Saudi Arabia: Is This a Zoo or a Hospice House?

Hospice house is a place where individuals whose days are numbered, go to live out the remaining time of their life.  Hospice House’s are also known to do everything possible to make a person’s last days as comfortable and soothing as can be for the patient and family members.

So in actuality, my comparison between a zoo, and specifically a particular zoo and hospice is not really fair.  In fact, it is a disservice to Hospice.  But I want readers to hone in on the point that unless something is done very soon, the “Hadiqua Abu Jarrah” zoo in Riyadh could be compared as the worse nightmare of a Hospice gone bad.

I urge you to read the excellent article fellow blogger, Layla, wrote on her blog about this zoo and the atrocities that are taking place.  Anyone who is an animal activist or simply has a soft spot in their heart for animals can clearly see by the photographs on Layla’s blog that these animals are slowly dying.

Please visit this link which is a petition to the Minister of Wildlife and Riyadh city municipality to shut down this zoo and stop the atrocities taking place to the animals.


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