Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Breaking News – Demonstration at Sahara Mall


A few hours ago a demonstration took place inside of the Sahara Mall in Riyadh. The protestors were demanding the release of political prisoners.  These prisoners are individuals who have been held in prison without formal charges and without  a trial.

The majority of the protestors are related to the political prisoners.

Police have now surrounded Sahara Mall and there is concern that the protestors may find themselves apprehended and taken off to jail.

Here are videos which were taken by individuals in the mall during the presentation:



Has the Arab Spring now turned into Riyadh’s Arab Summer?

Saudi Arabia: Waiting for the Cartoons



Saudi Arabian Television Channel 2 is the English language channel.  It is also the same network for which I worked during my time in Saudi Arabia.  Like any network it is reminiscent to look back at earlier times and see the progress which has been made.


I remember when I was in Switzerland in the mid-80’s and at that time, spoke neither French or German.  I was trying to fight jet-lag and turned on the tv in the pension to keep me awake.  Little did I know it would try to put me sound asleep instead.


The only program that aired in the English language was all about the processing of cheese!  Yes; this was before the times of satellite tv and the large selection of channels.


Therefore, it is with fondness and memories of some of the shows and their lingos I have watched the various years of being abroad.


This youtube video has a young man re-composing the jingle which would be played repeatedly about 20 years ago while children and bored expatriates would wait for cartoon time on Saudi Channel 2.



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