Saudi Arabia: American Bedu’s 2nd Wedding

On this date, 15 June, American Bedu and Her Prince had their second wedding.  This was the civil ceremony which was performed in the privacy of their Northern Virginia home.

According to the ceremony performed on 15 June 2006, American Bedu and Her Prince would be celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary today.  We did celebrate an anniversary each 15th day of June but to Abdullah and I, we always viewed our first marriage in 2002 as the “official time we became husband and wife.”

The second wedding was a private affair in our home with my son, daughter-in-law and marriage official present.  I wore a silk grey-blue shalwar kameez from Pakistan and Abdullah wore one of his beautifully tailored suits.

Our second wedding was quite a feat to accomplish in the short amount of time which we (read I) had notice of the event.  Abdullah wanted us to have a civil marriage ceremony not only to illustrate to my family his pledge to always love, honor and care for me but also because it would be helpful towards facilitation of our marriage approval to eventually live in the Kingdom together legally as man and wife.

He made the arrangements.  I was advised by a phone call that a marriage official (Justice of the Peace) would be arriving at our home in three hours to perform a civil marriage ceremony.

I ran around like a mad dog notifying my son and daughter-in-law, getting flowers and preparing our home for a wedding!  There was no opportunity to try and have other guests in attendance, although later we did have a party in celebration.

There was no doubt of the emotion each of us felt during our civil ceremony.  Even Abdullah’s voice wavered as he held back tears of happiness when we said our vows to each other.  Anyone who knows me already knows I was gushing with tears like a baby.  The civil ceremony only made me feel that much closer and bonded to him, especially because he insisted on it.

Even though Abdullah has passed on, I know he still watches out for me.  I had believed the photos of this wedding had been long lost, but I found them  – on HIS birthday!

Happy Bride and Groom relaxing back in casual clothes after their wedding.

Sharing an emotional moment…

A shy “married to the same man for the second time” Bedu snuggled up in her ladies thobe.


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