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You may have noticed that AmericanBedu has not commented over the last couple of days. Carol was admitted for a medical procedure as a follow up to her treatment. This was a planned procedure, but the timing was sudden due to availability of beds at the facility. I have contacted her today. She is doing well and is on her way to recovery.

As always, Carol has uploaded the daily articles ahead of time and they will show up at their usual time every day. Please, keep posting your comments. She will enjoy reading them when she gets home in 5-7 days. In the mean time, I will moderate the blog until her return.

Keep Carol in your thoughts and prayers and leave your kind thoughts for her speedy recovery as comments to this post.

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Are Saudis Born with the Mobile Glued to Ear?

mobileOkay…I know that just the subject of this post probably indicates a little bit of sarcasim and controvery. That is true. But I must say I have never seen such a society with fixations on mobile phones. You will see a woman rapidly empty out the contents of her purse to make sure she picks up that ringing mobile, or a man stop in mid-stride or make dangerous manuvers while driving to talk on his mobile. One can be having dinner with Saudis or visiting in their home or even engaged in business discussions which all will stop with the ringing of a mobile. I was at one dinner where a Saudi guest received a call on his mobile. Instead of postponing the call or if he was going to chat, leave the dinner table, he stayed talking on his mobile for 20 minutes in front of the other guests around the dinner table. Yet in Saudi society, these incidents which I described are common with all appearances of being acceptable practices. Why?

Secondly, I have observed Saudis will tend to change their mobiles easily, upgrading to that newest and latest model. It is not that there was anything wrong with the older model but something new had come out. Saudis and particularly Saudi women enjoy decorating their mobiles as well. They will get special “mobile holders” and then adorn them with ornaments and beads.

This is a new concept to me. I continue to view the phone, including mobile, as functional. If I’m in a meeting I try to remember and shut it off. If I am in a social venue and receive a call, I’ll tell the caller I’ll call them back. Now in most places in the States it is illegal to drive while using a mobile. That is “supposed” to be going into effect in Saudi Arabia but I sure can not picture that being enforced. It is too much ingrained to talk and drive! Or you will also notice many Saudi drivers driving and texting an SMS message.

I also see a number of young children, some ranging as young as seven years but most around 10 years of age, who already have their own mobile phones. And they know how to use every feature on those phones too!

What are your views and observations? Does Saudi Arabia seem more extreme in the use of mobiles than other societies? Why do you think there is a bigger fixation on the use of mobile phones here as compared to other nations?


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