Saudi Arabia: It’s Not Raining Cats and Dogs….But…

Usually when thinking of a rainstorm the typical image is of a soft and gentle rain which is refreshing or perhaps a cold drizzle which chills the bones.

Rain in Saudi Arabia is an event residents in the arid Kingdom generally receive with happiness and excitement.  A light rain is an occasion to go out and have a dessert picnic while the soothing rain falls upon you.

A typical question most Saudis may ask when meeting someone from another country is, “How often does it rain in your country?”

Therefore, I can only imagine the shock and surprise residents and visitors in Makkah must have felt when they experienced the hottest rain shower on record in the world on Tuesday, 05 June.

What began as a toasty hot and arid day with temperatures at 113 F  (45 C) transformed to a thunderstorm with rain.  During the rain fall, hot rain at a temperature of 109 F (43 C) fell down upon surprised residents caught out in the storm.


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