Champions for Saudi Arabia’s Disabled and Handicapped


Many times I have been asked about institutions, organizations, facilities and professionals who specialize in Saudi Arabia’s Disabled and Handicapped Children.  I’ve posted information as I have received it and now am happy to share names of two more specialists who have been brought to my attention.  Both of these individuals are associated with the National Guard Health Affairs in Riyadh:


Dr. Abdullah Soby is known for his work with handicapped children and particularly children diagnosed with Downs Syndrome.  He is a pediatrician by training.   He is also widely known in the Gulf Area for working with handicapped children and as a child abuse activist.


Dr. Abdulrahman Swaid is a genetist and specializes in children who have been born with genetic problems.  He also maintains two web sites in arabic where families can seek information, advise and ask questions related to children who have genetic problems.  (sorry; I do not have the links to his web sites).


Both of these doctors can be reached at 966.1.252.0088 extension 11630.  However if one is not associated with National Guard Health Affairs and wish to be treated then one will likely have to apply through its business center.



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