Saudi Arabia and Escaping Reality

Expats come to Saudi Arabia from all over. And the fact is, many come to Saudi Arabia as they see it as an opportunity to earn money more quickly or at a greater rate than in their home country. However this is not necessarily the fact for all the western expats who choose to come to the Kingdom. Now I realize the economy is bad in the United States which probably does attract more and better qualified expats to the Kingdom than previously but I have also noticed that a lot of western expats in “mainstream” positions such as teaching or working in the medical sector which are sectors which hire the majority of western expats, come to Saudi Arabia with a lot of baggage. Perhaps they had professional challenges in their home country, relationship issues which they wish to escape or something else. For whatever reason, they could not make it as successfully in their home country and chose to perhaps “escape” to Saudi Arabia. And I reiterate, I am speaking out on mainstream professions and not those who have come here as CEO’s, CIO’s, COO’s as those are completely different categories of jobs.

The declining global economy can likely be turned around into a market opportunity for Saudi Arabia in the recruiting and hiring of expats. The selection pool should now be greater with more seasoned individuals bringing greater expertise.


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