Saudi Arabia: Who is Watching?

Once you become part of a group such as “Foreign Wives of Saudis” you find yourself sharing and learning the experiences of others from that same group. A common trend among them is how since involvement or marriage to a Saudi there tends to be greater scrutiny placed upon the foreign woman after her marriage to a Saudi, particularly when in her home country and traveling to/from her home country. In some cases, the scrutiny may go beyond her and to other family members as well.

It is understandable that for many reasons government agencies will have an interest in the foreign marriages and relationships. It is also recognized that some government agencies will wish to develop relationships with select individuals who are part of foreign marriages. The government representatives may state they simply want to talk to gain further understanding and insights which will aid and enhance bilateral relations.

This message is to sensitize other Foreign Wives that they are not alone if they have direct confirmation they are being watched or approached by representatives of a government agency and it is also to remind them that they have rights.

One foreign (American) wife of an Arab spoke out and gave permission for her experience to be shared:

“I’m always reluctant to tell others what happened to me after I returned to the US from a country in the GCC. I just don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about me or becoming suspicious of me.

I was visited by the FBI twice at my mother’s home. I had the right not to talk to them and get a lawyer but I wanted to show them I had nothing to hide because I know I hadn’t ever done anything wrong. Their first visit was a lot of questioning, I felt like they were filling in the blanks of my life that they couldn’t get from other sources. All the while I was aware that although they could lie to me, I couldn’t do the same with them. Its risky because you don’t know how MUCH they know! Anyways, I was intimidated but was laughing and easygoing with them. Before they left, they asked if they could come see me again. I was supposed to say no? I had them assure my mother that I was in no trouble whatsoever which they did alhamdulillah.

Of course the next time they showed up without prior warning…again. This time they made clear their purpose. The agent told me he had a good feeling about me from the last visit. He also complimented me on my website/women’ s group and said that I’m very good at what I do. I had to feign mock surprise. Here was proof they had been watching me online. Basically they wanted to hire me under contract to do some work for them. Go to various websites under an assumed name searching out other women who mean to do harm to the US. They gave me the name of two Islamic websites to check out and give them my opinion on. Can’t remember one but the other one is called Islamic Awakening. Stay away from it!

I stalled for time giving them an answer. Said I needed to ask my husband to get me a fatwa from a shaykh on helping them. In the end, I came here as soon as I could without ever giving them an answer. I just couldn’t do it. I was afraid they’d stop me from leaving the US but thank Allah it didn’t work out that way.

Why did I tell you this? This is evidence that they do watch us, don’t know if they can watch us ALL though. Many times my mom’s phone rang and nobody was on the other end, she just heard breathing. Or she’d be talking on the phone and heard clicking noises. In the back of my mind, I could feel it was them.

I also want you to know that if you worried about them watching you or following you, you would be an emotional wreck. I had to put trust in Allah that they could not make me do anything or do anything to me or my family unless it was His will. Most importantly, only fear Allah and not His creation. I hope this helped make you feel better insha’Allah. You may use anything I say regarding this subject, even the newest posting that I just sent in as a follow up to what Mary Ann posted. My family were very shaken up by this incidence. They wanted to know what I had been doing in the GCC. I told them just trying to survive! Alhamdulillah they believed me but still worried about me and were on my side. The first time my mom let them in and the second time I let them in only because they asked me for my help at the door. It’s a hard decision for anyone to have to make. It was too deep for me because I had my family to think about. No money they offered me would suffice putting them in harms way. You want to help your country yet you don’t want to be in the middle with Muslims and the fitnah of that underground world. However I did tell them if I had any information at all, I would let them know. You have the right to say NO to them without fearing negative consequences or being bullied into thinking you must say YES or else.

Carol, I think that if I had said yes to them then I would have never been able to leave America because its as if I would be under contract and owned by them so to speak. I feel that Allah rewarded me for not getting involved by  approving my visa to Saudi Arabia and He knows best.

Oh and you can use whatever I have said in this email as well. May Allah bless you for trying to get the word out ameen. Insha’Allah my situation will help others.”

And for an earlier post I wrote related to this same topic, please see this link.


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