Saudi Arabia: Why Are We Misunderstood?


It seems that just like the fire of the Arab Spring continues to flame so does the chasm between East and West.  Saudi Arabia is the country in the Arab world that is coming through the Arab Spring without any evident cracks of change.  Saudi Arabia is also the country which other leaders in the GCC are looking to for stability.  The Western countries are prone to rush in and want to “fix things” but to a Western ideology that is not known or practiced in the East. 

Saudi Arabia will always be a tribal patriarchal society which has been built on firm foundation of trust and partnerships and alliances. Many of the alliances may be as simple as a handshake but that is all it takes in the Eastern world.  When there is an alliance and a word has been given to protect or to help it is good and not questioned.

The Western world has a tendency to want to save and salvage.  The Eastern world does to but in a manner which is obscure and does not need to be in the center headlights. 

Now is the time when more of the world is watching Saudi Arabia waiting for the moves of the Kingdom’s leaders. Life will go on as usual for people and families but one of the most complex chess games will be taking place behind the scenes towards regaining GCC stability and alliances.


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