The Saudi Desert: Build It and They Will Come

Remember the old movie “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Cosner?  He dreamed he was instructed to build a baseball diamond in the middle of nowhere and that famous retired (as in they were dead) baseball players would come there to play?  Now that I’ve set the scene, imagine this…..building a coffee shop complete with desert tents, satellite tv and internet, air conditioning or heating depending on the time of the year not quite in the middle of the desert but far enough to challenge people to come.  And will they come?  I’m sure of it.  It seems like when you do something different here and charge a lot, everyone thinks it must be great and will flock to it.  I see this happening all the time when a new store, new mall or new restaurant opens.  So why not build an exclusive coffee shop in the desert?  Actually during Ramadan one of the special comedy shows had an episode somewhat similar with a coffee shop in the desert which was so immensely popular that tribal leaders were fighting for it!


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