A Saudi Family and Their Housemaid

filipina housemaids

All too often we hear the negative stories about housemaids working for Saudi families.  Recently I met a former housemaid whose story touched my heart and I’d like to share.  I actually met this woman in the United States but it is also thanks to the Saudi family that she is now in the USA.  This woman is from the Phillipines and she initially applied for a position as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia in order to help out her Phillipine family members make ends meet.  She told me how she was placed in a large and loving Saudi family.  She was housemaid, cook and nanny for several years.  Yes, she worked long hours but quickly stated that the family always let her know how much they appreciated all she did for them.  And if she had to work extra late at night, the Saudi family insisted she sleep in the following day to catch up on lost sleep. The family encouraged and helped her learn Arabic too.  They treated her very well.  So well, that when she expressed an interest in nursing, they encouraged and supported her interest.  When she had enough funds, she returned to the Phillipines where she underwent training as a nursing assistant.  This training in turn facilitated her gaining employment in the United States.  The Saudi family maintained contact with her and were so pleased when they learned she was going to the United States to work as a nursing assistant.  They even were able to see her several times over the years in the United States.  The children missed her and the family tried to persuade her to return with them to Saudi Arabia but accepted that she had taken a new direction in her life.  They not only wished her well but referred all their Saudi friends who came to where she worked for medical treatment to look her up on their behalf too.  Now this lovely Phillipine woman is married with several children.  She also plans to continue her life plan to be a fully registered nurse.  And lastly, she said she will always look fondly on her time spent as a housemaid with her Saudi family.


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