Saudi Tea

Sipping Saudi tea  

The majority of Saudis enjoy their tea.  Most like it after they have eaten their evening meal.  While some may have green tea, the majority will enjoy dark tea brewed with tea leaves and not tea bags.  Saudi tea can be fixed a variety of different ways but I will describe the way I prepare it and helped win the heart of my Saudi mother-in-law.


First I would boil 2.5 cups of water in a kettle but itself without any tea added.  In a separate tea kettle I would put 2 small pinches (usually 2 tablespoon each) of tea into the bottom of the tea kettle.  I would also add 1.5 tablespoons of sugar.  One the water had come to a rolling boil I’d transfer the boiling water into the tea kettle with the tea leaves.  I’d put this tea kettle back on the burner and again bring the water (now with tea leaves) to another rolling boil.  As the water boils the tea leaves will rise to the top.  I’d usually let it boil this way for one to two minutes.  Then I get a spoon to collect and the tea leaves from the boiling water.  This ensures that the tea will not get any stronger than what you have just freshly brewed.  After collecting the tea leaves from the water, I’d then remove the tea kettle from the stove and serve immediately in the skinny glass tea glasses typically used here in the Kingdom to serve tea.


And of course one should remember that the tea glass is to be filled to the brim showing guests how welcome they are!


Rabea tea is a popular brand when using tea leaves although Lipton has the market penetration when it comes to tea in tea bags!  Various brands from China are popular as well.  Sadly for me, Tazzo Chi brand tea has not yet arrived in the Kingdom so I eagerly look forward to new supplies when I receive care packages from my family!

  In an aside, during the cold winter months sometimes in lieu of tea many will serve hot ground ginger with a touch of saffron to their guests.  This keeps one warm and helps prevent colds.


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