Saudi Arabia: What Do American Bedu Readers Seek?


I believe it is time for me to provide an update on myself and my life.  I have returned to aggressive chemotherapy.  I’ve completed to sessions of treatment and have 16 more to go.  So far it is going well with not too many adverse side effects.  The biggest ones I am contending with seem to be fatigue and mush for brain!  I know that regular American Bedu readers have probably noticed a change in my writing.  It is not as collected or formulated.  I recognize that too.  Rather than take a blog break I am determined to push forward and work through this slump which is likely medically induced.  I am hopeful that as my body adjusts to the new regimes and medications I’ll adapt and find a “new normal.”  What I would like to ask of you in the meantime is to dialogue with me on what topics, issues would you like to see more at this time?  Analysis?  Experiences?  Politics?  Culture?  Should I also just set a tone for a few posts on answering questions you may want to know about me and experiences abroad?  I am open to suggestions and look forward to your dialogue.  I also ask for your patience as I work through this slump~


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