Saudi Arabia: Typical Living While in America

This is the home we had while we were in the USA in Broadlands, Virginia

Many Bedu readers over the years have asked me what kind of life Abdullah and I had while we were living in the United States.  I must begin by saying it was a comfortable life and also an active life.

Abdullah in Annapolis exploring one of the ships open to public tours

Both of us always enjoyed exploring and socializing.  It was not unusual for us to take a weekend and go off on a short jaunt to someplace new.  Annapolis, Maryland was not that far away so sometime we’d go and receive a tour of whatever ship was in port or simply stroll around the scenic streets.

Me, with my hair windblown, after we had finished our ship tour

Other times we would entertain at home.  We enjoyed hosting our version of “Arabian Nights” functions where we’d invite guests from local embassies, neighborhood and among our friends to learn and share the Arab culture.

A lot of time would also be spent just the two of us at home.  We liked to watch tv together and read the papers together.  Every Sunday we’d have a variety of papers that we’d share and read and then discuss.

Abdullah and Max.  Abdullah loved my cats and my cats loved him.

We were not that different from any average couple.  We’d have our household chores and responsibilities but would also take time out for fun too.

Abdullah and I watching our guests enjoying themselves at one of our “Arabian Nights” them parties

Most of the time while we were in the States both of us always wore Western dress but sometimes just lounging around or for a special occasion, we’d wear Eastern dress.

My Desert Boy…He always prepared the best BBQ dishes!


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