Saudi Arabia: The Ultimate Juice Bar

Saudi Arabia prohibits the sale and use of alcoholic beverages.  As a result, juice bars are prolific throughout the Kingdom.  In fact, in my opinion, I think Saudi Arabia has cornered the market on the best fresh juice drinks in the world.

Imagine entering a juice bar and seeing fresh fruits (and some veggies) from all over the world tantalizingly displayed!  You have the choice of “designing” your own drink or selecting one among the many many available choices.

The juice bars in the Kingdom have mastered the fine art of knowing which juices mix together best for a tasty and refreshing drink.  Among my favorites was banana juice.  I know…just the thought of banana juice to someone who never had any might sound strange and maybe a little bit unappealing.  However I am confident that just one taste of this rich and creamy juice will make anyone come to crave it like I did!   

Many times my husband would call me on his way home to let me know he was going to stop at one of our favorite juice bars.  What type of juice did I want him to bring home?  Sometimes I would make a suggestion to him and other times I’d ask him to just surprise me.  After all, if I always ordered my standard favorites how would I learn about others I hadn’t tried yet?

Now that I am in the States I find myself often missing the juice bars of Saudi Arabia.  I’ve yet to find a juice bar even remotely similar to the ones I went to regularly.

For many reasons I have started juicing using whatever fruits and vegetables are in season.  I have since discovered that juicing is also very popular among a number of American Bedu regulars.  I welcome and encourage readers to share their favorite juicing recipes and techniques!  I have a very special request too…can anyone tell me how I can make my own banana juice similar to what is served in Saudi Arabia?


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