UPDATE on the bear at Fayfa, Jeddah


The petition to safe a mistreated bear from a pet shop in Jeddah and to give it much needed healthcare psychological help has generated 3000 signatures.
However, nothing has changed to improve the bear’s living conditions. There is an animal rescue in the UK willing to take this poor animal and look after him. This bear is mistreated by the customers, it is fed a completely unsuitable diet, it doesn’t get enough water in the heat of Jeddah, and it’s locked up in a tiny cage. The bear looks depressed, shows compulsive behavior and is severely malnourished.

So, despite all our campaigning:

The Saudi Wildlife Ministry are saying that they have not heard from people directly regarding the bear in Fayfa!!!  Please, EVERYONE in Saudi needs to call them directly AND send a fax requesting the bear be moved to a better facility and the UK rescue contacted. EMAILS ARE NOT BEING RECEIVED. Direct Fax: +966(01) 4410797 Commission Fax: +966(01) 2121716 Telephone:  +966(01) 4410369 (Mr. Borhan or CITES office)

Please phone or fax and rescue this bear!

Saudi volunteer Jawaher Abbar has been involved in a dispute with the pet shop that goes back more than five years. “The bear was placed in a small cage with a hard asphalt floor. The pet shop informed me that this was a temporary thing and they were looking for a bigger space with a suitable environment,” she said. “That was more than six years ago and the bear is still in the same situation. It needs medical and psychological attention. “The pet shop does not respond to public pressure. Why would they want to keep the bear when they don’t get anything in return from it? People can visit for free and the bear does not add to the income of the pet shop.”
Hussain Al-Jubaili, manager of the pet shop, said the animal is cared for daily.
“We make sure all cages are clean by hosing them down with water every morning. We have an in-house veterinarian who checks on all animals every three days,” he said. “The bear is Australian, he is 6 years old and he is not for sale. He is here simply for the entertainment of our visitors and their children. If people want to feed him or any other animal, they are free to do so,” he added.
The volunteers are signing an online petition to present to the Saudi Wildlife Commission. Their goal is to reach 3,000 signatures.

Sign the petition

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