Saudi Guide to Dating – What Every Male & Female Should Know


dating-guideDisclaimer: This post is in no way meant to condone or encourage dating in Saudi Arabia among Saudis. It is well known that interaction between unrelated members of the opposite sex is prohibited both culturally and legally in the Kingdom and circumventing these laws can have harsh consequences. However at the same time it is also known that dating among Saudis does indeed take place. These Saudis know they are taking calculated risks and could face dire repercussions for their actions. Therefore this post is written with the intent of offering some pointers to help protect the guy or girl who chooses to take such risks.


Some guys may not be as innocent or pure as they may sound when begging and pleading a girl to meet with them, whether the meeting is in a public or private venue. The girl should keep this in mind as one wrong move and her reputation and marriage prospects could be ruined with one false step. So if a couple has decided that they simply must take the chance and meet here are some tips they should keep in mind:


  • A girl should always look for cameras. Even if it is a public venue, she would not want to be captured as documented evidence of meeting with an unrelated man. And if she has agreed to meet with a guy in a private venue, it may be more problematic to look for cameras which could be hidden. Clues to keep in mind if meeting in a private place which may have a concealed camera is if the guy is insistent that she sit in a certain location. Remember, a picture can say a thousand words and a picture of a single Saudi girl with an unrelated guy can ruin her reputation as well as the family’s face and honor.
  • A girl should have a trusted confident who is aware of what she is up to, where she is going and that individual would take action if after a specified time there was no contact from the girl. She should NEVER agree to meet a guy without letting someone know what she is up to.
  • A girl should be prepared to take care of herself in the event such a situation gets out of hand. Pepper spray is very effective and a guy would probably not be alerted if a girl were to bring out a can of pepper spray from her handbag. It is small and he may simply think “oh, she’s wants to spray some perfume.” Pepper spray will disable a guy for a short period so do have a planned escape route in mind.
  • While a delicate topic, if a girl and guy are feeling passionate he may convince her for “just one kiss.” But if the guy has unusual sores or blisters around or near his lips, think twice as this could be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Remember, neither may know just how “exposed” or “experienced” the guy (or girl) may have been. Life is precious – take care and protect it. Do not let passion rule your head.
  • If in the event a situation gets out of hand or there is an accident or any kind of emergency, know in advance who to call and how to make the call. Determine whether a call would take place or an SMS simply stating 911 (widely known code for emergency)
  • Do not attempt to meet in an unknown location or a remote location. Both the guy and girl need to know where they are. I mention the guy here as well because he would also need to be careful and cautious so as not to be trapped. Think about it – what if a girl’s brothers or father learned she was in contact with an unrelated guy and wanted their own revenge and were trying to set up the guy into thinking he was actually going to meet the girl but instead would find them waiting for him?

If you are determined to meet the guy, go to him. Do not agree to have him pick you up regardless of how well you think you may know him if you’ve never actually met him before. Once a woman gets into the vehicle with the guy, he has the control.


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