Kunafa – A Favorite Saudi Dessert

Kunafa is not a traditional Saudi dish yet it is one of the most popular desserts in Saudi Arabia and particularly around Ramadan. Like most favored Saudi desserts, it is quite sweet and contains ample portions of sugar and melted butter. However this treat will indeed melt in the mouth and is delicious. If you click on the link I highlighted it will take you to a web page with a typical recipe for kunafa.

Kunafa is widely available in all bakeries and grocery stores but it is also such a special treat that Saudi women will take great pride in making this dessert from scratch in their own homes.

Urban dictionary however provides the best general description of kanafa: A middle-eastern dessert consisting of a base layer made of cheese mixed with milk/semolina (or cream) with a crispy layer of dried noodles with a slightly orange-ish color and is often topped off with some syrup.

And although this does not necessarily demonstrate how to make kanafe, I was surprised to find this video which promotes an arabic/english cookbook and wished to include the short video with this post:


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