Saudi Arabia/UK: Harrods – The Tahlia Street of London


Saudi guys with money to spend and fancy customize vehicles are not the least bit shy to show off and showcase their wealth.  On any given night but particularly the weekend nights of Wednesday and Thursday, a number of young Saudi guys can be seen parked with their customized vehicles on Riyadh’s Tahlia Street.

Tahlia street has been a popular place for years where young Saudi guys park their cars, hang out together close to the street, allowing drivers and passengers not only a peek at their expensive custom car but also very visibly using whatever is the latest in cell phone models and overtly checking out whose who.

Following is a video showing a typical scene on Riyadh’s popular Tahlia street:


Tahlia Street is where young Saudis go to see and be seen.  Saudis and expatriates will cruise Tahlia Street until the late hours.  Phone numbers or Blackberry numbers will be exchanged.  For those who want to socialize, windows are rolled down in vehicles holding both male and females.

Even when these young Saudis go abroad, old habits die hard.  As this article in the Daily Mall illustrates young Saudi guys who typically spend summers in London’s posh Knightsbridge neighborhood recreate their own Tahlia Street.  They have their customized cars shipped to London and like to congregate with their cars outside of the famous department store Harrods.


It goes to show that you can take the young Saudi out of the Kingdom but some traditions of the Kingdom go with him.


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