Saudi Arabia: Gorgeous Blogger Award

I received this blog award from Aisha Al-Hajjar at the “Saudi Birth Story” blog!  I feel very special for her to choose me as an awesome blogger!

“The Gorgeous Blogger award is awarded to all awesome bloggers. You must answer the five questions regarding your blog and then pass the award on to five others you think deserve this award.

I hope you’ll enjoy my nominees and if not familiar with their blogs, I encourage you to visit them.  Now on to the details…The Gorgeous Blogger Award!…

1. When did you start your blog?

I began American Bedu blog with its daily posts back in September 2006.  It made its debut from MySpace and then I transitioned it over to

2. What do you write about?

I write about experiences and observations on the customs, cultures, traditions and practices of daily life in Saudi Arabia.

3. What makes your blog special?

I like to leave that question for readers to answer instead!

4. What made you want to start writing a blog?

I’ve always enjoyed writing.  When it became time for my (late) Saudi husband and I to depart from the United States where we were residing at the time to return to his home country, it was natural to begin American Bedu blog and sharing experiences, perceptions and observations.

5. What would you like to change in your blog?

I’m pleased by the global exposure and readership my blog receives.  I’d love to see American Bedu syndicated (as I’m dreaming here…) or compiled into a book.  Candidly, I’d like to see less bickering in comments and more constructive dialogues where we learn from each other even if we may agree to disagree.

I think the following five bloggers should receive the Gorgeous Blogger award:

Eman from Saudi Woman Blog
Susie from Susie’s Big Adventure

Aafke from Clouddragon

Saudi Mom from Ya Maamaa

Coolred from Coolreds Rant


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