Saudi Arabia: Parking 101

One of my big pet peeves about general life in Saudi Arabia is the parking situation.  It’s not just Saudis although they are the primary culprits but the bottom line is it seems the majority of residents in the Kingdom simply do not know how to park a car in a parking lot.  I routinely see a car taking up three spaces or parking in such a manner that cars beside are either boxed in or cannot get out without risking hitting another car.  To further compound the situation, available parking spaces are at a premium as most establishments, to include shopping malls simply do not have sufficient spaces to accommodate all the cars.  Now how can this situation be resolved?  Ohhhhh, how I wish each establishment could be authorized to employ a “traffic cop” similar to the meter cops in the States whose sole duty would be to go around and ticket the cars which are not properly parked.  If a driver receives three tickets, his driving privileges are revoked  until he has remedial training AND his parking fines tripled as well.


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