Saudi Arabia: Happy Birthday, Darling.

Abdullah Othman Al-Ajroush

09 June 1956 – 08 February 2010

Rest in Peace my Beloved

My late husband, Abdullah Othman Al-Ajroush would have been 56 years old today except that he left this earthly world in February 2010 at 53 years of age.

Not a day has gone by that I do not think of him, miss him and pay tribute to him.  I have a photo of him on each side of my bed and have established my own little ritual of saying goodnight to one photo and good morning to the other.

When people have asked me how I met Abdullah I tell them it was at a time I was happily single without a thought of falling in love!  Yet no one could meet Abdullah without falling in love or having a special bond with him.  It was like he had a magnet which just drew you close to him.

He could have any wife he wanted from anywhere in the world yet he chose me…the brazen, outspoken kid from a tiny village in the state of Pennsylvania!

He was my best friend from the time we met until the day he took his last breath.  We never ran out of subjects to talk about.  In spite of our short seven year marriage we were completing each other’s sentences and thoughts.

It didn’t matter that he was raised as a faithful Muslim in Makkah and I came from a devout Catholic family.  We met and forged our own path forward together.  We had the common interests and values.

I never realized the risks he took on behalf of our love and desire to be together really until after he passed away.  It is very humbling to know that he was prepared to give up his job and career for me in order for us to have a life together.  Thankfully, with the blessing of His Majesty, King Abdullah, it did not come to that and we did receive our marriage permission.

I believe Abdullah and I demonstrated that bi-cultural relationships can work very well.  Abdullah also did so much in his own way towards building bridges of understanding between America and Saudi Arabia.

He was my Desert Boy, my habibi, my Prince with the biggest heart.

Happy Birthday, my dearest love.  You are always within my heart.

Your…Desert Girl.


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