Saudi Arabia: Sunglasses are Essential


Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter the sun in Saudi Arabia can be piercing, glaring and dangerous.  In addition to protecting ones body from the sun rays, one should also remember to wear sunglasses year round when outside in Saudi Arabia.  There may be some days when it is somewhat overcast and the sun may not be shining as brightly yet if going outside for a period of time without sunglasses it would not be uncommon to develop a headache later.  Even when sitting inside the shelter of a car while on the road, if the sun is out and shining, it is smart to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes.  I’m not trying to infer in any way that anyone choosing to go without sunglasses is going to go blind or develop eye problems but many newcomers to Saudi Arabia may not be aware of the intensity of the sun’s rays here.


In fact the Center for Disease Control had the following information posted on its web site  for visitors to Saudi Arabia on the subject:


“Wear sunscreen of at least 15 SPF to prevent sunburn, and wear sunglasses with UV protection to prevent sun damage to your eyes.”


And fortunately new arrivals and residents of Saudi Arabia will have no difficulty finding a pair of sunglasses to their preferences.  Sunglass shops and stores abound in Saudi Arabia ranging from “functional no-nonsense” type of protective wear to the designer sunglasses from Armani, Chanel, Gucci and others complete with embedded crystals.  It is not uncommon for the fashion conscious Saudi woman to have multiple pairs of sunglasses to match her attire and mood.


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