Saudi Arabia: Bedu’s Trying to Keep Ahead with Posts


        Dear American Bedu Reader,

I hope that you will not notice my short absence from the blog again.  I’ve been working hard on trying to have interesting posts for you which have been written in advance.

You see, I had my 2nd procedure on 12 June.  My first procedure which took place on 01 June went well.  That was the mapping and diagnostic procedure during which time my liver was filled with dye so that the doctor knew which veins had to blocked in order to prevent the SIR Spheres from traveling beyond the liver.

The procedure of 12 June is the first of two procedures which actually disburse the radioactive SIR-Spheres into the liver.  These procedures have the higher chance of side effects which can diminish my active presence on the blog for a short period.  However, you are not being abandoned by any means.  As before, my trusted moderator will be overseeing the blog and ensuring that any comments in moderation are addressed.

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news but I have been candid from the beginning about my journey and battle with cancer.  While I am optimistic that the SIR Spheres will kill most of the cancer in the liver, that does not mean my battle is anywhere near over.

Sadly, while preparing and planning for SIR Spheres, my cancer has chosen to reawaken.  It has spread further in the bones and I have a recurrence of cancer in the breast.

I know…you might be wondering what do I mean a recurrence in the breast.  Didn’t she have a mastectomy?  Yes; I had a mastectomy followed by reconstruction surgery.  However, I learned that cancer can indeed come back in a reconstructed breast.  In my case, my oncologist advised that not all the lymph nodes were removed from the breast cage when I had my mastectomy and it is in these lymph nodes that the cancer has chosen to return.

As a result, I will be back in aggressive chemotherapy and probably before the 3rd and final SIR Spheres procedure.

So this means that my pink warrior armor remains on and I’m prepared for battle.  I’ve got my faith, loving family, great friends, my kitties and Bedublogosphere beside me.  What else do I need?  I’ve got it all.

Mother Hen Pink Bedu Warrior!  



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