Favorite Bakeries in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

One thing about Saudi Arabia, it abounds with restaurants  and bakeries as well.  Since I did an earlier post https://americanbedu.com/2008/11/22/favorite-places-to-eat-in-riyadh-saudi-arabia/ on places to eat in Riyadh, in fairness I needed to write this post sharing information about favorite bakeries.


Naturally women the world over and Saudi women are no exception take great pride in making and serving their own special sweets and desserts.  But there are times when one needs and/or wants to rely on the services of a good bakery instead, especially if one is not a Julia Child in the kitchen!


One will see numerous sweet shops and bakeries and overall most are good and acceptable.  I’ve no qualms stopping at any bakery and getting some tasty sweets.  However my favorites are as follows:


Alkhozama  Hotel – the sweet shop in the Al Khozama hotel is well known for the best selection of freshly baked breads and in regards to its sweets, for its cheesecakes.  The cheesecakes at the Alkhozama hotel easily rival those from the Stage Deli http://www.stagedeli.com/   in New York City.


King Pastry – The King Pastry Bakery located on Takhusseessee Street not far from King Faisal Specialist Hospital is an incredible bakery.  Here is where one can find traditional, unusual and absolutely scrumptious desserts.  The majority of desserts from the King Pastry Bakery are works of art and look to good to eat!


Diplomat – The Diplomat Bakery is a Riyadh institution.  It has been around for many years and has provided reliable service and provides a wide variety of delicious sweets.


SaadUddin – SaadUddin has a reputation for its excellent traditional sweets and chocolates.  It also has catering services as well.


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