Saudi Arabia and Segregation — For or Against?

I did not realize until writing this post about issues impacted by segregation that segregation of the sexes is such a controversial subject among readers.  Therefore I thought it would be interesting to take a poll and see what readers think:

Why Visit Jizan, Saudi Arabia?


jizan-1One of the joys of keeping my blog and writing daily posts, it also motivates and inspires me to do continual research about Saudi Arabia. I’m a natural adventurer to begin with but in wanting to keep you as a reader informed on various aspects of the Kingdom, I’ve also learned of new and interesting places that have been added to my own personal list of places I must see within Saudi Arabia.

One such place is Jizan.  I first heard about Jizan two years ago while watching Saudi television.  There was a program which was airing a cultural festival about Jizan and I was immediately captivated.

To begin with Jizan was originally known in ancient times as Almikhlaf Alsulimani.  The area is quite diverse with fertile plains, forests and mountains.  It is also one of the most important agriculture regions in the Kingdom as well.  Jizan produces coffee beans, barley, millet, wheat and a large variety of differing fruits to include apples, oranges, mangoes, bananas, grapes, lemons and plums plus a few more!


And an added attraction for me is the fact that Jizan is a sea port city.  In fact it is the third most important seaport on the Red Sea.  Of further interest is the fact that 100 islands are attached to Jizan, including the important island of Farasan.  The Jizan region runs along the Red Sea coast for 200 miles!

Not surprisingly for this is Saudi Arabia, the weather is hot in the summer although reputed to be mild during the winter months.

Jizan is known for home to a plethoria of archeological sites.  Other attractions to Jizan include the Jizan Harbor, Faifa Mountains and Farasan Island.  Visiting the harbor one will likely get to see the old traditional wooden fishing boats called dhows.  This is also where one can catch the ferry to Farasan Island.  The Farasan Island reserve is well-known for its rich seabird life.  The Reserve also protects the Farasan Island gazelle which is also the largest gazelle population in Saudi Arabia.  On the main island there are more than 500 gazelles which roam freely.  Can you imagine the photo opportunities?!  The Faifa mountains also merit a trip for some unique rock formations and the opportunity to see lush green meadows in Saudi Arabia.

Jizan is home to the Sahari Palace hotel at 966.7.317.0772


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