their outings and pick up their clothes

Saudi Women –    Head straight to the doctor to straighten their nose

American Women –    Go jogging in shorts with their dogs in the street

Saudi Women –    Have manicures for hands and pedicures for feet

American Women –     Invite a few friends for coffee at night

SW –     They’ll turn on their blue tooth that’s kept out of sight.

American Women –    Will take on the men, and a mate she will find!

Saudi Women –    Must say yes to baba walking 10 steps behind.


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