How DID You Find American Bedu?

It is always good to sit back and take stock every once in a while.  As my blog approaches its third year in existence after having started out on MySpace, I thought I would take the opportunity and ask you as readers to let me know how did you find my blog exactly?  Did you use a search engine?  Do you follow Saudi Arabia specifically?  Were you referred by another blog or word of mouth?


And equally important for me, what makes you return to my blog?  What do you enjoy the most?  What do you like the least?  How can I continue to improve and enhance my blog?  I know that without you, my blog would not be a success so your input is important to me.


In closing this post, I also want to put out an appeal.  We all learn from each other and in sharing views and perspectives.  For those of you regular readers, you are aware that from time to time I will interview individuals in the Kingdom or with some connection to the Kingdom to share their experiences so we can all grow and learn.  If you are a resident of the Kingdom or one who has lived in the Kingdom or have a particular connection to the Kingdom and willing to be interviewed (anonymously or not – your choice) then please let me know via email:  American_bedu (at sign) yahoo (dot) com.  I would be delighted to correspond with you and prepare some questions.


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