I Want Some Saudi Eyes

If you have had the opportunity to know any Saudis and have a chance to look at their eyes you’ll likely immediately notice without fail, Saudis have incredible and beautiful long thick eyelashes. In fact, my own husband has such long lashes that sometimes his lower and upper eyelashes will meet and get intertwined together. These long eyelashes accompanied by piercing near black eyes give Saudis a very distinctive and attractive look (at least in my opinion). Saudis will always express themselves not only with their words but with their eyes as well.


But have you wondered WHY Saudis and other GCC nationals seem to have such long and stunning eyelashes? I certainly have. Now it is a fact that camels also have stunning long eyelashes and the reason they do is because it protects them from the sun, sand and dirt of the harsh climate in which they live. It does make me wonder if this is part why Saudis also have such long eyelashes? This link explains the long eyelashes and environment at least in the case of desert camels: http://woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/Homework/adaptations/camels.htm


I did a number of searches and came up with zero in regards to specifically why Saudis have long eyelashes. I’m curious to hear the thoughts of others on why Saudis and other GCC nationals were blessed with the lovely lashes.


And in closing, I do find it Ironic that even with such beautiful NATURAL long eyelashes many Saudi women will still add a set of false eyelashes to their eyelids which are even longer when they are going to a wedding or a special function.


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