Al Nahda School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I have received several requests from readers to write a post about the Al Nahda School.  I had never heard of this school until it was brought to my attention from readers.  So the first thing I did was a google search to see if there were a web site.  Here’s where I found:


Now perhaps this may not be the same school that readers asked about for it is located in the Emirates and to my understanding, those who are familiar say it is a special needs school in Riyadh.  So I believe I need to do a little bit more searching here..


Further searches have led me to an organization identified as the Al Nahda Philanthropic society (In ) which maybe this will help me get closer to the goal.


The next search simply led me to this block:



Po Box 7
11411 Riyadh
Saudi Arabia






And then another search stated that Fatima Malik was the Director of Al Nahda School which specialized for children with down’s syndrome.  She had a linked in profile but when I clicked on her name, it came up file not found.  Thus far my search is beginning to look like this school is not as active as it may have been in the past.


The last link which I discovered although makes mention of the Al Nahda school and teaching children who have Down’s Syndrome to read, are in fact referred to Patricia Oelwein, in the USA.  See the link:


Based on what I have uncovered, I believe that the school is no longer in operation in Riyadh.  My suggestion for those seeking more information on this school or working with a child who has Down’s Syndrome, to perhaps try and contact Patricia Oelwein directly since her contact data was given in an earlier link:


Patricia Oelwein

13110 NE 25th Place

Bellevue, WA 98005 USA 

E-mail: [email protected];

Phone: 425-883-8193; Fax: 425-869-7783


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