Saudi Arabia and its Salukis


The Saluki is an indigenous dog to Saudi Arabia.  If one is lucky enough to get a glimpse of one of these creatures you will be struck by its elegance, its cunning and speed.  You may also be surprised to see a dog of its stature that has adapted so well to the natural habitat of the desert.  Salukis are still not taken in among Saudis as pets but they are recognized as a tradition of Saudi Arabia.


According to information on Saluki’s, The graceful and beautiful Saluki is usually quiet indoors, but is active outdoors and needs serious exercise. This dog is fast. Because of his independent nature, training him takes patience and humor. He is devoted to his family but does not usually warm up to strangers.

Temperament: The Saluki is an outstanding companion with their family. The Saluki has not only been bred by the bedouin as a hunter for thousands of years, but as a beautiful, elegant, intelligent and loyal companion also. Salukis can be quite sensitive and become emotionally attached to their owners. The Saluki is very gentle with children and can be a friend with undying loyalty. Overall the Saluki is a loving, elegant, intelligent and loyal dog that may be right for you if you have the time and commitment that it takes to owning this wonderful breed of dog.



and last but not least the Saluki hunter in action:



Group: Hound

Size: Medium

Height: 23 to 28 inches

Weight: 45 to 65 pounds

Origin: Saudi Arabia

Coat: Smooth and of a soft silky texture

Life Span: 13-14 years (Average)


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